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20 Essential Time-Saving Tools for Web Designers & Developers – Part 2

Jul 08, 2014 | 3 Minutes Read

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Hey, we are back. Nevertheless, have to make it fast, as we know our readers are waiting to catch up the next 10 essential website and front-end development tools. Hope you have started to implement some of them to reduce hassles when you develop websites across cross platforms.

Making it short – here goes ten more tools for web designers and developers that can act as time-clutter if you have multiple projects in your hand and have to run them on more than one platform.

1. Dreamweaver CS6

It is not only a great tool for the web designers & developers, but also for the mobile app developers. New Element Display in this new Adobe product helps to streamline process of selecting, adding, and deleting classes and IDs, giving developers more control on their designs.

2. Net2FTP

A great web design tool to help developers post project files using FTP login from any platform, even it does not matter whether you are at home or outside. It is a great way to achieve FTP login details at your fingertips.

3. Modernizr 2.6

Modernizr is a front-end development tool for the web developers that comes embedded with features such as browser capability checking, and CSS property checking. Comes with a big library and community to help web developers enhance their standards with w3. One important thing to note here is that it is free.

4. Yeoman

Essential web development tools to create modern web applications. It is a Google attempt to provide a free toll that combines different features of HTML, CSS in a single platform with latest inbuilt techniques. With this tool, developers can easily customize different apps easily across any platforms.

5. Apiary

This tool helps developers to mock up and document their APIs. This one nifty tool has the perfect blend of collaborative design, instant API mock, customized documentation, debugging, integrated sample codes and automated testing.

6. Progress Button Styles

These are a set of flat and 3D progress button styles where the button itself serves as a progress indicator. To create loading bars in an original and unique way, this tool gives a set of 14 ready-made Codrops article with different set of effects.

7. Tiff

A developer can have a huge perception of typography and can easily tell the difference between two fonts, but is it same for all? With various marketplaces such as GraphicRiver, developers get access to a pool of free fonts. For such instances, it is quite confusing to recognize the subtle differences between two or more fonts. Tiff can help developers identify those differences easily.

8. Gridset

Well this important tool comes with functionality to handle grids. Now the designers can add columns, define grid ratios and set gutters to make their website design more responsive and effective.

9. Pixel Dropr

Pixel Dropr is a Photoshop plugin created by UI Parade, it allows designers to create icons, illustrations, photos, buttons and other elements that you can easily drag and drop to any PSD file.

10. Coment.Me

If developers needs instant feedback from their mobile or tablet version of websites, Coment.me can definitely help them. Coment.me helps to share URL, automatically generate the screenshot at a width of developer’s choice, and add comments, mark issues, share results with anyone.

As repetitive tasks kills productivity web designers or web developer’s needs to simplify their workflow with time-clutter development tools. Well, you can find more tools in the marketplace, so if you use some other tools, please share with us in the comments below. Visit this page to know more about our custom software development process.

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