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10 Landing Page Design Myths That Work

Sep 24, 2014 | 3 Minutes Read

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Your “Landing Page” Needs More Sanity, Integrity And Beauty

As conversion matters for all business, so the internet publishers puts stress on the development of the landing page design. Landing page of today shaves off the bad taste and kills the desert of confusion. Now the designers need to shift their goal from ethical and neighborly persuasion and take preferred actions.


Popular myths of Landing Page that increases customer engagement and CTR.Let us go through them at a glance…

Must Serve One Goal

Landing pages must have one goal not two neither zero, but only one. If your landing page serves zero goals, then it is a branding page, and it would bear no fruits. However, if the landing page has more than one goal, then you might be confusing the visitor, and they can leave the page anytime in disgust and anger. Your copy shall not come out with more than one goal as that one simple goal can make your visitor stop lamenting and make your copywriter less mad.

Must Not Assign the Name of the Authority in Vain

Do not opt for the false endorsements rather you must keep your promises and provide a landing page with a relevant headline, subheads, graphics, offers, and delivery. Make your days on Internet fruitful with the correct implementation of the landing page thus preserves your reputation.

Must Not Convey a False Image

You should not litter the landing page with unnecessary images, but the ones that are relevant. Let the image stay in context to the landing page and must perceive deep relevancy. Neither should you litter false images on your landing page as it might divert visitor from the right goal. Nor you should disclose the affiliations or else FTC might get a plague.

Pay Attention to Those White Spaces

White spaces help to make your landing page easy to scan and easy to read. Visitors may not read with a serious tone or skim, skip and scan. It is better to break up the text, include all things in the subheads, and make bullets, as well as simple sentences to support your text.

Pay Attention to Your Host, Bandwidth and Client

You must pay strict attention to the bandwidth, web host and your clients. Make sure that the load time does not exceed, as you must not let your visitor’s patience exceed. We know the visitor is busy and impatient and does not have enough time to waste or wait to see your website load for minutes. However, if your page loads quickly the visitor would stay back and the bounce rate is going to witness a considerable drop.

Must Not Kill Your Visitor’s Interest

Visitors might not like a boring copy, so try to make the content flow like a river until it meet the sea of domain knowledge. Visitors must flow with the content current and persuade to the port where your goal meets. You must not put an end to the visitor’s claims. When you claim, then you must have proofs and trust, testimonials and demonstrations to support and prove that your business is beyond faith and suspicion. You should not kill the integrity with suspicious associate and neither your reputation through excessive returns and issues.

Must Not Adulterate the Premise

You should not adulterate the idea to offer by dabbling external irrelevancy. Try to remain faithful to the visitor and goal that you want to pose and make sure it serves the purpose until the end.

Must Not Steal

You should not try to steal visitor’s attention, time, coin and bandwidth rather you must inform, educate, and persuade after receiving consent and permission. You should also deliver value in all products/ services and should not engage in spam activities or tamper the appearance. Should not give information in all things and burden visitors with doubt and fear.

Must Not be a False Witness

Speak the truth about the product/ service, the offer you pose, the guarantee and the competitor. You should not bear witness in any event as your web presence and integrity is precious. And, if you cannot stick to this preface it is better to leave the Internet.

Pay No Attention to Your Desires

It is kinda “nirvana” from the visitor’s cash, credit card, email address, phone number anything that belongs to the customer. You must try to provide value in fair exchange and eschew deceitful schemes and frauds.

Make Customers Feel @ Home

Ensure that every time when a visitor comes to your landing page, they jump to action. So on your part – Serve them gladly and give them a boost to engage at their own will with the use of your focused landing page.

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