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10 Contact Page Design That Add Perks To User Experience

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“Great user experience, instant communication and easy conversion that’s what your Contact Page must satiate.”

Contact Pages serve as a gateway to establish contact with your customers. If the page is less informative and does not invite your potential client to spark an opportunity, then you fall apart. A website makes your target audience feel interested in the services you offer. Whether it is a product or service, 9 out of 10 times customers are going to communicate or revisit your website. Thus, most of the industry honchos look for an informative Contact Page design.

For some of the users, this is the last page on the site map where website owners just throw some vital information. Designers can leave it up to the users on how they want to contact a business and on what matters. This is the last attempt to drive potential customers to your business. Some basic websites just throw numbers and emails, but in most cases, this is the page that customer sees before they make a decision on whether or not to “Award the Project.
Make sure that your contact page delivers the result in the best possible way. As we know Contact Page is tricky to handle so, we have gathered a collection of 10 websites that have great contact pages and forms. Get a creative boost now!



A travel and holiday trip website that helps to grow the experience of the travelers

What Does Their Contact page Say

It is important to ensure that your brand stays consistent throughout the website. It is not so easy to convince visitors and make them pay attention to your contact page, but Combadi needs applause as they did a good job to make the page consistent. You can also see the details they have used to create the contact form.




Kin Software helps to streamline HR services for a company

What Does Their Contact page Say

Here you will find a hero shot of the contact page probably not borrowed from the Stock Photography. It might be the original employee of Kin. It helps users to know the people behind the company, and above all the page has a clean design and responsive call to action button.




A website design company

What Does Their Contact page Say

For a website design company, it is essential to have a creative contact page and they must know how to utilize it. Fhoke has done that using not just one form but two. They understand that some people may drop an introduction, and others might like to jumpstart with a project. This is a great way to understand the audience and cater result to them.

Built by Buffalo



An exceptional design and development company

What Does Their Contact page Say

Check out their page, it is absolutely clean and simple. They display a number of ways by which someone can easily get in touch with your business. The page comes with many choices, but they do not appear harsh. The iconography they have used is soft and light, and this is the way to go because if the colors were dark, then it would not have worked so well.



A great place to sip coffee, wine, and beer in Oklahoma City

What Does Their Contact page Say

Have a great design. If we look at the design, we will see that there are many functions embedded in their contact page. It attracts the customers and engages them in each piece of information presented.



They create UX for mobile, apps and websites.

What Does Their Contact page Say

Their contact page narrates a story because the scrolling implemented helps you to get a feel as if you are using a flipbook, where each of the scrolls has a different story to tell. Here you can find that the pages divided into three sections and give the visitor the information about two offices.


Building a landing page for various businesses

What Does Their Contact page Say

On this page, you can find a customer care section that has images of people who are ready to help you. Even you can give them a call directly. This is a reflection of the human side of the company and all about setting a great experience.




An Italian company works as a contemporary lighting and interior decoration industry

What Does Their Contact page Say

This page is bold in their outlook and comes with some contact information. However, the typography used is heavy, but they do not seem to overwhelm. The website is made to feel elegant and with minimal use of the font against a dark background.

Brown’s Court Bakery


A bakery website

What Does Their Contact page Say

If you look at this page, you will find that it is consistent and concise, just the way they should be. You can feel the vintage throughout besides the information available.

Cobble Hill



Web Design and Development industry in Charleston

What Does Their Contact page Say

You can find that everything on this contact page fits align with the design direction. You got access to a large map and illustrated it with contact and icon that is hand-drawn.

Drawing the Lines for Contact Page Creativity

Whether you think to add links to social sites or use contact forms, the best idea is to reinforce positivity or negativity in the thought process of your audience. Make sure that the process is thorough and find out what your target audience is looking for in the market.

“What does a great contact page have?” – A great contact page must allow you to communicate with your potentials and help you seal the deal before an email drops.


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