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9 Apps Like Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket App & How To Create One

Jun 17, 2019 | By: Pratip Biswas

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Whether cricket world cup to T-20 matches, one-day international matches or the simple case of gully cricket, it is a game enjoyed by a wide audience in India. With so many varieties of tournaments, the audience is always left wanting a little more.

However, just following the matches are not enough for this digital age. The cheering crowd who was until now was satisfied with watching the match from their TV or the stadium would like to get even more up close and personal with the game. With various cricket betting apps and apps like dream 11, fantasy cricket games have emerged in the digital scenario of fantasy gaming app sector in India.

But what is fantasy cricket? Why is it becoming popular? How to make an app like Dream11? Let’s discuss in detail about the fantastic world of fantasy cricket, shall we?

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

A part of the fantasy sports genre, fantasy cricket is an online game that has virtual teams of real players. The players create these virtual teams with real-life cricket players, and points are scored depending on how those real-life layers are performing in real life matches. To win the tournament, the players of fantasy leagues have to get the highest number of points and get the highest rank on the leaderboard.

With similar apps like dream 11, more and more fans are joining the leagues to use their knowledge and expertise of these sports. And most are doing this while on their phone. So what is fantasy cricket app? Let’s see.

What Are Fantasy Cricket Apps?

Fantasy cricket apps are just what they sound like.

These apps are designed to bring you the entertainment of playing cricket on your own phone. Because of the serious rise in the smartphone market and the introduction of 4G in the market, fantasy cricket apps are becoming more and more popular every day among the players9 Apps Like Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket App – How To Create One.

The Market Scenario & Reason For Popularity

Cricket is nothing short of a religion in India. So it is quite obvious that the market scenario of fantasy cricket apps is obviously going to be booming. With dream 11 fantasy cricket apps, the market has risen to a new proportion.

As of March 2018, there were more than 20 million users. According to AC Nielson and IFSG (Indian Federation of Sports Gaming) this user count is supposed to cross 100 million by 2020. India is a prominent market for fantasy cricket apps in the world. In 2017 the growth rate for these apps increased from 18% to 20%. It is estimated that by 2019, the app downloads will cross 352.9 million.

Apps like dream 11 have given a rise of an entire business ecosystem, including different forms of matches, a huge fanbase, big brands, celebrities, corporations, etc. countries like India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa are the main players of this business ecosystem.

The top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Fantasy Cricket App Development

With all that being said and done, what are the real reason for you to develop and launch a fantasy cricket app?

1. Less Competition in the Market

Even though right now fantasy cricket is a super popular concept, it is still a new one. Which is exactly why there isn’t any competition in this sector. Since the industry is not that stiff, this is a perfect time for you to hit the market with the fantasy cricket app idea. An early launch will make sure that you get hold of a loyal fanbase and a good share of the market as well.

2. Scope and Time For Improvement

Since the concept for this idea is still in its early stages, there is still time for improvements. If you launch your fantasy cricket app after the perimeter of this app concept has already been decided, you won’t have much moving room.

But right now, at its development stage, you can surely experiment with the concept with your app. And you’d have spare time in your hands to test and improve it further.

3. Plenty Of Opportunities

Let’s not forget that India is a goldmine when it comes to opportunities related to cricket. On a global scale, you have tournaments such as ODI matches, Big Bash, Nat West, test matches, T-20 world cup, and on a national level you have IPL, you have Ranji trophy and many more.

The availability of so many opportunities gives you a precise idea of how beneficial the market for apps like dream 11 for cricket is. So many cricket tournaments all over the world will help you to tap into not only the Indian audience but the international audience as well.

4. Positive Legal Aspect

Even though many think of it as gambling, fantasy cricket is a game of pure skill, expertise, and knowledge. Which is why it is completely legal in India. Which is why there are so many players of this game in this country, making it an excellent app idea segment to tap into.

So now that we have taken a look into the market and the reasons for the popularity of fantasy cricket, now let’s take a look at some of the dominating fantasy cricket apps in the market.

List Of Popular Fantasy Cricket App In The Market

According to the market research conducted by  ICC, cricket has somewhere around 1 billion fans all around the world. And more than 90% of them are from India. With that being said, it is no wonder that the Indian market for fantasy cricket is saturated with numerous fantasy cricket apps even at this early stage of this idea. Here is a list of the most popular of those apps that are making the cricket fans go crazy.    


One of the first fantasy cricket platforms to be created and launched in India, Dream11 is dubbed as the leader of fantasy cricket segment of the Indian app market.

Source: iTunes

Dream11 was co-founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008. Soon enough, in 2012, they introduced the freemium based fantasy sports gaming for cricket fans in India. In 2014 the company reported having 1 million registered users, which soon grew to be 2 million users in 2016 and to 45 million users in 2018. The current number of registered users as of march 2019 was around 50 million.

apps like Dream 11 how to play
Source: Dream11

Anyone can easily begin their fantasy cricket journey with the dream 11 fantasy cricket app. All you have to begin with is the mobile app, which you have to download through their website. Once you have the app, you have to open an account and verify your mobile number and PAN card. Pan card verification is important to withdraw your winnings through your bank account.

It will take a little time to complete the verification of your pan card. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start playing. Once the PAN is verified, you can go ahead and add your bank account information. With this, you can easily withdraw all your winnings through your bank account.

Even though dream11 is the reigning king of the fantasy cricket market of India, there are many others who are giving it a tough competition.


Launched only around January 2019, Khelchamps, from Khel Group -has become a popular fantasy cricket platform in India.

Source: iTunes

Few of the features of Khelchamps ap[p that is bound to make the user a fan  –

  • Easy one-step verification. All you need to do is install the app and register using your mobile number and password. Once you do that you are good to go. Email verification is not necessary for registering to Khelchamps.
  • If the user already plays khelplayrummy, they can easily log in using the phone number registered with the rummy platform.
  • Khelchamps fantasy cricket app shares a common wallet for its multiple game platforms. For example- the user can easily join leagues using the deposit they made using the wallet for the Khelplayrummy platform.
  • The user can deposit the amount into the account using various methods such as- debit/credit cards, wallets, and net banking, etc.

It is really simple to get started on the khelchamps platform.

  • 1- Select a match from current or upcoming matches
  • 2- Build your team of 11 players using your cricket knowledge
  • 3- Take part in Khelchamps free or cash contests.
  • 4- Keep an eye on the match to keep track of your position on the leaderboard.
  • 5- Complete KYC to withdraw your winnings instantly.

Even though Khelchamps is a new player in the fantasy cricket app world, it is quickly scaling up in the market.


Launched along with Khelchamps, My11circle is one of the best apps like Dream11. Launched in January 2019, it is the youngest fantasy cricket platform in India, created by Play Games24x7 founders Trivikraman Thamy and Bhavin Pandya.

Source: My11circle

Since it is the newest fantasy cricket platform in the market, there is less competition and more chances of earning. And that is why so many fantasy cricket fans are flocking around this platform. My11Circle is dedicated to domestic and international cricket matches. But they are also planning on adding other sports as they go on.


Another well-known member of the Indian Fantasy cricket industry is Myteam11.

Source: iTunes

Just like in dream11 cricket app, here you can create your own fantasy cricket team. And join contests to win amazing prizes. You can also create your own contests if you want. Along with regular play and safe play, your experience will be enhanced while joining the fantasy cricket leagues.

Created by Sanjit Sihag & Vinit Godara, Myteam11 currently boasts of having 10 million+ followers and is quickly emerging to be one of the biggest fantasy cricket apps in India.  


If you still want to look for another fantasy cricket platform, then Halaplay is just the platform for you.

screencapture india
Source: Iindia.halaplay

You can invest money in paid cricket leagues. Create your own team which comprises of the real life players. And you can earn points based on their performances in real matches. If you win the league with your team then you can earn the winning amount. And that will be sent to your halaplay account. Later you can withdraw the amount through your bank account.

Fantasy Power11

A new addition to the fantasy cricket app scenario in India, Fantasy Power11 is another place where avid cricket fans can show off their cricket expertise.

Source: Fantasypower11

Available just for Android right now, you can easily access this app through your phone and start participating in the fantasy leagues. When you sign up for the platform you instantly get a 20 rs. Bonus to get you started on your cricket journey.

You can also earn by referring this game to your friends. Once they start playing you’ll receive the money in your account, which you can withdraw later on.


Fanfight fantasy cricket app is right there with the top fantasy cricket apps in india. It is easy and it is affordable to get started on this platform.

fanfight fantasy sports
Source: iTunes

You will get instant 100 rs. Bonus on signing up. Along with that if your friend uses your referral code to join the platform, you’ll get an additional 100 Rs bonus. Even though it is amazingly easy and fun, the only difference between other apps and Fanfight is that you can only make the limited choice of only 6 players.


Adding to the already growing list of fantasy cricket apps like dream11, Fanmojo is another platform where the cricket fans can play and enjoy the fantasy cricket leagues

Source: Fanmojo

The special thing about Fanmojo is that it mostly revolves around batsman. Anyone who is an avid cricket fan loves batting, and that is the addiction Fanmojo apps feeds. Unlike other fantasy cricket apps, you don’t need to focus on the playing 11 but the 5 playing batsman.


Consistent in giving the fans a delightful experience with fantasy cricket playing, Fantain is another app that is giving the users a chance to enjoy playing fantasy cricket on their phones.

Source: Fantain

Founded by three IT professionals, Anand Ramachandran, Vivek Venugopalan and Aravind Ramachandran in 2013, Fantain currently boasts of having more than one million fans. With the FanCash concept where you can earn by referral, the platform has attracted many fans during its reign as a fantasy cricket app.


Focused on creating a user-friendly, and trustworthy platform for cricket fans, Fanbash is one of the fastest rising fantasy cricket platforms in this app segment.

fanbash fantasy sport
Source: iTunes

As a player on this platform, you can earn an instant bonus of Rs. 50 when you sign up. Every referral you send out can earn you an additional Rs. 50.

It is one of the global fantasy cricket platforms, not only covering Indian fans but fans from around the world. The platform has other sports on it as well like Kabaddi, hockey, and football as well.

How To Develop Fantasy Sports Mobile App Like Dream11?

After taking a good look at all the market topping fantasy cricket apps, you might want to get into this thriving market for cricket betting software as well. If you do, then you have to find out all about developing a fantasy cricket app. So let us tell you about it.

Let’s Look at the Features You Need

Before fantasy cricket application development comes the planning phase and the most important part of the planning phase is deciding on the features.

When it comes to making similar apps like dream 11, you’ll need two apps- one is for the players or users. Another is for the admin. These two apps require different sets for features and there are also some additional features you should consider. So what are these features? Let’s see-

Features For User Application

The user application is the application the user is going to use to participate in the game. These apps are usually available for both iOS and Android. The Android users have to download the app through the website since Google play store does not allow apps with ‘pay to play’ business model.

The fantasy cricket app features you need for the user apps are

1. Registration And Login Feature

Users should be able to register and log into the app using their phone numbers and Email IDs. the users can manage their actions on the platform through their account.

2. The Homescreen

The next feature to focus on would be the home screen. Homescreen is the main screen of your app. It needs to be clutter-free but informative as well. This page can display the entire match listings, feature a search option with which the users can find matches, filter sports type. The match listing on the home screen needs to include tournament name, names, and images of the teams playing and match timing.

3. Contests And Joining Them

The contest section will show the user entire contest listing. This includes options like filter contests, contest type, contest name, the entry fee, total winning amount of the contest, etc. the user can select the contest they want to join and start playing.

4. Create Your Own Contest

Rather than just having the players join various contests, it would be a nice touch for them to create contests as well. With this feature, they can easily create contests by entering some details. For example contest name, entire winning amount, contest size, allowing multiple teams, entry fees (calculated based on the prize amount and the contest size), etc. The user needs to join the contest themselves before creating. They should also be able to invite their friends to join the contest.

5. My Profile

My Profile section is obviously necessary for a fantasy cricket app. This section is where the player can keep a tab on their reward points, account details like total balance, winning amount, and cash bonus. They can view transactions, manage payments, add cash, withdraw money. They can also check out their rankings and friend list, where they can invite their friends and earn through referrals.

6. Payment Mode

Make sure to integrate all kinds of online payment options as well as credit and debit cards. The payment information the user enters should be secured. The easier and safer it is for the players to use the payment mode, the better will be the chances for your app to retain them.

7. My Contest

Under my contest section, the users can see the contests they have joined, edit their teams for each contest joined, see their current rankings.

8. Settings

Under the settings section, the users should have more options like Invite and earn, and access the CMS section. It includes options like About us, Help, Point System, and Contact Us.

Features For Admin Application

The admin application or the backend needs a completely different set of features. These features are-

1. Login For Admin

With this, the admin can log in using their own username and password.

2. Dashboard

This is the section where the admin can check out stats like total matches upcoming, ongoing, and played the total number of contestants, and total earnings.

3. Managing The Users

In this section, the admin can manage the user accounts, such as activating and deactivating accounts, edit or delete accounts, etc.

4. Manage Matches

The admin can manage the match listing from here, editing the listings when needed.

5. Contest Manager

With this feature, the admin can keep a track of all the contests that are happening on the platform, and edit or delete the contests if they need to.

6. Earnings

The admin can view the entire earning with this section with the help of filters.

7. Payments Management

This will help the admin manage various modes of payment in the app.

8. Reward Points Management

The reward points can be managed by the admin from this section.

9. Cash Bonus Management

This feature is important for the admin to handle the matter of cash prizes and cash bonuses.

10. Reports Management

With this, the feature the admin can manage various reports related to the game such as contest reports, earnings reports,  etc.

11. Bank Withdrawal Requests Management

Through this admin can view and respond to the withdrawal requests made by the contestants to withdraw their winnings. The admin will be authorized to accept and reject the back details, accept or reject the Pan Card details view the lists of approved and rejected contestant list and finally send money to the contestants that have won their contests.

12. CMS Pages Management

Last but not least, the admin should be able to manage the contents of the CMS page through this feature.

Additional Features

Besides the features mentioned above, you can also integrate some additional features during fantasy sports application development process-

A. Live Match Score

Besides the match highlights and expert opinions, integrating the live match scores is a great idea. With this, the players can keep track of their fantasy team’s performance based on the real-life performance of the cricket players.

B. CRM Integration

With this feature, the app is integrated with the back-end service provider and helps to manage tickets, push notifications, send emails and detect user locations.

C. Push Notification

With push notifications, the users can receive real-time information on the contests they have joined, when the matches would start, important notifications about their teams, etc.

D. Real-time Analytics

In fantasy cricket apps the data needs to be captured and utilized in real-time. Which is why it is important to constantly update the stored data in real-time.

E. GPS Location Tracking

The GPS location tracking is important because with this the users can be sent important push notifications on the leagues and tournaments going on near them.

F. Custom Mail Reminder System

A lot like push notifications, with the custom mail reminder system, the users can be sent emails and reminders about the matches, and the contests they have joined, and their fantasy teams.

G. Payment System

Integrating various payment modes such as online banking, debit and credit cards will make it easy for the users to use the app.

Tech Stack

While developing apps like dream 11 for cricket, any experienced fantasy app developer will only use the best tech stack suited to app development for a fantasy game. Below is a brief look at the tech stack used to develop a fantasy cricket game.

  • Front End

HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Bootstrap, AWS CDN

  • Back End

PHP, Laeavel, Codeigniter, Express.JS, Node.JS

  • Database And Infrastructure

MySQL, MongoDB, Rest API, Load balancer, AWS

Fantasy Cricket Apps In India: The Legality Of It

Before going ahead with the idea of creating similar apps like dream 11, you should back up a little and figure out the legality of it all.

When in 2017, a case against Dream11 was filed at Punjab and Haryana high court under the Public Gambling Act, 1867, the single judge bench ruled that the game of fantasy cricket is a game of skill, therefore, it is not illegal in India. With that, the debate opened up that whether fantasy cricket apps should be legal in India or not.

The game of skill and the game of chance (a.k.a gambling) are two different things. In a game of skill, the player uses their own knowledge, skills, and expertise to play. In short, the player of a game of skill has a better chance of influencing the outcome of the game with their skills.

A game of chance, on the other hand, is a game where the player doesn’t have any chance of influencing the outcome of the game with their choices. In such games, luck dominates and determines the winners and losers.


With that being said, while playing fantasy cricket, a player is purely depending on their expertise and knowledge of the cricket world and the cricket players. Which is why when the ruling of the High Court was taken to Indian Supreme Court, the SC dismissed the application.

This ruling has acted like the wind beneath the wings of the fantasy cricket industry. Now along with Dream11, there are many other fantasy cricket apps in the market that are feeding the cricket fanatics of this country.

But still, there are many people according to whom the apps like dream 11 for cricket operate in the regulatory grey area of the law. But this is the opinion of a few people. The ultimate consensus is that the fantasy cricket apps are legal, as long as the element if the skill is more dominant in the gameplay than the element of chance.

How To Pick A Fantasy Cricket App Development Company?

Now that you are gearing up for fantasy sports application development for your cricket betting software idea, you should find out about how to pick a perfect app development company and team.

You need an experienced fantasy sports app development company to make the most of your investment. The company you select must have experience in creating an engaging and unique app for fantasy cricket leagues. They should also be well experienced in making apps for both Android and iOS using cutting edge technology.

mobile app development company Unified Infotech

You will need a fantasy Cricket App Developer team of specialists who would help in the development of the app. The team should comprise of member like-

  1. Project manager
  2. Frontend developer
  3. Backend developer
  4. UI/UX designer
  5. Requirement analyst
  6. Quality analyst

Do not make your choice in a rush. You’d be investing a lot of money into the making of this app so it is important to consider before you make your decision and hire an app development company to make your fantasy cricket app.


In a country where cricket is religion, it is no wonder that giving people a chance to use their expertise in cricket is going to be an amazing startup idea.

The increase of smartphone usage and the decrease in internet cost has given a significant rise to the number of fantasy cricket players in this country.

apps like Dream 11 and how to create one

Added to this, there are not many competitions yet in this specific app sector. Which is why this is a perfect time to enter the market with your fantasy app idea.

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