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Our 5-Step Expert Process To Build The Brand of Your Website

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand

The line by one of the most prominent graphic designers in the world is enough to explain why the link between branding and website design is so important to pay attention to when designing the online platform.

No matter what the organization does or what kind of landscape it caters to, creating a unique identity through design is an effective way of stealing inside people’s hearts and staying there for a longer time. Sure, you can use a lot of words to create an image. But words are easily forgotten. Visuals are not.

With that in mind, let’s delve deep into the process of web design branding and the best practices that will enhance the overall effect of branding efforts. But before that, let’s take a peek into all the matters we are going to cover with this article.

1. Web Design Branding: What It Is & Why Is This Necessary?

Sites are the modern-day spokesperson for businesses. The online platforms are crafted to strengthen an entrepreneur’s existence on the internet and garner more and more clients. The importance of these platforms is growing, as an increasing number of people are turning to the internet to seek out relevant services they might need daily.

Keeping that significance of the website in mind, it is only logical that you start branding the website design of the business platform. With a streamlined process, one can create, implement, and portray the perfect business personality and encourage growth.

What other reasons make this practice a necessity? Here’s a list with some examples.

a. Improves Company Recognition

Think about a popular brand, like Pepsi!

Whenever someone says Pepsi, the one thing that we all think of is the iconic blue color of a Pepsi can. The color is an integral part of the brand that is Pepsi, and it is a visual that we all recognize (and maybe even love!)

The color is so much a part of Pepsi’s brand design that the entire site is that same shade of blue. And it is one of the best visual branding practices one can ever find.

But what if the platform did not make use of that color?


As we already mentioned above, audiences tend to forget words, but they remember visuals and how the services made them feel. And with that kind of dynamic in play, it makes sense that brand identity development on a website is one of the surest ways of being remembered by the audience, and therefore improve the company recognition.

Pro Tip: Want to become one of the iconic brands? Recognize/create that one unique brand feature for the organization that is easy to understand, makes people feel good, and implement that in a visually pleasing way throughout the site.

b. Helps With Consistency Of Branding Practice

Branding is not merely visuals! It’s a lot more than that.

Design and branding strategy is all about the organization’s vows, its values, and how it is delivered through all the services. And when the site does not reflect that sentiment, it creates a gap in the branding efforts. And a gap like that is going to make it hard to gain buyer trust.

One of the best examples of consistent branding can be seen on the site of Trello. A collaboration tool that is well known for streamlining teamwork through digital Kanban-like boards, Trello’s site design reflects that promise of ease and simplicity well enough.


Expanding the corporate brand identity design to the site is going to provide the visitants with a seamless experience that will become the ultimate trademark for the brand. If the site experience doesn’t match up to organization claims, then the branding efforts will be meaningless.

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c. Keep The Employees Inspired

When speaking about branding benefits, most people talk about customers. But what about the employees?

A good brand design from the in-house experts of the Top New York User Experience Agencies that outlines the visions & values of the establishment clearly, gives the staff a bigger purpose to work towards and helps to stay invigorated. Without this bigger plan to serve, the work efforts put in by the workers will be dispassionate at best.

Think about a brand like Microsoft- the branding efforts have always been symmetrical with the kind of services the organization provides. And the organization’s overarching purpose keeps the workers encouraged to do better constantly.


And this happens to be one of the many reasons why web design branding is imperative to reach the top of the market. Simply wanting to advance the business will not encourage the workers to perform well. Providing a brand goal through enterprise vision and letting the site design reflect that will be one of the ultimate ways to keep the in-house staff invigorated.

d. Attracts More Customers

Acquiring new consumers is a different challenge compared to retaining them. It is a widely known fact that it takes five times more effort to gain new consumers than it takes to retain one. And most of this leviathan effort can be executed through the site.

The difference between retaining and acquiring goes something like this- a person who has already obtained a service, and was provided with a satisfying aid (regardless of the site design/brand positioning) would be more likely to contact the same provider again.

But a person unaware of an organization would like to size it up first. This includes complete online research about the organization, testimonials, and a thorough examination of whether the services and brand value match with specific user goals. The visitor will decide once the results come out to be satisfactory.

And to sway user decisions, one has to know how to design a brand and imbibe it within the site. All because the site becomes the first thing the audience encounters, and without expressing the brand image on the site, there is a chance to either mislead or lose the visitors to a competitor.

There are more reasons why visual identity development is crucial for business sites. But the above mentioned happen to be some of the more prominent ones that drive web design companies to utilize the site to integrate the brand as well. Now let’s talk about the process our in-house experts at Unified Infotech swear by when it comes to creating a brand on site.

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2. How To Design A Brand On The Website?

What does it take to develop a brand?

Well, even now, this specific practice is considered to be all about visual elements, therefore a lot of online resources talk about the relationship between colors, logo, and brand design, as well as animations and whatnots. But in reality, the matter goes a lot deeper than that.

So let’s take a look at our in-house four-part procedure of branding through the site. This exclusive peek will help to understand how to build a perfect brand image on the site to impress the visitants and establish market authority.

a. Build Your Story From Ground Up

The story is a necessary element to start creating a brand on the site. But why is that?

A story involves characters, conflicts, and resolution. And a rich story of the organization’s journey from the very beginning to the present point is significant in touching the heart of the visitants, engaging them, and convincing them that through all the hardships, the enterprise has earned the right kind of experience needed to fulfill specific user demands.

Without a story, the brand identity on the website design is going to be just a glorious pitch to the consumers, full of words that might be true on the enterprise end, but fail to convince even the most easily swayed people out there.

Now, when building the story, there are a few things to keep in mind-

b. Introduce A Meaningful Narrative

The consumers won’t be interested in what you do and how you do it unless you don’t start with why you do it!

When acquiring a solution or a product, the user has a set objective. And a misalignment between the user and service provider purposes can cause the business great harm.

And that’s why as a seasoned brand design company, we always start the process with a relevant narrative. This story explains to the visitants why the organization provides the specific service and begins the relationship with target clients on a note of mutual understanding.

Pro Tip: Want to know how to craft the perfect value statement? Take a look at the target user personas, and examine the common problems and toils. It will help to gain a deeper understanding of what kind of approach is needed!

c. Keep The Story Short & Sweet

If the brand narrative goes like this below image, then it is time for some heavy editing.


A story that goes on and on with millions of twists and turns is not ideal for web design branding. To engage the audience right from the beginning, the story needs to be succinct. And to do so, the narrative should focus on these specific parts-

  1. How the organization started?
  2. The mission statement
  3. Why is the organization different & better than the competitors?

Keeping the narrative limited to these three main elements will be enough. But a bland exhibition can hurt engagement. And that’s why skilled brand design companies put so much concentration on making the basic facts engaging.

d. Provide Contrast To Stand Out

Stories in this world are not that different from one another. And the best way you can make your brand design story different than the rest out there is by providing contrast.

What’s a contrast though?

Contrast is all about what makes your organization different from the others out there. The element that provides a contrast to your brand story can be your unique value proposition, new kind of business planning, or an innovative user experience on the site.

As long as you express clearly how your service is different and irreplaceable compared to others out there, you can provide the much-needed contrast and establish your corporate brand identity strongly in the market.

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3. Telling The Story Clearly

Once the story is built one needs to focus on web design branding.

Content is essential for a proper connection between the website story and the audience. And brand design firms utilize the site content to implement the narrative on the site. These Top New York Digital Agencies acknowledge the pivotal role played by content in the site-narrative roadmap.

But how to ensure that the content is telling the story perfectly?

a. Craft A Hierarchy That Makes Sense

First things first, an information hierarchy is needed to ensure the story structure makes sense.

This detail on the site can differ depending on the type of industry and audience. So before starting the implementation of that ideal story and brand identity development on the site, investigate a bit more.

In this situation consulting with an experienced web design agency will provide a better insight into the appropriate structure needed to match the mental models of specific users. We also ensure that this information is included within the brand guidelines for the design for future reference.

b. Determine The Voice Of The Brand

A story told blandly will do little to hold the attention of the audience. And when it comes to creating a brand for small businesses, experts are careful about the voice and tone used throughout the content.

Setting the mood of the narrative is all about how the audience will perceive the brand. Once again, determining the content tone can be tricky, but simple audience research can solve the problem without any hassle.

Expert speaks: According to our in-house design experts, the perfect content is genuine, focused on the consumers, and simple to understand. As long as the content has these three qualities, it will be a success no matter what kind of tone is used!

c. Three Musketeers Of Perfect Content- Original, Short & Engaging

Once the voice is defined, it is time to ensure the content fulfills its designated purposes. And to do so, it is crucial to pay attention to three factors of content design and branding strategy-

Great content is always original. In this age of advanced piracy checks and strict Google ranking rules, no one can get away with copied content on the site. This is why to ensure the integrity of the narrative, we keep the content (both text & images) as original as possible.

Besides the originality, the content needs to be short. We have already discussed how significant it is to keep the brand story short, and that rule applies to the content as well. The impact of too long content will be incredibly harmful to the business as well as the site.

And lastly, we don’t just tell a story. With the use of necessary engaging elements such as proper brand architecture design, we ensure that the content delights the visitors and leaves a positive impact so that users keep coming back to the site.

Want to see all of the above content principles in action? Check out the About us page of our amazing Client eShipper

Team Unified Infotech helped transform their old website into a brand new business-boosting platform. And while doing that, we made sure that the site content was smart, snappy, and relatable to the target audience.

d. Update The Content Regularly

Popular sites content that triumphantly tells the brand narrative, as well as drive business for the organization, are always updated, fresh, and recent. And these updates are made according to changes in business plans.

Consulting with an experienced website design company and updating the content based on the current changes in the company and the target user demands is the surefire way to keep the branding practices consistent on the site. So don’t forget the importance of such a matter and ensure that the content of the site is updated accordingly.

4. Embellish The Narrative With Visuals

We believe that telling an engaging brand narrative is easier with the added visual components.

Be it the images and videos on the platform or the color schemes and logo- all this helps to make the content a lot more entertaining to look at and digest. Remember that the modern audience doesn’t have a lot of time to read an entire page. And that’s why visual details have become necessary to brand the site and engage the right kind of visitants.

Let’s see how expert web design agencies utilize visual details that will enrich the branding efforts on the site-

a. Choosing The Right Scheme Of Color

 A simple thing such as a color serves a lot of purpose on the site.

It is not a superficial detail. The color scheme is supposed to express the primary thing you want the site users to feel. Depending on various factors, such as cultural, geographical, and different segments of the clients, this essential part of the brand guidelines design will make the users feel different things.

This is why when deciding on the color palette for the site, we begin with a complete analysis of the demographic and the kind of visual requirements it has. Based on different factors we choose an arrangement that is visually pleasing as well as fulfills the brand goals.

Expert speaks: According to our in-house designers, color plays a big role in making that first impression on the visitants. And that’s why choosing the right colors is just as important as any other part of the process.  

b. Logo: The Branding Necessity

The relationship between the logo and brand design is undeniably significant. The logo is an essential component that signifies the identity of the organization. The perfect logo grabs the audience’s attention within moments, as well as expresses market authority.

So how does one create a perfect logo?

There are plenty of ways to create a logo. The abundance of logo making tools out there makes it easy to create logos for the business. However, for better and more customized logos, hiring an expert brand design firm will be the best option.

Pro Tip: Want to add a little splash of personality to the brand? Why not consider a mascot logo? Mascot logos are a fun way of adding an extra dimension to the brand and provides a much-needed popularity boost to the business.

c. Express The Story Better With Images & Videos

Visitors today don’t have the time to read through the entire website. And that’s why using too much text will be an irrelevant practice.

But how to design a brand image without a lot of content?

Well, the best way to ensure that the brand narrative is expressed perfectly without having to include long content is through the proper implementation of multimedia content. The easy to consume images and videos will make the site experience more enjoyable, as well as communicate the brand value to the audience.


However, there are some rules for adding images and videos on the screen that our experts always adhere to, and we are going to share it with you-

  • Don’t Add The Image Above The Fold

The fold is the screen real estate that is noticeable without scrolling. It is the first thing the visitant will see when they land on the site, and that’s why we ensure that no big images are blocking the precious area and taking away that chance at making that stellar first impression.

Pro Tip: Still want to have an image above the fold? We suggest using a hero image. With this, you can add a background hero image that will help to set the atmosphere of the website.

  • Compress The Visual Content

Images and videos are notorious for slowing down sites. And that’s why we always compress all multimedia content on the sites so that the site experience stays fast and smooth.

d. Delight The Audience With  Micro-Interactions

The purpose of the site is not only to inform the visitors but engage and entertain them. And when it comes to delighting the users, there’s no match to micro-interactions.

These small trigger-based details can have a very positive impact on the site experience. Web design and branding services use these components to elevate the mundane site experience and make it entertaining; whether it is a screen loading simulations or a simple mouse hover animatronics, the small details can enhance the entire experience and make your brand stand out more.

Pro Tip: Micro-interactions are cool, but don’t overdo them! Adding too many of such small animations can take away the novelty factor, rendering the whole thing quite useless.

5. Improve The Brand Impact With UI/UX

Lastly, we have arrived at the UI/UX factor.

In recent times we have all been aware of how important UI/UX aspects are to drive site engagement up. The proper implementation of UI/UX can also be elemental to boost business growth and increase leads through the site. But its effect on web design branding is too significant to ignore.

No one can completely control how a site visitor feels about the brand, but with the right kind of UI/UX implementation, it is possible to positively influence their thoughts.

Here are some touchstones of UI/UX design our in-house experts think are mandatory to ensure the impact of the site on the users is a positive one-

a. For A Seamless Experience Go Responsive

Modern audiences are using different kinds of devices to access the site and conduct research. And that is why it is important to keep the matter of responsiveness in mind when designing the UI.

Make sure that the web design agency you’ve hired for design and branding purposes is experienced in creating responsive sites. With a responsive approach, from the Top New York Website Design Agencies, it will be easy to provide a wholesome experience to the users who can enjoy the site whenever, wherever.

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b. Let The Site UI/UX Reflect Brand Values

The site UI/UX is the perfect way of ensuring that the brand value is embedded into the customer experience. And that’s why we implement elements that reflect the specific values and mission of the client brand and let the consistent UI/UX express the brand value to the visitors.

c. Keep Interactions Simple & Transparent

While crafting the brand architecture design, you also need to focus on keeping the navigation simple and easy to understand. Too complicated navigational design on the site will discourage users from further exploration and all the branding efforts will go to waste.

And there it is, the complete four-step way of building a brand through site design. It is a cohesive and all-encompassing process that covers the entirety of the brand storytelling and enhances all the efforts of building a brand through the site design.

With A Branded Website, Business Success Is Only A Few Steps Away

Web design branding is not just about the visual elements rather it is about telling a story in the most visual way possible. And to accomplish that successfully, the right design and branding strategy is necessary.

Have more questions on website branding? Why not reach out to us? The expert design and branding teams here at Unified Infotech are ready to help with all kinds of web design branding needs.

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