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Custom E-Learning Software Development Services

We excel in developing custom e-learning software solutions from scratch for Colleges & Universities, Research Organizations, Primary Schools, High Schools, Business Schools, Enterprises, SMEs, Start-Ups,& Non-Profit Organizations.


Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Diverse content support like A/V, text, & images
  • Built-in e-learning content management systems
  • Reporting capabilities & dashboard
  • Interactive learning tools
  • Progress tracking
  • Certification facilities
  • Continuous support & updation

Mobile Learning (mLearning) Solutions

  • Robust supportive database
  • Crisp, engaging, & varied content
  • Highly functional easy-to-use interface
  • Extensive personalization
  • Live tutorials & interactive sessions
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Caching, syncing & data capturing

Corporate E-Learning Solutions

  • Engaging content using videos, audio, text & images
  • Embedded microlearning capabilities
  • Role Management
  • Tools for progress tracking & skill assessment
  • Database management
  • Ability to build training module, onboarding, upskilling etc.

E-Learning Portal Development

  • Multilingual support
  • Highly-structured learning material storage
  • Course creation tools
  • Extensive search & filter facilities
  • Personalize learning paths based on learner’s knowledge quotient, preferences, interests & skills
  • Digital badges for achievers

E2C Learning App Development

  • Extensive database management for educational institutions
  • Monetization support
  • Live tutorials & interactive sessions
  • Offline video access
  • Custom course creation
  • Curriculum management
  • Leaderboard management

E-Learning for Differently Abled

  • Inclusive e-learning platform
  • Compatible with WCAG guidelines
  • Curated content for catering to different types of disabilities
  • Integration of specific tools like accessibility checkers, caption, screen readers, transcripts, responsive design, alt text, color contrasts etc

Virtual Classes & Video Conferencing

  • Audio & Video conferencing facilities
  • Updated screen-sharing technology
  • Chat and messaging options
  • Student communication
  • Interactive session
  • Recording capabilities

Student Informational Systems(SIS)

  • Robust data security measures
  • Scalable database to store student information
  • Payment gateways
  • Attendance & performance analysis
  • Course formulation & registration abilities

Looking For Cutting-Edge Edtech Solutions At Affordable Costs?

Key Features Of Our Custom E-Learning Software Solutions

Sign Up/Login/LogOut

Lecture Scheduling

Classroom Forum

Assignment Management

Easy To Use And Navigate Interface

Integrated Leaderboard

Video Conferencing

Audio Streaming

Document Sharing

Push Notifications

Performance Tracking

Data Analytics

Interactive Graphics

Curriculum Management

Student Information

Payment Gateways

Chat Support

Online/Offline Modes

Content Personalization

Multilingual Support

Why Partner With Unified Infotech

  • Superb Software Quality
  • Fast Time-to-Market
  • Robust App Security
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Power of Personalization
  • Round-the-Clock Support

Superb Software Quality

Gain a competitive edge! Our custom e-learning apps maintain high standards regarding software quality.

Fast Time-to-Market

Fast-track your launch! Our advanced techniques and tools help improve app deployment TAT.

Robust App Security

Keep your sensitive data secure! Mitigate the chances of a breach with our integrated cyber security features.


Get quality at affordable costs! Leveraging open-source tech stacks makes our apps affordable without compromising quality.

Power of Personalization

Make your app relevant! We customize app features & capabilities based on your unique needs and goals.

Round-the-Clock Support

Keep your app running 24 x 7! Our round-the-clock support and maintenance help keep your app running smoothly.

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    Case Studies

    App modernization for a McGraw Hill Education acquired EdTech platform for medical students

    E-Learning platform developed to help 700+ learners earn their National Registry Certification

    Our Custom E-Learning Software Development Process

    Our development process is backed by precise logic and divided into well-defined stages that help elevate and quicken the software development process

    • 1. Analysis
    • 2. Design
    • 3. Development
    • 4. Testing & QA
    • 5. Implementation
    • 6. Evaluation


    Through regular communications and discussions, we gain deep insights into the goals and objectives you aspire to achieve with your e-learning software. Be it features, functionalities, or aesthetics, this analysis helps us gather the information required to start working on the web design.


    Based on the inputs of the previous stage, we develop the framework for the required custom e-learning software solutions. User journey mapping helps refine the app to ensure seamlessness in UX and easy navigability. Errors found in the design are corrected here, and after you approve the final design, we proceed toward the development stage.


    Developers specializing in offering e-learning development services start working on the app immediately after the finalization of the e-learning app design. They research to select the best web development tech stack that enhances the app's usability and functionality. All essential features are coded and integrated within the app.

    Testing & QA

    App testing starts with initiating custom e-learning software development. Codes are tested as they are developed to make debugging easy and quick. Once the app is developed, our quality analysts apply different testing techniques, like stress testing, user acceptance testing, performance testing, etc., to ensure flawless execution.


    After successfully testing the app in the staging environment, it is uploaded onto the live environment. Our capable developers research extensively and select the right tools to enable flawless app deployment. To help you use the app effectively, we also arrange for Knowledge-Transfer sessions. These sessions help you understand the different aspects of your custom e-learning app.


    After deployment, we constantly monitor your system to ensure it works flawlessly when your internal and external stakeholders use it.

    Technology Stack We Practice

    DevOps & Infrastructure
    Collaboration Tools

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to build a custom e-learning application?

    The cost of e-learning software solutions depends on several factors, like the type of e-learning software you want to develop and its associated complexities. Other factors impacting the cost of custom e-learning app development include the required tech stack, the security features you want to integrate, your launch timelines, etc. Once you discuss all your app requirements with us, we will give you the best possible estimate to ensure you get quality software at affordable rates.

    How do I hire a good custom e-learning app development service provider?

    Researching the services and reputation of the e-learning software development company are essential factors that you should consider. For example, Unified Infotech comes with an experience of more than 13+ years in custom software development. We are also part of the prestigious list of Deloitte’s Top 50 fastest-growing companies. We are powered by a team of qualified digital experts who excel at guiding potential clients through the design/development process. With our expertise, we refine your needs and ensure you do not miss out on features that will help you gain a competitive edge once you launch the app.

    How do you select the tech stack for the application?

    The selection of the tech stack depends on the functionalities you want to integrate into your custom e-learning application. Once we understand the complexity of your requirements, we will evaluate the pros and cons of the available technologies and tools and build a tech stack that best suits your needs. We are an education software development company with extensive experience also in enterprise learning management systems. Hence, we will guarantee the best value for your investment by choosing tools that enhance app functionality and aesthetics.

    Why should I invest in custom corporate e-learning solutions?

    Investing in custom corporate e-learning solutions will benefit your organization in many ways. For example, it will give you access to ready digital training content, lowering operational costs and making employee onboarding or upskilling less resource intensive. Having a ready-made corporate training solution also enables quick information sharing. Corporate learning management systems can also be regularly updated to keep up with the latest trends in corporate best practices. Hence, opting for a custom-developed corporate e-learning solution makes business sense.

    Will your developers be in our task-tracking process?

    As a top e-learning software development company, we maintain regular communications with our clients to keep them updated regarding the app development progress. We will set deadlines for work milestones at the beginning of the project. We will also share the same with you. By updating this regularly, we will ensure you are in sync with our progress vis-a-vis the set milestones. This will make task tracking simple and easy for you.

    How do you maintain the predecided budget and timelines?

    We have established ourselves as a client-centric e-learning software development company by prioritizing and honoring their requirements, especially regarding time and budget. We follow a well-defined strategy developed and refined from the lessons learned in our 13+ years of experience in this field. Basis this strategy, we document the scope of the project and then break down the entire software development life cycle into phases. Then we set realistic timelines for individual phases depending on the work complexities associated with them. We also create a team of dedicated designers, developers, quality analysts, and testers who will work exclusively on your e-learning project. Ensuring each team member is in sync with the project schedules and timelines helps us keep within predefined timelines and budgets.