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We leverage the mobile device capabilities to create a memorable end-user experience to spur your brand’s growth. A trusted mobile app development company for world-class brands.

A leading name in mobile app development in India & USA

When users are exposed to hundreds of apps- yours, need to be strikingly distinctive. Hence Unified Infotech will act as an end-to-end software development partner, serving as a catalyst to your success. We take pride in delivering human-centric experiences for your mobile app that are valuable and meaningful to your end-users through a combination of smart consultation, game-changing strategies, sterling UI/UX design services, and the latest technologies. Our mobile app developer team can help you create an impactful mobile app that reflects your brand and sets your stage within a short time frame.

How we plan to develop your app

When our peers overlook the pre-planning, we never fail to do the basics right. We ask the right questions to our stakeholders that centers around their target audience. This discussion helps our developers in laying down the appropriate blueprint from the system’s perspective. Hence we make the development right. Together, as a reliable mobile app development company, we’ll identify which functionalities hold the most water before development to safeguard the chances for your app’s success.

The way we design to engage users

As it gets tougher for design thinkers and developers to get users to find and download apps, you ‘have’ to think about engagement; in order to make your mobile app design relevant, valued and useful so it delights and hence retains user. Time and again, we put ourselves in the end-users shoes to empathize and feel the experience, be it iOS apps or Android application. From content curation, pixel-perfection to intuitive micro-interactions, we leave no stone unturned to build an app that engages.

From ideation to visual manifestation,

The Way We Do It

Developing your app to perform

Performance- one of the biggest predictors of app success - we take it seriously. To ensure your idea doesn’t turn into a horror story, we foolproof our mobile app development process. By reducing the app’s response lag, eliminating data redundancy, optimizing memory allocation and implementing high-end data encryption- the result you get is a stunning mobile app experience. And it is evident from the raking user base in App Store as well as Google Play Store for our clients, especially as leading app developers New York and beyond.

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Success stories

Created this on-demand marketplace helping nurses connect with doctors, facilitating prescription approval in regards to Botox treatment

Creating an Artificial Intelligence powered award winning streaming app featuring world’s best short films

Best practices that we follow

  • Attention to Memory Limitations
  • Ease of Default Keyboard
  • Attention to Security
  • Using Optimized Images
  • Convenient UI Elements
  • Optimized Battery Consumption
  • Version Support
  • Screen Variance & Compatibility
  • High & Quality Performance
  • Offline Mode Importance

Attention to Memory Limitations

Mobile devices don’t come with the kind of high memory limitations like desktops. Which is why for mobile programming, we use codes with smaller memory limitations in mind. This is how we prevent the apps from crashing due to “out of memory”.

Ease of Default Keyboard

The keyboard should have the compatible characters for the input text box in an app. When the reader has to write numbers, they should get the numerical keyboard, not the alphabetical one.

Attention to Security

More people use their phone to access the internet than desktops. That is why phones are now more vulnerable to cyber attacks. As a mobile application development company, security is always our first priority while developing a mobile app.

Using Optimized Images

Not everyone has access to high bandwidth internet, and we know that. Which is why our mobile app developers use optimized images while developing apps for the low bandwidth internet users. Specifically sized images only enhance the user experience.

Convenient UI Elements

The UI elements should be easier for the user to tap on, and menus should have options that are easy to find. The UI design needs to be convenient for the user, only then the users will be satisfied with the app.

Optimized Battery Consumption

The background processes of the apps installed to drain the battery which is a real problem with smartphone users. But not every app needs a background process to run. Which is why we make sure that the apps do not drain the phone battery unnecessarily.

Version Support

Any new app should support the latest and the last two versions. Supporting all the versions is going to make the code complex and creates bugs. So for bug-free app development, we make sure that the updated apps support only the last two versions and the current one.

Screen Variance & Compatibility

There are numerous screen size for both Android and iOS devices, and it only makes sense to test the app on various screen size before uploading it on the app stores. The app should be compatible with the designated screen size, resolutions, and forms.

High & Quality Performance

We believe that high performance means a lag-free performance. The apps should be optimized regularly and should never keep the user waiting from the moment it is launched. High performance is one of our major mobile app development services.

Offline Mode Importance

Internet connectivity is obvious for all the apps nowadays, but so is the offline mode. With offline mode user should be able to store within the device for easy access. Even in this age of internet popularity, offline mode is important for everyone, and we understand that.

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