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5 Ecommerce Web Development Festive Tips

Oct 05, 2016 | 4 Minutes Read

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The festive season is back again! Excitement has filled the air with the arrival of October. It’s time to fill up your wardrobe with the latest collections and flaunt the latest trend in town. Be it an online or a brick and mortar store, businessmen, have geared up for doubling their sales. Getting the maximum footfalls and visits is right now the primary objective for any ecommerce web development company, which takes care of an ecommerce website. But are you all prepared when it comes to the ‘Big Day E-Sale?’ Well, let’s see that.

Booming Ecommerce Business Scenario

With the arrival of the internet, there has been an online burst in the e-commerce industry. Today, we live in one of the most digitally enhanced worlds where there is no full stop to availing services online. There is a global upsurge in online shopping, as per this Forbes report. It claims that the global figures in Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, and North America will increase to 18%, 10% and 9% respectively from the current figures of 8.2%, 6.7% and 6.3% by 2018. Such huge rise in figures indicates the increasing global phenomenon of ecommerce web development.

Today, the concept of digital technology has merged with e-commerce there by blurring out the line between the humans and internet. It has changed the way we look at shopping and is on a hunt for making it a more exciting experience. It is slowly shifting from device focused to people focus. Instant delivery service is an important factor that has always stood as a USP for most of the e-commerce websites all over the world. Instead of rushing to a store, a customer today signs up on an online shopping website.

While there is plenty of room for improving the overall ecommerce experience but festive season is one part of the year, when eretailers want to generate the maximum revenue. When it comes to online shopping, it’s more about enriching the experience of the user. The more you engage the visitor, the less will be the bounce rate of your website. However, there is more than something to it. In this blog, you will find the best 5 festive season tips if you want to boost your sales. Follow these tips and you will definitely experience a rise in the revenue graph at the end of 2016.

Earn More Revenue With These Five Festive Tips

Tip 1: Monitor Traffic Flow

Use Google analytics to monitor your traffic and at the same time evaluate the relevance of your content throughout the web page. Analyze the keywords based on Click Through Rates. This will help you to focus on the keywords. Once done, focus on keywords, which bring more traffic. Use meta description and tags for ALT tags in images. Use such keywords in your promotional posts like blogs and articles. This will generate more traffic to your website for the targeted keyword.

Tip 2: Uncomplicate The Shopping Process

Don’t make shopping too much complicated for your shoppers. Keep it easy and simple. The check out process should be simple. Don’t resort to practices like ‘sales close for today.’ This puts off buyers and they might not return the other day when you come out with a new offer. Keep limited information for the users. For instance: the personal details section should not ask too many questions. Send e-greetings card to the customer’s personal email address to let him know about any seasonal discount or offers. Send them attractive coupons often to keep them coming back to your ecommerce web development.

Tip 3: Promote Festive Season Specific Offers

Do this in a clever yet engaging manner. Prepare customized mailers for your most valued customers. Prepare it in such a way so that it doesn’t sound like a publicity or advertising campaign. Make sure that it is appealing and informative. Take the advantage of cookies to get a more perfect idea about the shopping preferences of your customers. Social media is another area where you must concentrate. It’s the most effective way to promote your brand. People stay tuned to social media as they are always on the lookout for attractive festival offers.

Tip 4: Stop Doing Silly Mistakes

You might not believe, but sometimes you commit some mistakes unintentionally for which you might have to pay a high price. The first one is not using the call to action words in the website for the appropriate product. Remember, that visitors must notice the call to action buttons in the page. Copied content is another factor, which is important. Use original and fresh content either in the product description or in any type of promotional content. If you fail to deliver the exact information, which your customer is looking for, it will put him away from the website.

Tip 5: Have Sufficient Back up

Website crashes are not something, which is unusual in festive seasons. Apart from maintaining a gorgeous front-end functionality, it is also important to make sure that your website is able to handle traffic efficiently. For instance: if your web page takes more than a minute to upload, then this is something, which you must look. Even before the festival season starts you must do a thorough check of the website with rigorous testing. If you can’t handle so many tasks, at least keep a backup for your eCommerce web development website ready, which can offer the best support to you.

To get the most out of a festival season, the strategies of ecommerce web development company should be strong enough for a businessman to earn the maximum revenue. Instead of working hard, act smart. These festival season tips will open new paths for you if you are an online business baron.

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