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Hire Magento developers to build smart eCommerce platforms and create an unforgettable experience.

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We build Magento eCommerce websites that engage your customers and convert

With 13+ years of experience in delivering profit-driven Magento development services and sheer expertise, our Magento eCommerce development team in USA provides a better and complete eCommerce solution for your business. We don’t just build websites, we bring value to your project. Broaden your market reach, increase engagement, and maximize sales with us.

Magento eCommerce Website Development

We aim to devise superior quality eCommerce solutions on time using market-best practices so that you can enjoy higher user engagement and improved conversion rates.

Custom Magento Web Development Solutions

Our well-versed Magento experts embrace cutting-edge techniques and build the most optimized and customized online stores to meet your specific business requirements.

Magento Theme & Extensions Development

We deliver Magento theme customization services to craft solutions following your vision. Creating, customizing, configuring & bug fixing in Magento extensions - we do all.

PSD to Magento Conversion

Our skilled Magento experts will assist you to transform the way you manage your websites with affordable, flexible & highly effective PSD to Magento conversion services.

Responsive Magento Sites

Looking for device-neutral and intriguing designs for your online store? Our professional team creates Magento stores that run seamlessly on all platforms and browsers.

Migration to Magento

Be it Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x migration or migrating to Magento from a different platform - we do all. Your business won’t get hampered in the migration process.



Crafted for both
web & mobile


An eCommerce startup, one-stop solution for kids’ apparel & accessories, making shopping easy and time-saving.



Designed for both
web & mobile


An eCommerce shopping venture for millennials making apparel shopping fun and trendy.



& AI-enabled


A user-engaging platform to book events & activities around the city of Singapore.

Perks of working with the best Magento development agency

To scale up your business, the development team you hire must be capable of delivering a complete package. We promise a flexible team that goes beyond their limits to bring your idea to live on stage.

Hire Dedicated Magento Developers

Scale your Magento eCommerce development project to new heights with our certified Magento developers. We guarantee cleaner codes & top-notch quality. Our team is flexible enough to adapt to varying project requirements.

Confidentiality & NDA Security

Want us to sign an NDA? We will do it for you. Your project & ideas are completely safe with the strict NDA protocol followed by us. The ownership of the codes created by our developers for your project belongs to you only.

Comprehensive Reporting

We follow a transparent workflow where you can stay in constant touch with our skilled development & designing team. We provide real-time reporting to make sure you stay up-to-date with the progress of your project.

Full-stack Magento Solutions

We don’t just build eCommerce websites. We make sure to add value to your business. From consultation to customization, development to deployment, store launch to support & maintenance - we’ll assist you in every step.

Top-notch Quality Assurance

We follow strict QA processes. We control projects at every development stage, following set procedures, guidelines & project documentation standards. We value your feedback and implement it to deliver bug-free eCommerce solutions.

No Hidden Cost

We cater to diverse industry-specific businesses with market-best Magento development services at a cost-effective price. We quote as per your needs and charge what we quote. Regarding the costs, we believe in complete transparency.

Our engagement model

Dedicated hiring

Have a large Magento web development project where you need a team for ongoing work under your control? Dedicated hiring is best for you then. Pay as you go every month. Enquire about the Magento developer hourly rate.

  • 8 Hours daily billing with certified Magento developer
  • An exhaustive pool of market-best experts with average 5+ Years of experience
  • Get a dedicated account manager
  • Seamlessly communicate with Skype, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, and Slack
  • Authorized Source Code
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your product performance

Time & material based hiring

If your project scope is not defined, we recommend you going for Time and Materials based model. You get experienced Magento developers for the hours you need, based on your project requirement.

  • Hire experts for the hours you need
  • An exhaustive pool of industry-best programmers with average 5+ Years of experience
  • Seamlessly communicate with Skype, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, and Slack
  • Authorized Source Code
  • Get complete control over your project development
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your product performance

Fixed price model

If your project scope is well-defined, you can opt for the fixed pricing model. As you send your requirements, we will create a break up with our proposal based on the features.

  • Hire an entire team of experts you need
  • Dedicated project managers
  • An experienced pool of designers, architects, & developers
  • You can pay in milestones
  • Defined time for your project completion
  • You can make a change request with additional costs
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your product performance

Hiring Process for top Magento developers


Developer screening and hiring

  • We match your requirement with our skills
  • Take interviews from the screened developers
  • Discuss your project time estimation
  • Involve PMs and account managers if needed

Project development

  • Catering the requirements for frontend and backend
  • Agile-scrum methodology for project execution
  • 2-3 weeks frequency for milestone/sprint
  • Optimized, clean code structure
  • Dedicated or fixed - get complete control over your project

Testing & delivery

  • Each sprint/milestone manually tested
  • Bugs reported and fixed before final deployment
  • Regression testing and final delivery as you approve

Magento benefits - Why should you opt for Magento eCommerce development

Vast community backup

Magento has got a strong community backup that comprises of dedicated programmers, developers, designers, project and product managers, bloggers, CEOs, etc. around the globe who are constantly working for the betterment of this platform. Stuck with any Magento-related issue? Simply post your query and you’ll get assistance directly from the experts.


Magento is an open-source platform with a free Community version and an annually paid Enterprise version. It allows the Magento developers to customize, modify, or extend the source code for more advanced features and functionalities or default feature optimization.

High security and scalability

By establishing a security center, Magento provides its users with any security-related information. Be it security, or updates, or patches, or best practices along with quick support in need - users will get everything. Also, with Magento assistance, must-have security components like SSL certificate or PCI compliance can be accomplished easily.

Multiple stores & language support

Magento allows multiple stores along with multiple languages and even multiple currencies under one installation that gives businesses more opportunities to widen their target market. Thus, businesses can effortlessly approach a great number of potential customers around the globe.


Just building an online store is not enough! You have to make sure your eCommerce store is rightly SEO-optimized so that it can rank higher than your competitors in the search engine result page. Magento comes packed with features like SEO-friendly URL structure, URL rewrites, sitemaps, tags, descriptions, positioning layer, etc. to make sure the online store gets all the SEO advantages.

Ease of Integration

With Magento, the experts can effortlessly integrate a large number of crucial third-party services. This long list includes payment gateways, order tracking, transportation, shipping, database applications, etc. Also, this platform has built-in Google tools including Google Checkout, Google Base, and Google Analytics. Thus, you can constantly monitor your eCommerce site’s performance.

Industries we excel in and more


Fashion Industry

The online shopping experiences that we create leveraging the power of Magento manifest the distinctiveness of your brand. Our Magento-built eCommerce solutions guarantee dazzling mobile experiences, top-notch personalization to increase average order value and boost sales.


Food & Beverage

We know the secret recipe to bring success to your food & beverage business. Our apt Magento solutions will revolutionize your business by creating the right personalized mobile experience along with robust business system integrations.


Health & Beauty

Technological advances and the rise of digital influencers has created a boom for online beauty shopping. We leverage the power of the latest commerce technologies and devise stunning shopping experiences so that you can capitalize on this growth.


Automotive Industry

This industry creates millions of choices as it has to deal with selling cars, or parts and accessories of different models & manufacturers. Also, there are different release years. Thus, creating a seamless shopping experience is a bit tough here. But we are experts in that.


AI/ML Integration

Successful implementation of AI/ML in your online store helps to track customers’ behavior and accordingly recommends the most suited cart that results in improved conversion rate & higher business ROI. We are proficient in working with futuristic technologies like AI/ML.


AR/VR Integration

Creating an immersive experience for online shoppers is trending in the market. It assures better customer experience that results in improved conversion rate. And we know how to integrate this futuristic technology in your online store and make it appealing to the online customers.

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How to choose the right Magento development agency for my requirements?

First, you should note that Magento web development is not a short-term game. It involves a long process of maintenance and constant updates. So, make sure to hire Magento development company that can take care of your every requirement including development, deployment, support, and maintenance.

Also, choose a firm that has prior experience in building Magento websites. Make sure to talk directly with the development experts so that you know they have understood what they have to do for your business.

How much does it cost to build an eCommerce website?

Well, the overall cost to build a Magento-built website varies from agency to agency. Also, the cost of a Magento project highly depends on your business needs and requirements. The total cost is determined by the factors like design, functionalities, development, integration, support and maintenance, company selection and marketing and SEO.

To get the right quote for custom Magento development, you can get in touch with our experts.

Is there any limit on the size of the product or customer database?

No, as such there are no limits on the size. The biggest benefit of having an online store is that you can add unlimited products and catalogs and at the same time you can grow your customer base as you require.

What type of developer hiring models do you offer?

Dedicated hiring - Need a team for ongoing work under your control for a large project? Dedicated hiring is best for you. Pay as you go on a monthly basis.

Time & material-based hiring - If your project scope is not defined, go for Time & Materials-based model. Get developers for the hours you need, based on your requirement.

Fixed price model - If your project scope is defined, you can go for a fixed pricing model. Hire a complete team of people you need and pay in milestones.

Can I hire more resources in the later stages of the projects?

Yes. We would love to accommodate you with the right pool of Magento development experts. Hire the best Magento developers based on your project requirements.

Is testing included in the pricing structure?

Testing is something any good developer performs before submitting their work. And if you want, you can also hire Quality analysts or test engineers for better testing.

I want to hire Magento developers. So, how are we going to work this out?

We can start by discussing and finalizing your project requirements. Then after a quick documentation, you can hire Magento developers or Magento web development teams for your project.

Am I going to own all the source codes by the offshore team?

All the project work built by your offshore team is considered as your intellectual property rights. So, yes, all source codes created by your offshore team is owned by you.

Will you consent to sign an NDA?

We are always willing to sign the Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement, and if you want, we can easily mail a copy of the NDA to you as well.

How is communication going to work?

Communication can work in a seamless process, through Skype, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, and Slack. When you hire Magento developers from our team, you get seamless communication.

How is Full-Time Hiring going to work?

With full-time hiring, the developer is going to be dedicated to you and will be reporting to you daily. They will work for 8 hours every day. You can pay monthly as you go on and get access to the best and all-inclusive project tracking.

Is there any maintenance and support provided by you?

We help you remain on top of your game with our consistent maintenance and support services.

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It really transcends everything we’ve done to date. Everyone who’s seen the app has loved it.

Cecil Usher

CEO, Music Plug LLC

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The team’s in-depth knowledge of user interaction and behavior resulted in an impressive UI/UX design.

Leonardo Rodriguez

Technical PM, Reliable Group

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They’re available to help us around the clock.

Fabien Mahieu

Co-Founder/Director Flexiwork, UK

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