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How Modern Web App Help Developers?

Nov 24, 2015 | By: Pratip Biswas

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In a layman’s language, a web application is something that help a website visitor to get access to all the data that are present in the website. It has helped many online businessmen to sell their products or services smoothly. Whenever you visit a website, a number of options come across like ‘Login,’ ‘Inquiry,’ ‘Shopping Cart,’ the role of a web application is to make all these features accessible to the visitors. Since the advent of the internet, many web applications have been developed, but every time it has made the task of the marketers tough and the job of developers tougher. The constant development around the world and the new updates in technology make it mandatory for any website to update itself with the latest framework and web applications are just the right tools to do it.

In order to simplify the complex process of developing web applications, many companies that offer web application development services have adopted JavaScript Frameworks. These frameworks are interactive, simple and give an excellent User Interface. They do it with the help of few modern web applications.

UIPL presents five important web applications that will give confidence to the developers and help them design a website. These applications are interactive and the same time, also make complex single page applications within few weeks.


It is one of the most widely used frameworks in developing a Single page web application. It acts as a catalyst to HTML by improving the dynamic views of the website. One can use the extension – AngularJS directive and extend the function of HTML. With the help of ‘Two-way data binding,’ one can synchronize the model and view it, thus updating the DOM.

Benefits of Angular.js in Web Application

1. You can now create an application faster with the help of ‘Two-way data binding.’ Angular JS takes a small number of lines with the help of ng-model and ng-class directives and thus help a developer to built a web app without maximum efforts.

2. Using object oriented design, Angular JS enables you to maintain a web application in a smooth way.

3. Dependency Injection helps to test the application easily.

4. Angular Js makes use of object-oriented MVC server side software.


Ember.js is popular among the developers for improving the front end user interfaces. The strength of this framework lies in its ability to change the view when the model changes and to update the model when the view changes.

Benefits of Ember.js in Web Application

1. The handlebar based template engine enables to share templates between clients and the server.

2. Ember CLI helps to share common codes in different kinds of Ember apps. For instance: if you want to add a data picker with Ember CLI, enter the following code:
ember install:addon ember-clip-date picker

3. The latest version of Ember allows a developer to increase the speed of the virtual DOM.

4. With the help of Fast Boot, the user does not have to wait till all the JavaScript files are analyzed. Once the JavaScript files are analyzed, the page converts into a Single Page App.

5. Ember proves to be a blessing for mobile as it works wonder on the device. HTMLBars is a template library that enhances the rendering performance.


Backbone is the lightest JavaScript framework. You can start developing a web application in no time with this wonderful framework. Owing to its flexibility in use, it has been used by many well-known organizations around the world such as Walmart, Pinterest, Disqus, and FourSquare. One of the important features of this framework is that one can write his or her own code even in third party frameworks of JavaScript without requiring any kind of permission.

Benefits of Backbone.js in Web Application

1. Event-driven communication helps to reduce the code clutter and any other elements between models and views. With the help of one line code, one can publish all views together.

2. It is configured to access Restful APIs. Moreover, Backbone.js can also work with other backends other than the API.

3. Backbone conventions help web application developers to reduce the task of manual coding, thus helping them to use the time productively.


In order to develop real-time web applications, Node.js offers an event-driven architecture. It makes use of Google V8 JavaScript engine in order to execute the code. You can develop model-driven apps easily with the help of Node.js

Benefits Of Node.js In Web Applications

1. You can use API on an object DB. This means that you do not need to do multiple conversions in order to arrange data in the client or server database.

2. Node.js controls the flow of concurrent data even during heavy load.

3. You can keep the database write-offs on one side and work on them later.

4. Data streaming becomes easier while uploading.

5. With the help of Node.js, you can handle a proxy server in order to collect data from multiple points.


This is a recently released framework of JavaScript Framework. It is said that it is till date, the most updated framework and is made keeping in mind about the next generation web application developments. It consists of many independent libraries and enables the developer to use it in the entire library. You can even create a customized framework from the selected libraries.

Benefits of Aurela.js in Web Application

1. The entire framework can be used to make apps.

2. Traditional websites are built from individual libraries.

3. The convenience of connecting some server libraries with Node.js.

4. Make your own customized framework with building blocks.


With Meteor.js, you can enjoy the flexibility of developing a web application in JavaScript. This framework comes loaded with some amazing features required for Backend Development, Data end management, and front end rendering. Apart from JavaScript, you do not need to waste your time in learning anything else.

Benefits of Meteor.js in Web Application

1. Meteor helps you to develop an app in just one language by managing the front end, back end and the database with JavaScript.

2. Meteor creates an account system with a username, password for the SmartPackages.


Everyday or the other, new web APIs is being developed. The right web application helps to reduce the number of errors in a web page apart from developing the User Interface. Moreover, you can also prevent any security breach or hacking by developing an application, which is safe and secure. This is a big opportunity for developers to take help of the advanced frameworks developed by JavaScript. Hence, web application developers should always make the internet a better place as far as web apps are concerned.

In the near future, web application development will move more towards the use of Node.js. along with other JavaScript server frameworks. The node will also play an important role in carrying the single language projects because both front and back end developers mostly use JavaScript.


Pratip Biswas

Pratip Biswas

Founder, Unified Infotech

I am an Entrepreneur and a Tech Geek with more than 1500 successful projects launched. I share my experience through my love for writing and help other entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

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