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10 Smart Home Apps That’ll Make Your Life Easier In 2023 – UPDATED

Sep 24, 2019 | By: Pratip Biswas

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Once we had to get up, stand in front of the TV, and rotate the dials to change the channel we were watching. Then came remote controls, and we thought, it can’t get better than this. 

As it turns out, it can with a smart home app! 

Now we don’t even have to move in order to grab the remote and change the channel. All we have to do is to talk to our TV, and it will change the channel itself. And it’s not only limited to the television system. From kitchen appliances to the garage door, from the lights to the curtains, everything can be controlled. Thanks to the smart home technologies coupled with smart mobile app development, that is making it easier for normal users.

Of course, smart home technology has advanced a lot further in such a short amount of time. Available for both Android and iOS, a home automation system enables you to control every aspect of your home. With just a tap on your phone, even when you are not there. In this scenario, the smart-home mobile automation apps turn the smartphone into a remote. And that’s how you can begin your smart home automation journey. 

A. Smart Home Competitor Analysis: Why Is It Necessary?

The global smart home automation market is already as crowded as it can get. And to find or build a successful application, you NEED to conduct a complete examination.

In-depth contender analysis into the best smart home app market will give you a comprehensive insight into how the successful applications out there are dealing with the dynamic requirements of users, as well as the unique value they provide. Having an idea of all this information will certainly help you to make better and wiser decisions about the smart home mobile app development journey.

B. Smart Home Apps – Few Things You Should Know

There are a few things that you should know before we start talking about the best smart-home app you need to watch out for.

If you want to develop a smart home app, you should check this out!

A home automation mobile application can be of two types- a single-tasking app, and a multi-tasking app. Single-tasking apps are only made for one specific device, suppose for a specific home security system. These apps are not going to help you operate any other IoT system you might have in your home. These apps are only going to deal with systems that are compatible with it. 

smart home app development partner

Then we have a multitasking app – these apps can help you to control the entire IoT system you have installed in your home. Every smart home device you might have in your home can be operated through a multitasking app. 

Now which app to control smart home is the consumer going to use depends on their preferences. Some prefer single-tasking apps, thinking that it will provide better safety and security, while others prefer the ease and convenience of a multi-tasking app. And that’s why we have made sure to include both kinds of apps in our list of 10 smart-home apps you need to check out in 2020.

C. Best Smart Home Apps To Watch Out For In 2020

No matter what area of your house you are thinking about, there are numerous smart-home devices and apps for that. But you can’t just pick a random one out of all those devices. No, you need the best one with the best smart-home experience. And that’s why we have compiled this list so that you have an easy time choosing the best smart home app in the coming year. 

1. Amazon’s Alexa: Automation System That Took The World By Storm

If you are researching on smart-home automation systems, then you are definitely familiar with the Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa App
Source: App Store

And if you are familiar with Alexa, then you definitely know about the Alexa app for controlling all the Alexa devices and many other smart home devices as well. 

With this app, you can unlock a world of possibilities. Considered to be one of the best home control apps, it will help you to set up your Amazon enabled devices, create shopping lists, listen to music. The Alexa app is not only for Amazon devices, but there are also many other devices compatible with this app, such as Philips Hue Smart Bulbs, Wemo smart plug, Lutron Caseta, Nest learning thermostat, iRobot Roomba 690, and many more. 

Setting up the Alexa app on your smartphone is a very simple process due to its easy smart home interface. To wake up Alexa all you have to do is call her name. The voice control feature enables the users to control all the smart devices connected to Alexa through verbal commands. 

The Alexa speakers can be carried anywhere. The best home automation app from the house of Amazon and its app are going to be the perfect first choice for your smart home. 

One of the best features of Alexa home automation is the alternative control system. Those who are afraid of using the voice control system due to the many mishaps that have happened over time can use the alternative Alexa interface. This serves as a bonus factor behind Alexa’s success.

Expert Thought: Besides being safe, the application also makes the smart home system much more accessible for those who are speech impaired. And this is why it is necessary to keep the accessibility issue in mind when you’re developing the smart home app!

2. SmartThings: Samsung’s Answer To Home Automation Challenges

South Korean tech giant Samsung is catching up with this smart home automation trend quickly. Their SmatThings hub lets the user control all the aspects of their IoT-enabled home. And with the SmartThings hub, you also get the SmartThings app. 

Samsung smart home
Source: App Store

The SmartThings app can help users to access multiple devices faster than ever. With this, you can control home IoT devices like a refrigerator, washer, and dryer, dishwasher air conditioner, etc. 

One of the main key features of this app is the ability to remotely control and check the status of devices, group multiple devices together to control them simultaneously, configure the device settings, get notifications about different devices. 

Many smart home devices today are supported by Samsung SmartThings devices. These devices include- Ecobee smart thermostat, Netgear Arlo wire-free Pro security camera, Yale Assure Lock home security system and after 2020, Google nest devices as well. It means that once you have the Samsung SmatThings hub in your home and the Samsung smart home app on your phone, you don’t have to use multiple apps for different devices.

The success of the SmartThings app depends on multi-operability and efficient design of the new and improved application. However, being completely cloud-connected, it does fail to send important notifications in case of an outage. So whether you are looking for a perfect app or thinking about building one, keep the matter of connectivity in mind.

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3. Google Home: Masters Of Internet Adding New Dimension To Domotics

The Google Home app is from the tech giant itself. If you have chosen to go for the smart home automation system provided by Google themselves, then the google home app is going to be your one-stop.

Google Assistant
Source: App Store

Popular as smart home app android, and on iOS platform as well, the Home app enables you to set up Google Home and Chromecast devices, along with many other connected home devices like lights, cameras, and many more. The third-party devices that are compatible with Google Home apps are nest thermostat, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Honeywell Home, WeMo, etc.

Not only android smart home app Google Home app lets you control, organize, and manage compatible lights, speakers, it also lets you control them with one or two taps only. The app will provide you with shortcuts for most actions like turning the lights on, checking the weather, getting news highlights, and more actions, all with a simple command. This ease and efficiency of the application get personalized over time. Because of its versatility, the Google Home app is one of the best smart home automation apps in the market right now. 

4. Apple Home: Different, Yet Successful Implementation Of Smart Home

The Apple home kit is probably one of the most complete Smart-home automation systems in the market, and the ios home automation app makes a perfect companion for it. It is designed to work with both apple smart home devices and as well as other smart home devices as well. 

Apple home kit app can be used from anywhere, whether it is iPhone, iPad, MacBook. The app comes with a smart home dashboard that makes handling every aspect of your smart home easier. 

Apple Home
Source: App Store

The app enables the users to create ‘scenes’, which lets them perform multiple actions with just one tap on their smartphone. Just like the leaving home scene- while leaving home, all you have to do is tap once on your smartphone to make sure that the curtains are closed throughout the house, lights are turned off and the thermostat is set to be energy efficient. Right now there are more than a hundred brands with devices supported by HomeKit.

The additional success factors to this app are security and efficiency. Adding new devices is possible right from the home screen, which eliminates the need to navigate around the app. Additionally, the Apple home kit app is also the most secure smart home application, ensuring complete safety for most of its users.

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5. Danalock Bluetooth Z-lock: Unlocking The Door To Smart Home Security Success

Danalock is definitely one of the best smart home control panel app you came across when looking for IoT based home security system. 

Source: App Store

Setting up with the Danalock app is pretty simple since there is a guide provided to the user after they install the app. The app comes with a user-friendly layout and features, such as-

  1. Automatic and manual calibration for your Danalock home security system. 
  2. Realtime monitoring of the lock state of the house when the device is within Bluetooth range
  3. Automatic GPS-based unlocking when you get home. 
  4. Automatic re-locking once you are inside the house
  5. Receiving push notifications when the door is opened and closed. 

Danalock has taken the IoT-enabled home security system to the next level, and the app lets the users leverage the best of this home security system. The ease and efficiency of the user interface and the simplicity of function make the Danalock app one of the best in the market.

6. MyQ Garage & Access Control: Combining Perfect Features For User Satisfaction

Opening up a garage door can be a problem for anyone. However, with MyQ Garage & Access Control, you can easily open the garage door with the help of your smartphone. 

MyQ Garage smart home app
Source: App Store

Not only can you open close and check the status of the garage door, but it will also help you to do the same with other doors in the house as well. Supporting the MyQ enabled products from Chamberlain, Liftmaster

There are many additional features you get access to when you use this app. These are-

  1. Set up alerts for any activity
  2. Set up schedules to close or open your garage doors and turn your lights on or off. 
  3. Grant access to MyQ guest

The MyQ Garage & Access Control app and device is the perfect choice for the automation of the garage and commercial doors, as well as garage lights. 

As a smart door lock application, the brilliance of the app lies in the combination of perfect features. With real-time notifications, scheduling, and remote lock, it provides the users with peace of mind and beats most of the market competitors.

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7. Ecobee: A 360-Degree Smart Solution, For Smart Users

The smart-home automation system has advanced further enough that now you can control the temperature setting of your entire home. And smart thermostats like Ecobee is helping the users to achieve the best and comfortable atmosphere for their home. 

Ecobee smart home application
Source: App Store

With the ecobee app, you can control the temperature of the house, as well as the light settings anytime anywhere. With the ecobee app, you can perform the following actions-

  1. Easily install the device with the help of videos and diagrams
  2. Set up a comfort schedule and preferences depending on the month, season and weather. 
  3. Check whether you have left the lights on even when you are away from the house. 
  4. Save significant energy by switching the ecobee thermostat to Away mode and turn wayward lights off.
  5. Adjust the thermostat setting for any house guest, sitter, or even your pet dog.

The ecobee app and thermostat system is going to be the perfect solution to make your home more comfortable. The additional features work perfectly, making Ecobee another example of a smart home app becoming a complete success thanks to its consumer-focused design and development process.

Expert Thought: Despite the popularity, there may be a chance that the majority of the user base will be first-time smart home users. and that’s why your smart home application onboarding process must be as simple and straightforward as possible.

8. Honeywell Home: Bringing Unique Features To Smart Home Market

Honeywell Home offers a plethora of smart home devices that range from home security to air cleaner. And the Honeywell home app lets you control all the different devices from one place. 

smart home app Honeywell Home
Source: App Store

Honeywell has a range of devices which include thermostats, security cameras, water leakage, and freezing prevention systems. With the app, you can control and modify the settings of the devices, as well as receive live notifications from the home IoT devices to let you know the real-time happenings around your house. As one of the best app to control smart homes, Honeywell Home is going to be a perfect choice for you. 

Additionally, one of the most efficient features of the Honeywell home application is the geofencing feature. Through the geofencing system, the users can set up a smart perimeter around the house. Once they cross that perimeter (whether they are going away or coming back home) the automation system would switch to the default settings automatically. The versatility of the application along with unique features like geofencing has made the Honeywell application a complete success.

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9. Philips Hue: Lighting Up the Smart Home Future

Smart home technology has touched the lighting system of your house as well. With Philips Hue smart bulbs and apps you can manage all the lights in your house with just your smartphone, 

smart home app Philips Hue
Source: App Store

Not only the matter of smart bulbs are unique, but the Hue app comes with even more unique features. Besides being able to control the lights, you can also perform these actions with the app-

  1. Change the color of the lights 
  2. Modify the lights based on mood, time of the day, and your activity
  3. Turn pictures into lighting for your room from 30 handpicked scenes by the lighting engineer at Philips. 
  4. Turn your favorite picture into the Philips hue scene and light your room up. 
  5. Set up lighting schedules around the clock
  6. The app’s location awareness system automatically turns the lights on when you return home
  7. With the voice control function, you don’t even have to use your smartphone. All you have to do is to speak out your command, and the lights will turn on by themselves. 

The smart lighting system provided by Philips is one of the best smart home control app and its companion app is something you need to watch out for. Despite being a segmented smart home application, Philips hue succeeds due to its on-point functionality. Its ease of functionality provides the users with added value and makes their lives easier.

10. Wemo: Bringing home automation to the fingertips of the users

Wemo is a series of home automation devices that include smart switches and outlets and wifi bridge. 

smaty home app like Wemo
Source: App Store

With the Wemo app, you can perform the following actions-

  1. Control all the lights and appliances of your home without lifting a finger.
  2. Turn the lights on automatically when you return home after a long day by syncing the lights and devices to the sun
  3. Protect your home even when your away with the ‘Away Mode’ which will randomly turn the lights on and off in different rooms. 
  4. Integrate with ‘If This Then That’ a popular web-based service that gives you access to a large number of features for your Wemo devices. 

The Wemo app can be your one-stop solution for the smart house app. The unique features, as well as the smooth functionality, is what makes Wemo one of the best apps to pay attention to in the smart home industry.

The Smart Home Bottomline

There are numerous smart-home automation systems in the market due to its rising popularity and it can be confusing to choose one. You might feel that they all perform the same actions so it does not make a difference which one you choose, and that is a wrong concept. This is also a reason why a lot of entrepreneurs are coming up to create something different in smart home apps. 

Each home automation system may have the same function, but they are wildly different and come with different features. Choosing one of them is going to be a matter of understanding what you need from your smart-home. Once you understand that, you can make your choice on smart home systems. Have a smart home app idea? Let us know and we can help you create the next big sensation.

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