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Usability Engineering

Jul 27, 2015 | 3 Minutes Read

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Mobile health apps developers who make sure that their design blends a better user experience will yield the most success. So what the mobile health app developers of today must consider to ensure success? The solution to the app success is nothing other than usability engineering. Moreover, mobile apps today are showing increased sizes while synchronizing with small, wearable device such as Apple Watch that also use apps and have their set of usability challenges.

As mobile app development services, our developers have found that, usability engineering is something that they can call their cup of tea. Let us get ahead and know what makes us claim it as the most successful framework.

What Do Mean By User Experience (UX)?

According to the reports published in usability.gov, User Experience “focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities and their limitations. It also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the group managing the project. UX best practices improve the quality of the users’ interaction with the perceptions of your product and other related services.”

Why is UX Important for Health IT Industry?

Transition from paper medical records to EHRs has transformed how health information has a notable record, analysis and shared within the provider and payer community as well. For the most part, health consumers may not consider during design, development and testing these enterprise-wide systems. Transition of EHRs to mobile platforms will have a different experience as a health consumer’s access and share their health data on Smartphones and Tablets. Health consumers of today is an eminent part of base that you must consider as mobile health apps are some of the popular health apps on commercial marketplace.

The way users interact with mobile devices and apps have a profound way with how often we access data, which is one of the eminent factors to consider for the Health IT Community. For example, with the use of Smartphone users, “Pull to Refresh” to update the screen with the most updated information. However, these human factors changes when you interact with a Smart Watch or other wearable technologies. A vertical swipe scrolls the user to add extra information on the current screen while the horizontal swipe displays the previous or the upcoming screen.

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As for content available, Health IT Data and Information which is usually dense and complex. The graphical presentation in such an instance is often the best approach to display. However, when does a graph on a Smartphone become usable to a physician, nurse, technician or even the health consumer?

There are several presentations at HIMSS15 Conference, which addresses a number of questions. From the perspective of technology, software engineers, designers, and usability experts to understand how the users want to interact with the device and information is critical and determines the overall user experience, acceptance and success of the app.

At Unified Infotech, software developers and designers are cognizant of their importance of the users interface and visualizing the content. When you need to “pull” and when to “swipe” are important decisions that we consider. Our creative team closely works with the software developers to create custom designed mobile applications. Moreover, the most preferred technology that we use is none other than “Usability Engineering.”

We have just started to take big leaps with our developers to make things big. We have cashed the new opportunities and helped those interested in transforming their Health IT services with human factors, usability, and design for both mobile and wearable devices. Consult or hire android app developer from Unified Infotech to change your health services with the human factors and enriched user interface.

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