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6 Updates That Make Magento 2 A Great Tool For E-Commerce Web Development

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Magento has always been on the forefront when it comes to providing an innovative platform for setting up the infrastructure for an e-commerce website. It is a tool, which empowers merchants to capitalize the power of the digital platform and leverage shopping with the power of the internet. With more than, 50$ billion transactions taking every year, all most all the well-known business of the world rely on Magento.

Over the years, owing to it’s immense popularity, Magento has grown in popularity when it comes to opting for the best e-commerce web development solutions. Ever since it’s release in 2007, this open source e-commerce is out with various versions. No doubt that all the versions have proven to be immensely beneficial for the e-marketers, but the recent version has a host of benefits to offer.

Updated version. New updates. Great Features

Yes! that’s what defines Magento 2 as compared to its previous versions.

So, let’s take a look and understand how can the most recent version prove to be extremely beneficial as a tool for developing your e-commerce website.

Update 1.

An All New Folder Structure

There are some minor changes that have been made which can be spotted only by developers. For instance: error folders, index.PHP, get.PHP, cron.php and media folders have been moved to pub folder. In order to manage static content with CDN, the JS and skin folders have also been moved to the pub folder as well. Another notable change is the one in the theme folder, where the paths are named by vendors.

Update 2.

Caching Is Now Available In Both Editions

Magento 2 enables you to execute full page caching in both its enterprise as well as community editions. As a result, you will be able to cache product pages, category page, and CMS pages as well in the form of static HTML pages. Another significant advantage is that Magento doesn’t open the page to the user after making database queries. Hence, the page loading time is reduced. One can find the cached pages at the /var/page_cache folder. It gets updated automatically whenever any product is updated.

Update 3.

Better Code Base

Many design patterns of code have been used while making Magento. This will help the developers to use the patterns and create their own code as per the latest updates. In order to produce a quality code, number of documentation have been introduced related to designing the patterns while developing a software.

Update 4.

Separate Databases

In it’s latest version, Magento has come up with an all new interesting update. Developers can now maintain separate databases for enterprise edition only. A single database is now capable of holding the checkout process, payment gateway, CMS, and the product categories. Moreover, order management has now become simple. All the databases can now have more than one ‘slave’ database, which will in turn serve as the back-ups or load balancers.

Update 5.

Optimizing Databases

One of the shortcomings of Magento 1 was that the website used to suffer from performance issues. This proved to be a great disaster for a website with high traffic. On the other hand, some systems require locking the database. Such things can crash the system sometimes and effect the performance of the system badly. Here, comes the role of Magento 2. It helps to optimize the problem by reducing the problems.

Update 6.

New Directory

The process of store management has now become much easier as in Magento 2.0, the number of root directories have been reduced from 9 to 5. The directory pub will now contain data for publicity. This is more flexible than the previous version as one can now avoid the hectic task of creating numerous files in ‘skin,’ ‘error,’ ‘media,’ and ‘js.’ Thus, shop owners who were looking for a convenient solution can also have their application files located outside the web-server document root.

Is there any difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2?

Now if this question arises in your mind before you are about to take the final decision on whether to introduce Magento 2 as a web development platform or not, then you will be happy to know that it is technology that sets the latest version of Magento poles apart from its previous version.

Magento 1 comprised of four major technologies only – SaaS/Compass, Prototype JavaScript library, jQuery and additional JavaScript libraries only. Magento 2 comprises of a plethora of technological upgradations such as HTML5, CSS3, MySQL 5.6, CSS preprocessor, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.5.x, PSR Compliance, Magento Toolkit, and fill page caching.

Moreover, in all the previous versions of Magento manipulating a layout required the developer to have strong technical knowledge, but Magento 2 comes loaded with a Visual Design Editor that allows a drag and drop interface that makes the task of changing the layouts much easier.

Renamed Tables in Magento 2.0

If you are about to install Magento 2.0 then you should be aware that there are slight changes in the name of tables. To make things easier for you, we have prepared a table that will help you to notice the key changes

To opt or not to opt for Magento 2

You should grab it with both hands if you are planning to start your own business. With a plethora of beneficial services designed for you such as separate databases for processing orders, reducing code, rapid browser rendering, improved image compression and facility to cache static content, the blessings of Magento 2 cannot be ignored. Hence, Magento 2 will definitely yield good results for your business.

With so many technical improvements, Magento 2 makes the complex process of maintaining an e-commerce website much simpler. Both the enterprises as well as the community editions are flexible enough to make the task of developers easier.

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