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Ecommerce Web Design Trends Going To Rock 2015

Mar 04, 2015 | 3 Minutes Read

What's Inside

It is just the month of March, and we have been coming up with different web design trends for the various domains. When it comes to e-commerce, we have witnessed that the trend keeps on flickering as the online shoppers love to enjoy the new design, new colors, and more user-friendly features at their favorite online shops.

Keeping user requirements in mind, the e-commerce web design have come up with something latest for this year. None likes a poor design, creates frustration, wastes valuable time, and reduces sales.

Aim of good design is to make life easier. If your e-commerce business is not getting the due importance, then you have to reconsider your e-commerce website design aspects. It is the design that forms a major part of the customer service, sales, marketing, and visual merchandising. Therefore, to keep you users engaged our designers and developers work hard to award your business with an e-commerce website design that will become the forerunner among the competitors.

Here are some ecommerce web design trends that is going to rock this year –

Almost a Flat Design

With Google, Microsoft and Apple flat design are in, more minimalistic and clear design is the statement today in 2015. The idea is not new it is now increasingly popular and used for e-commerce sites. We expect this trend to continue as it more pleasing to the eyes and easier to understand and develop, overall it is responsive to its best.

Subtle elements of the flat design focus more on the content and decrease the bounce rate of the website. Core principles of skeuomorphism to a digital palette resemble real life scenes. Call to action buttons get slight gradient that set them apart and makes users addictive to click it at least once.

Even the same concept work for dropping shadows – It is now possible to bring an element in front of the screen making it appear as if floating in the outer space. Today less is more in web design, so put more focus on the products rather than on the background design.

UX and Micro Transitions

Online shopping experience should upgrade every year if you want to keep on adding new customer to your shopping carts. Little features that you feel might overlook boost your user experience and bring in the potential to increase your click through rates. Micro transitions, something unexpected so the users feel surprised at the animation. It is a great e-commerce website design that creates less friction, but the inclusion of micro UX effects and transitions creates a heavy impact.

Implementing these elements jigs up their personalities such as hover effects on the navigation bar, color change, and animation, outlining the path of shopping experience as a visitor navigate the shop. Some e-commerce sites displayed as visitors hover over the image. Since the hover saves space, surprises page viewers and allow a better product display. Well, it is a unique and new feature that will elevate your e-commerce store’s reputation.

Increasingly Popular Tiled Navigation

Images are captivating than the text boxes and for this reason tiled navigation has gained all attention. In replace of standard top navigation bar we see, e-commerce sites implement a preview in the form of tiles. You can use image tiles instead of list cuts and possibility to get lost and give users a preview of what they would see. These are not only high-resolution images but more appealing than the text itself. The website must make their visitor help navigate as soon as they land on a website. With tiled navigation, you can grab the attention of the visitors as soon as they land on an e-commerce store

At UIPL, we strive to bring the air of change into e-commerce by staying prepared for the future help our developers and our clients to stay ahead of the competition. If you find your e-commerce business not updated with recent e-commerce web design, we can help you with FREE e-commerce consultation.


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