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Mobile Application Development Trends To Follow This Holiday Season For More Sales

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Whatever is your need, mobile apps are the talk of the town every time. No hassles of standing in long queues, no issues of giving changes, just a tap on the app can do the task. As mobile application development continues to climb the ladder of technological advancement, everyone is relying on it. Even businessmen are taking its advantage to get the most returns. Holiday season is one such time when a mobile app can fetch good results for businessmen.

Mobile Influencing Christmas Sales

This year, mobile phone drove about 70% of the traffic on the eve of Thanksgiving Day as per Adobe Digital Insights. Moreover, it has earned a record making revenue of $449 million sales. This is reminiscent to the fact that mobile acts as a catalyst while it comes to shopping. People all over the world spent most of the time in mobile and hence there stands a wonderful opportunity. Mobile applications are no longer in use as a weapon to create brand value; rather they simplify the sales process. With two weeks left for Christmas, retailers are about to complete the last minute preparations for the big day.

It’s normally in the winter months when customers are at their peak mood, when it comes to online shopping. Brands always look for interesting outlets to engage more customers. Most of the ecommerce traffic today comes through mobile. Brands are evolving more by utilizing customer loyalty. Various factors influence buying behavior of a customer. Price comparison and quality are the two most important criterions, which they rely on before making the final purchasing decision. Retailers need to understand this consumer psyche and then devise the sales strategy accordingly. Going mobile responsive is the only way to earn the maximum revenue.

One of the best features of this year’s holiday sales was that there were no effects of Brexit. People continued to shop for their favorite items regardless of the economic situation. By 2020, Smartphone sales will supersede tablet sales. Hence, the growing demand meets with the urge to shop during Christmas. Mobile application development companies are getting opportunities to deliver mobile applications, which are mainly ecommerce oriented. To make the maximum sales, this Christmas it is necessary to known about the latest mobile app trends. In this blog, you will get to know about the latest trends in mobile application.

Best Mobile Application Development Trends For The Holiday Season

Christmas forms a major part of the holiday celebrations. Be it shopaholics or the normal person, everyone eagerly wait for this one day. On the flip side, it’s the business persons who have an equal chance to increase their sales. Following the major mobile app development trends can help them a lot.

So, let’s take a look at the most popular trends which you must follow in 2016 on the eve of Christmas.

Trend 1: Make A Loyalty Program Based App

Reward or Loyalty programs are something, which appeals more to customers. Especially, if it is during Christmas or the holidays, people will just bump in your website. Do a research about your existing customers from the current database. Know about their interests and preferences. Now you can offer early bird discount and offers to them. A loyalty program will encourage customers, as they will keep on returning to your website for more points and rewards. Hence, a mobile app with loyalty program is the best way to keep your customers busy.

Trend 2: Develop The App With Push Notifications

An app that sends push notifications to the customers keeps them updated about the latest offerings. For instance: a mobile coupon with a call-to-action word for the latest discount will surely divert the attention of the customers. You might wonder about email marketing, but that in that case, very rarely a customer opens the link. Push notifications aim to create an instant response in a customer. Moreover, a push notification is just the proper way to keep the brand name at the back of mind.

Trend 3: Use The App As A Marketing Tool

Having an app of your ecommerce website will add value to your business. Once customers have a good experience with you, they will definitely share it across various social media platforms. This will help you to make your business go global from local. It will evolve more as a brand among customers. As a marketer, this is a non-paid marketing and a great promotional exercise. A mobile application development company, therefore, must focus on creating a bug free application.

Trend 4: Make Payments Easier With App

People face most of the issues while in the check out process, so why not make a customized app for them? 85% of the customers prefer to pay through a mobile app rather than visiting a third party website. The process is fast and convenient. Asking credit card or debit card information each time is much better than storing the details once at a time. A customer can simply open your app and pay instantly. Just a few taps on the app and the payment is done.

Trend 5: Mobile App Oriented Customers

There is an increasing need for mobile app as most of the people take the help of an app to do their everyday tasks, be it online shopping or an ecommerce website. Being mobile obsessed is a great opportunity for you as a marketer to get the maximum results for your business. You can manage your business the best way only with an app. A mobile application development is the best way to manage it.

These five trends will help you to follow the latest happenings in the mobile app development industry. If you want your business to be on the competitive edge and go ahead of your rivals, then it you must follow these trends.

As a mobile application development company, we can deliver robustly tested apps with zero bugs. If you are interested to either, develop an application in the android, iOS or in hybrid, then just send us an email at [email protected].

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