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Merging the benefits of mobile with websites, we take pride in delivering progressive web app development services that are fast, engaging, and reliable.

Redefining PWA Services

At Unified Infotech, a leading progressive web app development company, we go by our name. We ‘unify’ your iOS, Android, and Web experiences in a single codebase that results in faster PWAs that improves conversions. The result is quick to load, engaging, and delivers brilliance in terms of user experience. Now, your users can enjoy a glitch-free and consistent experience even in poor network quality. All thanks to the benefits of progressive web apps.


  • Custom Progressive App Development
  • Responsive Web App Design
  • Progressive Web Design
  • Application Shell Architecture
  • Secure Data Migration
  • Progressive Web Design

The Progressive Web App Advantages

Our top-notch quality progressive web app development services allow us to earn a place on the user's home screen. You can create mobile web applications with PWA development. Below are some distinctive advantages for Google PWAs.

Heavily Reliable

Unlike Native apps, PWA loads instantly and never shows the ‘downasaur’ even in uncertain network conditions. Slow or patchy networks cannot stop PWA apps. We implement the best of progressive web app framework.

Faster applications

When created by experienced Progressive Web App developer, Web Applications respond quickly to user interactions with buttery smooth animations and no janky scrolling. It improves the user experience a hundred times over.

User Engaging

Be it progressive web applications iOS or Android- the Progressive Web App design feels like a natural app on the device. It launches from the home screen and sends push notification to the users. Also, it increases engagement and conversion.

Improved conversions

At times, the native apps may end up being buggy and offer less than satisfying experience to the users. But progressive web apps give a smooth experience to the users, encouraging them to convert.

Worthy for the home screen

The progressive mobile app can also be on the home screen, increasing user engagement. With push notification, a progressive web app is nearly indiscernible, engaging to the users as native apps.

Completely Responsive

Our progressive web app development services provide seamless interaction across all devices and browsers. We build progressive web applications that have super fast speed for multiple platforms.

What if you could give users a deeply engaging experience the minute they land into your website?

Industries we excel in

Our progressive web app development services will help you get a competitive edge across all industries. Whatever be the challenges, we strive to work towards helping you reach your goals through our PWA expertise. We overcome every hurdle that comes our way.

Health and Fitness Banking and Finance
Education and E-Learning Shopping and E-Commerce
Travel and Tourism Sports and Recreation
Media and Entertainment Food and Drink

PWA in action

Add to home screen prompt on load

Icon lives on home screen with other native apps

Splash screen like other native apps

PWA runs in full screen to match native apps

Our technical strongpoints of PWA

Service Workers

It is just a JavaScript code working as a proxy between the browser and the network. With this, we manage push notifications and build the offline web app using the browser’s cache API. It is one of the many progressive web app benefits.


It is a config JSON file containing the information of your app, like the icon to be displayed on the home screen when installed, the short name of the application, background color, or theme.


Service workers intercept network requests. We use it to modify responses for your app and an integral part of Google web application development. All the necessary actions are done on the client-side. Hence, PWA requires secure protocol HTTPS.

Engagement Models

Our goal is to present the best-in-class team engagement model that aligns with your Progressive web application requirements. We aim to bring efficiency and long-lasting value.

Get in Touch
Time and Material based

If your project's scope, specifications, and requirements are not defined specifically, you can hire progressive web app developers in T&M based model.

Dedicated Teams

If your project scope is clear and you need complete control on your app priorities, opt for dedicated team hiring. Flexibility is all yours.

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