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How To Drive Website Visitors On Halloween

Oct 24, 2016 | 4 Minutes Read

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The spookiest time of the year is here again. It’s time to bring that eerie feel to your website and spruce it up in a way as if it’s wrapped in a cadaver. Getting drenched in Halloween celebration is something, enjoyed worldwide with all pomp and grandeur. Even e –retailers pull up their socks in this particular part of the year and manage their e-commerce web development process in a way that it brings in more visitors.

Understanding The Halloween Buyer Psyche

Last year, the total spending of Halloween went up to $6.9 billion with an average-spending figure of $74.34 per buyer. This year, the statistics looks, even more record breaking with the total spending estimated at $8.4 billion and an average spending of $82.93 per buyer.  Now, you might wonder about the reason behind such booming figures. Well, there is no doubt that costumes form the major part of their shopping checklist. However, décor and toys also succeed it. Halloween marks the arrival of the holiday season followed by the Friday and Christmas sales.

To win over the customers, a flood of deals and offers on Halloween is something, which is not unusual for e-commerce websites. A buyer persona is something, which always remains on top of an e-retailer’s sales agenda. They make sure that they drive the maximum benefit from the users. Starting from social media to email marketing, PR, and Facebook ads, there are an ample number of digital things, which marketers use to arouse the interest of shopping amongst the users. Filling up an in-store entry form is yet another interesting way where a retailer can get an instant feedback and expectations from the customer’s side.

Understanding the buyer psyche is primary towards getting more customers not only for the purpose of Halloween but also for any seasonal celebration. It’s the fundamental process of expanding your business network and at the same time also increases the brand name. Online business doesn’t give you the independence to reach out to customers by physically distributing leaflets or brochures. But, digital marketing does give you the independence to fully utilize the marketing channel in a more creative ways like e-mailers, blogs, and social media.

We’ve assimilated few amazing ways which you can utilize as an e-retailer or advice as an e-commerce web development firm to your clients for more visitors on the website on the eve of Halloween.

Driving More Visitors To Website On Halloween

Online business entrepreneurs wait the entire year for the holiday season. With Halloween knocking at the doors, people are lining up at the online stores to get the most of the last-minute sale. But, as an e –marketer how do you bring in more visitors on a special occasion like Halloween? Well, this is what we suggest to you…

Target Previous Customers

Even before you start full-fledged marketing, do a little flash black. Do you have their address? Or probably last year’s Halloween sold items receipts? Well, they are the first one who might have an interest to repurchase this year too. Contact and target them first. Don’t forget to place the best deals and offers. Possibilities are you will get a positive result. Halloween shoppers will always expect a great shopping deal even this year.

Add Halloween Related Content

It is important to promote the products on your online store. At the same time, customer engagement is one important factor. Add something to the website, which related to Halloween. It could be cookie tips, dressing ideas or decorating tips. These will increase the engagement level of the user. Customers are always on the look out for something unique and posting something related to Halloween will certainly give you the best results.

Promote The Deals Online

The only way to let your target customers know about the existing deals on your products is online. Digital marketing proves here to be of great help. The buzz around Halloween sale especially is always the trending items in the social circuit. Hence, you have to take the maximum advantage if this platform and e-commerce web development to make sure that you receive the maximum orders for Halloween.

Give Coupons

Push your sales envelope a little further. Instead of flooding the mail of customers with attractive deals, just send them a couple of coupons. Don’t forget to add a deadline with a call-to-action word. Another interesting option is to link the coupon directly to your home page. Customers do not have to wait for the email at all. They can directly visit the website instead.

Stock Up Early

Some shopaholic buyers love to start Halloween shopping even a month before. As an e –marketer, you should never leave this chance and thus convert it into another sales revenue weapon. Stock up all your Halloween items, a month ahead of the grand day. Start the promotions a little early so that you can have a great start to your Halloween sale.

Write A Blog

Write an interesting blog post with pictures about Halloween gifting ideas. Do your research first about the keywords first and then write it on your e-commerce web development blog. This will bring more traffic that is organic to your website and will make your business grow more as a brand.  Once you are able to reach the targeted customers through an appealing blog, it will increase the number of traffic to the website, which will, in turn, result in increasing sales.

Wrap Up!

To get the maximum revenue this Halloween, as an e-marketer it is important to know the tips and tricks of the game. The above-mentioned tips of e-commerce web development will not only help you to increase the Halloween rather it will help you to see a growth in your sales revenue throughout the holiday season.

As an e-commerce web development company, we are an expert in the industry. From website redesigning to organizing your shopping cart in a proper way, we manage a website with extreme care. Contact us today by sending us an email at [email protected].

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