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Top 10 Leading Web Design and Development Companies in Dubai

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When the Dubai GITEX 2022 was toured by the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, he expressed that the new historic era in Dubai is driven by technology. This vision is aptly captured by the flourishing technology landscape, where innovation shapes the very core of the city’s progress. The strategic location of Dubai allows businesses to seamlessly tap into the thriving Middle Eastern and Asian markets, opening doors to a world of potential growth and expansion. For those seeking to turn their digital aspirations into reality, partnering with a leading website development company in Dubai can further amplify their journey towards success.

Web Design and Development Companies in Dubai

What Role does a Website Play in Your Business

Websites are the digital assets that represent your business online. Remember, 88% of users mostly only return or recommend a business to others if they have a good experience upon visiting your website. 

A well-made website will help create brand awareness, educate, and collect visitor user information for other marketing funnels. In this age of technology, building a website should be at the top of your priority list.

A website can have various functionalities depending on the intent of the business. Different functionalities need different developmental approaches. Your website might need support from Python development, PHP development, WordPress, or any other platform. Being a business owner with no coding background, understanding the complexities or functionalities of these technologies is quite complex. This is where a website development company in Dubai comes to your rescue and does the job!

Things to Consider when Choosing a Web Development Company in Dubai

In-house Development Team

The first and foremost thing is to check whether the chosen website development company in Dubai has an in-house team. It is always recommended to steer away from companies that outsource their work.

Technological Expertise 

When it comes to web design and development, there are a lot of technologies that come to play. It is, therefore, essential to understand the expertise of the web development agency Dubai in various technologies. Ask for the solution architect of the project and their relevant experience to get a better idea of their expertise. Prominent Dubai web agency you choose for the project must have the varied technical expertise to build you a website with seamless interface and integrations. 

Discuss Timelines & Milestones

To align the development partner with your expectations, clearly set the expected delivery period and milestones. It will give you an understanding of the process followed by the agency. Technology is inherently fluid in the development process, and certain obstacles might come while implementing. Check how the experts plan to mitigate such a crisis in the development tenure. 

Check the Portfolio

The best way to understand the quality of work is to check out their previous results. Connect with previous clients of the organization to know whether they have worked on projects such as yours in the past.

Now that you are prepared to select a suitable web design company in Abu Dhabi, here’s a list of 10 best web design and development companies in Dubai.

Choosing a Web Development Company in Dubai

Top 10 Website Development Company In Dubai

1.  Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech best web design and development company in Dubai

What makes your website unique is its ability to create an impact on the target audience. With Unified Infotech, impactful digital solutions are the first and foremost promise. And they are well known for their commitment to client satisfaction and in-depth research in creating a project plan for the client. Established in 2010, Unified Infotech offers website design, development, and scalable mobile apps to SaaS platforms. 

Be it a multi-million dollar startup or a small business, offering customized solutions remains an impeccable quality of Unified Infotech over the last decade. Functional design, consumer engagement, and superior problem-solving ability make the Unified Infotech team one of the best in industry. Their web development services in Dubai have been highly rated by clients from around the globe! 

Clutch Rating– 4.5 stars (53 reviews)

Services– Web development 

Price– $50 – $99 / hr

Employee Strength– 50 – 249 

Other Locations– USA, India

Industries– Banking, eCommerce, eLearning, Healthcare, Logistics, Entertainment.

2. Leora Solutions LLP

Leora Solutions LLP

Established in 2014 as an IT consulting and web hosting company, Leora Solutions LLP has established itself as one of the top IT companies in Dubai. From mobile application development, branding, and ERPs to the latest development technologies, Leora Solutions has served over 500 clients till now! 

Leora Solutions LLP offers an easy onboarding process for clients. They also ensure constant support is offered to the client during the project. Experienced designers provide designs, wireframes, ideas, and sketches from the first phase. This enables the team to deliver client requirements just the way they want and on time! The company has UI/UX designers with a decade of experience, making this an excellent pick for your next project. 

Clutch Rating– 5 stars (1 review)

Services– Web development 

Price– $50 – $99/ hr

Employee Strength– 50 – 249 

Other Locations– Dubai 

Industries– Construction, Health, Travel and Hospitality, Education, Banking, Insurance, Retail and e-Commerce.

3. Applicontech


Founded in 2005, Applicontech is a technology development agency specializing in creating premium websites and application development. Speaking of web development services in Dubai, one cannot simply overlook Applicontech in the market. Applicontech also offers corporate offshoring services, which help you cut costs with its established offshore team of experts.  

Applicontech makes bespoke development seamless with a trusted team of experts who offer round-the-clock support. They ensure high-quality UI/UX design focused on conversion and performance to help you scale your business. Applicontech is known for its agile methodology and result-driven approach, which sets them apart from the other web development companies in Dubai

Clutch Rating– 5 stars (1 review)

Services– Web development 

Price– $25 – $49/ hr

Employee Strength– 50 – 249 

Other Locations– Dubai 

Industries– Cryptocurrency

4. DSTeck


Nestled within the bustling tech landscape of Jordan, DSTeck emerges as a true trailblazer in Web Application and Website Development. Since its inception in 2008, this powerhouse has sculpted digital dreams and crafted online masterpieces for over nine remarkable years.  

Listed among the best tech companies in Dubai, DSTeck offers website design & development, maintenance & support, and eCommerce development for clients. DSTeck isn’t just in the business of crafting websites; they’re in the business of helping clients unlock tangible value in their online operations and business objectives. How, you ask? Through a meticulously designed process of strategic alignment, project planning, and execution that’s nothing short of elegant.

Clutch Rating– 5 stars (4 reviews)

Services– Web development 

Price– $100 – $149/ hr

Employee Strength– 10 – 49

Other Locations– Dubai 

Industries– Healthcare, eCommerce, Tours & Travels

5. Zapio Tech

Zapio Tech

In the fast-paced digital realm of Dubai, where websites aren’t just online spaces but gateways to success, Zapio emerges as the shining knight of website design and development. Armed with technical prowess and a profound understanding of the industry, this UAE-based company is your ticket to taking your website on an exhilarating journey to the zenith of the online world.

Calling themselves more than just a company, Zapio Technologies proudly stands as one of Dubai’s finest web design companies. Their philosophy? The collision of people, business, and technology isn’t just luck; it’s a realm where new value is born. Zapio has completed over 200 projects, ensuring thorough planning, creation, and timely website delivery.  

Clutch Rating– 3.5 stars (3 reviews)

Services– Web development 

Price– $25 / hr

Employee Strength– 10 – 49

Other Locations– Dubai 

Industries– Real estate, eCommerce, eLearning

6. Flojics 


Flojics, established in 2014, is a one-stop development and branding solution for your business. Regarded as one of the top IT companies in Dubai, Flojics offers digital transformation like no one else in the industry. A full range of design, development, and marketing services are available for clients to help them create a rock-solid online presence. 

Flojics believes in extensive market and audience research to create future-proof client solutions. They ensure that all elements trending in the market are skillfully integrated into your project to maximize results. They are one of the most trusted web development companies in Dubai, offering custom solutions as per client requirements. 

Clutch Rating– 5 stars (2 reviews)

Services– Web development 

Price– $25 / hr

Employee Strength– 10 – 49

Other Locations– Dubai 

Industries– eCommerce, eLearning, Healthcare

7. Viewy Digital

Viewy Digital

Viewy Digital, established in 2017, has gained momentum as one of Dubai’s leading web design companies due to its innovative approach to work. Their dedicated digital marketing and web development team ensures that every project is closed with due adherence to client requirements. Using agile development methodologies and a design-centric approach, Viewy Digital are innovators in the industry. 

As agile methodologies drive the business’s core values, Viewy Digital ensures timely deliveries to the client every time. The agility further allows the team to work on even last-minute changes quickly! Their motto is to create websites or apps that generate conversations and immense brand love.

Clutch Rating– 5 stars (1 review)

Services– Web development 

Price– $25 / hr

Employee Strength– 50 – 249 

Other Locations– Dubai 

Industries– Retail and e-Commerce, entertainment

8. Benamix


Benamix isn’t your ordinary software solution provider – they’re your partners in propelling your business forward. The driving force behind Benamiz is the pursuit of excellence through a blend of streamlined processes and expert craftsmanship. Founded on the principle that every client deserves top-tier software expertise, Benamix built a haven where innovation thrives, and your business can flourish.

At Benamix, three core values steer the course: perpetual learning, client-centricity, and mastery of craft. Every member of the high-skilled development team works to fuel your business to the zenith of success. A distinctive development approach further sets them apart: from layered solutions ensuring flexibility and ease of maintenance to event-driven architectures for real-time versatility, microservices, and microkernel philosophies for scalability and efficient growth. With Benamix, your digital dreams will come true like never before!

Clutch Rating– 5 stars (1 review)

Services– Web development 

Price– $25 – $49 / hr

Employee Strength– 10 – 49 

Other Locations– Dubai 

Industries– Cryptocurrency, eCommerce, Real Estate

9. Edirect


Founded in 2001, Edirect took over the market by storm with their great web design services at fiercely competitive prices. Edirect is known as the best value for money development partner a client can ever have. With time, the team has scaled to offer complete bespoke development services to the client. 

Experts at Edirect are a close-knit team with high focus on interactive development- strategic, creative and technical. The clients are given direct phone access to all line managers for regular project updates. Face-to-face appointments can be scheduled through these calls to further discuss the requirements and gain clarity on the deliverables. 

Clutch Rating– 5 stars (3 reviews)

Services– Web development 

Price– $100 – $149/ hr

Employee Strength– 50 – 249 

Other Locations– Dubai 

Industries– Sports, Real Estate, eCommerce

10. Codyexa


Established in 2015, Codyexa has established itself as a pioneer IT & Software enterprise in the market. As technology keeps evolving, Codyexa constantly works to create technology that enhances the lives of people and businesses. With the latest technology and online trends, Codyexa offers IT services which help you gain momentum in taking the business online. 

Codyexa deals with every project with a unique approach that aims to solve the prime problem of the business owner. More team members and technologies can be added based on project needs to speed up the entire development process. The clients’ complex problems get simple and high-value solutions from Codyexa, making them a trusted website development company in Dubai.

Clutch Rating– 5 stars (2 reviews)

Services– Web development 

Price– $25 / hr

Employee Strength– 2 – 9 

Other Locations– Dubai 

Industries– Advertising & Marketing, Business Services, Healthcare, Financial Services

With all said, now you are empowered with a list of the best developers in Dubai who can turn your imagination into reality. Make sure you choose the right fit for your business and follow the guidelines provided in this article. Every company mentioned in the list above is vetted in terms of the quality of work they do; hence, they made it to this list of the top website development companies in Dubai.

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