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Top 8 Mobile App Development Myths Debunked

Jun 23, 2017 | 4 Minutes Read

What's Inside

App developers find out new opportunities in mobile technology from small business owners to large ones. Again, many businesses have found it necessary to own a mobile app to stay strong in the competition. However, people have many mistaken ideas relating to mobile app development. Many people think that mobile app is like a mobile website which can easily create by using pre-built frameworks and module provided by some third-party platform. But the reality is something different. An expert in the field knows it very well that everything is not as perfect as it seems. It’s sometimes difficult to match up the imagination of the mobile app.

Myth #1

It is fairly easy to build the first version of an app.


The primary form of a mobile application will take hours, weeks, or possibly months to prepare according to your necessities. Along these lines, you should give your smartphone application most extreme conceivable time; quickly may put your application in disappointment.

Myth #2

With a click of a button, you can actually submit your mobile application. It’s an easy process.


As indicated by Pocket Gamer, there are more than 1.9 million applications in the App store. The normal number of app submission every day for the time of March 2016 was 1,964 and this month has as of now observed 9,725 applications submitted for the survey, which will be either acknowledged or dismisses for any reason.

There are such a large number of explanations behind the dismissal of your application by Apple App Store. It could be the point at which your substance is exhausting; you are saying Apple contenders demonstrating no notice for wrong substance, or your application does not look idealize.

You will submit your iOS app efficaciously on Apple App Store by following these basic guidelines:

• Your app should not crash.

• You should not repeat the functionalities of native apps.

• You should not use private APIs.

• Only use the genuine artwork with copyright.

• You should not use the microphone or camera without user knowledge.

Myth #3

App Store Optimization (ASO) will bring many users to a mobile application within a short time span.


It is difficult to convey an extensive number of users to your smartphone application. It requires a lot of endeavors to put into application marketing strategies. To get a feeling of reality, you can pose a few inquiries to yourself. For example, does my mobile application have a blog or social media account? Or, on the other hand, am I using other promoting/marketing channels to drive clients’ regard for application launch?

In the event that your answer is “No”, at that point you need to put huge endeavors in social media and other potential channels for getting traffic to your mobile application. Additionally, you should run application store optimization strategies that incorporate targeted acquisition campaigns.

Myth #4

Once you submit the mobile app to the store, it will automatically be visible to potential users.


A mobile application won’t naturally begin being noticeable to users. You should try endeavors for it. In the event that you need your application to rank higher in the App store, at that point you have to utilize important keywords, screenshots and description of your mobile app. Pricing of the mobile application additionally assumes a crucial part in application’s success. Today, 90 percent of the top mobile applications are free in various application stores. Therefore, you can show signs of improvement user engagement in the event that you launch your application for free.

Myth #5

Once a smartphone app reached to the users, they will frequently use it.


Millions of app downloads don’t signify as a successful app. The truth lies in that many downloads don’t turn into active users. If users are frequently using your application few times in a week or use your app on a regular basis, you can relax for a moment. It signifies that your mobile application is doing well.

Myth #6

Developing an app for iOS is just like making one for Android.


Nope. Android and iOS are two different operating systems. Again, two distinct outrageously successful companies created these two versatile apps that have their own ways of doing things. While companies like PhoneGap allows developers to write codes for iOS and Android. But, native development is the only way to confirm that your take advantage of the features accessible on each OS.

Myth #7

Mobile app analytics data will express exactly how an app is performing.


Obviously, mobile analytics is an incredible help to know the insights about your application, however, getting only the information of analytics information won’t help you, you have to make sense of the loopholes in your application in view of the information. For that, you would focus on a few issues, for example,

• Which screen has less engagement?

• How does the user reach to a particular screen?

• And soon thereafter on which point users are leaving the application?

When you comprehend the above issues and make a move utilizing exact insights, at that point no one but you would measure the real execution of your application.

Myth #8

Once a smartphone app goes live on the app store, it can endorse itself.


No, a mobile application won’t be promoted itself. You have to do it. You can advance your application utilizing different promotion tactics, for example, online journals, blogs, utilizing slide share, utilizing social channels or you can likewise draw in users by releasing updates, bug fixes, and other application enhancements. So much stuff shows to your users that you’re attempting to improve your application better.

Gartner’s forecast states that in 2017 over 268 billion app downloads will make an income of $77 billion. Even with our developers’ mobile ability, they’re continually learning about new features. All credit goes to a large part to the output of device and OS upgrades from Apple and Google. You’ll need to be upgraded as well if you want to stay at the top of your game. If you invest your time and improve your craft, there are countless chance you’ll get benefit in time.

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