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A Stagewise Process of Developing A Mobile App

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We are all aware of terms like ‘mobile app development,’ ‘mobile app developer’ and ‘apps,’ but how many of us know the process, which an app goes through before it, is finally installed in a user’s phone? Well, as the end user of an app, you might say that it might not be any of our business to know this. But, there is a very interesting process that an app undergoes before it goes live on any play store. Whether it is for android or iPhone app development, this process is universally followed across the world irrespective of the industry and the users of the app.

Impact of mobile apps in our lives and businesses

With every latest version, the popularity of an app increases. Mobile app developers deploy the most state-of-the-art technologies to develop the most innovative apps. The intensity of mobile app and its utility has increased manifold. From doing household chores to initiating transactions and multiple functions, there is hardly any task left to perform by it. Name a task and an app can perform without any hassles.

The blessing of science and technology has resulted in such a technological splurge that today it is next to impossible to live without a mobile and to survive without an app. It’s a clear fact that the benefits which an app can deliver is far better than the benefits of a webiste.  So, even before you start developing an app or approach the designer for making the wireframe of the app, you need to have a clear idea about five things – Target market, visualizing the architecture of the app, deciding the budget, estimating a time frame within the delivery date of the app and users expectations from the company. However, it might sound an uphill task to develop an app but following some simple processes can really be helpful.

Apart from creating a bigger user database, an app can successfully help to market your business. It helps to grow a brand in the near future. It’s a great way to monetize your business with the help of in store app purchases. Even while it comes to managing the internal business process like project management, a mobile app is just the best way to monitor a project. Through this blog we are going to share with you some of the behind the scenes situations or stages which an app development company has to go through before finally delivering an app to the client. It will help you to understand the full app development process.

Brief stages of iPhone App Development

Let us now go through the brief process of developing an iPhone App

Stage 1: Team Consultation

Once you have given your nod to the project, sit down with your team members. This includes the developers, designers or
any other members. Have a brief discussion about the requirements of the project. Evaluate the requirements and
expectations of the clients and see whether you have a capable team who can handle the project. If you are confident of the
skill set of the team members proceed only then.

Stage 2: Contract Signing

This is one of the most important stages in iPhone app development. When you undertake a project have a full knowledge of what you are signing. Make sure that the contract is a Non Disclosure Agreement. It is important to keep your idea locked and prevent it from getting leaked. Moreover, keep in mind, about the payment procedure. Choose a time based model or a flat fee approach according to the requirements of your iPhone app development company.

Stage 3: Preparing Wireframe 

Before the project initiation, a basic wireframe of the mobile app is necessary. Prepare a visual architecture of the mobile application. It will be helpful for both the developers as well as designers. Ask the client to give you a full wireframe of the project. Once you have the architecture with you, you can understand the scope of the project and start working on the mobile app.

Stage 4: Designing

Once you get the approval about the wireframe, the next stage is designing. Here, the designer creates  mock-ups of mobile apps. This includes preparing the .psd files. It gives a rough idea of the final  app. It includes colours, fonts and styling, of the mobile app.  The designers prepare layouts of each individual page here according to the client’s requirements. Once the client is happy with the designing part, one can move to the next stage.

Stage 5: All Round Development

The client gets constant updates about the status of the work with the help of a project management tool. If you encounter any problems while developing the app, take all the clarifications from the client at this stage. Once the problems are solved, the iPhone app development tool then proceeds and works on the next milestone.

Stage 6: Testing 

Also known as beta testing or user testing, this is one of the most important stages in developing a mobile app. Testers receive a developer’s version of the app and starts testing it. They look for bugs or issues which stops the mobile apps from running. After identifying the crashes, testers give it to the developers to solve the issues. Always keep in mind that while making a development contract with the client, the testing clause needs complete clarification from the client.

Stage 7: App Launch

As the name suggests, app launch mainly includes publishing the app in the app store. It might take few days for the app stores to approve the app. Apple or Google App store manually reviews each app submission. Once, the app satisfies all their terms and conditions, the app is live. Hence, as an iPhone app development company, it is important to be patient and wait till the approval process.

Stage 8: Post App Launch Service

Once the app is live and is consistently used, the client might ask some post app launch services. This might include including new features in the subsequent versions or solving minor bugs within the apps. One should always be welcome to make any changes as demanded by the client.

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