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Channeling the advantages of Blockchain technology, we take pride in delivering exceptional blockchain development services equipped with a high-quality skillset, our blockchain developers can understand your requirement and deliver an outstanding experience.

blockchain application development company

Private Ethereum Blockchain Development

A safer alternative to a public blockchain, that keeps the database safe. We’ll develop a highly secure private blockchain infrastructure of peers to validate transactions via secure contracts. Tell us your needs.

blockchain application development company

Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

Whether you want an automated claim settlement, invoice smart contract, Asset Traceability, Insurance Policy Tokenization or health wallets, we’ll analyze, understand and deliver an highly efficient, state-of-art Smart contracts ICO. you can reduce human interventions and mistake with our Blockchain app ICO solution.

blockchain application development company crypto exchange

Whitelabel Crypto Exchange Development

Unified is pioneer in creating extraordinary whitelabel crypto exchange software in order to facilitate faster and secure transactions. You can have a scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform that focuses on connectivity, security and seamlessness with our Blockchain app solution.

blockchain application development company wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

By allowing users to earn, transfer and monitor visual currencies, cryptocurrency wallet app development is one of the top preferred technologies for money transfer and storing. We take pride in developing high valued secured wallet app development, including the top most features like paper wallet, conversion rates etc. included in our Blockchain app development solution.

blockchain application development company dapps

Decentralized Application Development (dApps)

Decentralized applications or dApps are the most secure alternative to centralized exchanges. We have built apps on this technology using smart contracts as feature. Our Blockchain services are designed to solve even the most complex projects.

blockchain application development company ecommerce

Distributed E-Commerce Development

The effect of blockchain in ecommerce and retail industry is quite evident. Blockchain technology is making transactions and money transfer really secure- reducing the hassles of buyers and sellers both. The distributed ledger technology will continue to bring notable changes.

blockchain application development company iot apps

Blockchain IoT app Development

Internet of Things integrated Blockchain can bring you more profitable results. Using distributed ledger technology, it is able to create the perfect interoperability solution for blockchain and IoT applications. Talk to our experts to understand better.

blockchain application development company tech consulting

Blockchain Technology Consulting

Want to strategize your blockchain solution? We have worked with numerous clients- both startups and enterprises and proposed them the ideal use of their tokens, multi-currency management dashboard etc and bringing efficiency in their business.

Why You Should Go For Blockchain Development for Your Business?

There are innumerable advantages of using blockchain for different industries. It enables the business to go cost effective and reduces human errors. No wonder why entrepreneurs and enterprises bot are options for Blockchain app and web as their base solution.


The main objective of blockchain is to bring transparency in business operations. For both apps and web solution, it can bring an end to end transparency. The main reason behind the technology that brings transparency, are:

  • The ledger is not managed by a singular source but multiple participants. It is easier to verify the information if needed.
  • All changes and updates need consensus.
  • Identifying business objective.


blockchain application development company transperancy


Security maintenance is another advantage of Blockchain. The blockchain has a record keeping system that is secure, because:

  • All the data are encrypted, so it hard for anyone to read the data.
  • The data is shared with many sources. Each has the complete ledger of data. So if one system malfunctions, the other still contains the important data.
  • The decentralized and distributed ledgers cannot be hacked into easily.


blockchain application development company security

Reduced cost

By the removal of third-party costs, Blockchain is effective in reducing transaction costs.it is the most secure way for you and your trading partner to make a transaction without added costs. For Blockchain apps like wallet and payment once, it helps in optimizing the cost.


blockchain application development company cost

Increased efficiency and speed

Blockchain transactions are processed instantly. It is proven to be more efficient and faster than other modes of transaction. By automating this process, Blockchain not only makes the transaction go faster, but it also removes human error, most specifically in payment Blockchain apps.

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Major Applications of Blockchain That We Work

Blockchain is yet to be explored which is already compared with the internet. The scope is huge in a lot of industries. Here’s some of the top of them that we work on and many more.

blockchain application development company iot


Three major benefits of using Blockchain in IoT are it builds trust between devices and parties, reduces the operational cost and it accelerates transactions.

blockchain application development company real estate

Real Estate

Whether you are looking for predictive maintenance, increase in energy efficiency or faster decision making, blockchain app is solving major issues of real estate.

blockchain application development company healthcare


Blockchain has a decentralized platform that create the healthcare system hack proof and hence the data cannot be compromised. The data is encrypted but can be accessed 24*7.

blockchain application development company ridesharing

Ride-sharing services

Transportation dApps have solved the most pressing issues of transportation which includes late payment, third party involvement etc. It enables peer to peer transactions easily.

blockchain application development company shipping

Shipping and logistics

Blockchain enables highly cost efficient supply chain operations for shipping and logistics companies. It ensures trusted data transfer in the logistics ecosystem.

blockchain application development company ecommerce


Blockchain is taking complete hold on ecommerce where marketers can put their demand forward and plan the supply chain without involving central entity.


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