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Mobile Technology In the Coming Years: A Futuristic Outlook

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From a basic communication device to using it as a virtual reality device, there are merely any functions left behind by mobile technology. By introducing extended capabilities, it has helped mankind to witness the technological upsurge in a rapid phase, but what lies next? Is there something more in store? Will mobile technology amaze us with new discoveries? Such questions are bound to come in our minds.

Throughout this blog, we will share with you the upcoming changes which you are all set to witness in the field of mobile app development and how will mobile technology shape up the world in the years to come.

Let’s put an end to all your curiosity and present to you the future of mobile technology which we and the coming generation are going to witness.

‘Augmented Reality’ Close To Reality

Now that Virtual Reality is making news everywhere, Augmented Reality is the next one in the line. Using the GPS on your smartphone to find the nearest restaurant or places of interest is a cliché now. Augmented Reality will enable users to find them offline just by activating their camera. Yes, this is going to be this easy. In the next few years, this feature will undergo many new transformations to give the user more relevant search results. Combining computer data and fetching it to the users in real time will be a challenging task, though, but nevertheless, it will pave the way for mobile app development.

Foldable Flexible Screens

Tired of carrying your large screen Smartphones everywhere? Why not fold it? Yes, the dream of carrying that large screen smartphone will finally come true as foldable screens will come in the near future to make your phone pocket-friendly. The Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology will make this possible. This means you can view from both sides of the phone and perform dual activities from both sides. If accepted well, by the masses, it can further evolve into a wearable device. Imagine you are wearing your smartphone on your wrist. An interesting concept. Isn’t it?

Advanced Voice Control

The voice recognition system will now be at its best. Many researches have been done in order to develop the quality of voice, but time and again it has proved to be a hectic task. Just as Siri introduced the system of voice recognition by interpreting the diction and syntax of the speech, in the same way, use of a natural user interface at a more advanced level will overtake the current way of communication. Seamless voice control will emerge as the next voice control app. Such kind of feature will increase the interactivity as far as Smartphones are concerned. Thus, this mobile technology will certainly prove to be the best.

Moving Beyond 3D Screens

While Apple has raised the bar with retina display, the introduction of 3D screens have brought forward crystal clear screen display by enabling the user to view from three dimensions. The more advanced level of viewing experience beyond 3D could be the use of holograms. This could totally change our viewing experience in a smartphone. Integrating the movements along with the 3D displays will allow you to compress or adjust the size of your pictures just with the help of a single touch.

What To Expect From Android In The Future ?

More than half of the mobile population around the world makes use of Android Smartphones.

1. An All New Google Map

You can expect a much more sophisticated version of the Google Maps with helpful features. Google is already in talks for hiring the street view cameras so that it can allow the users to get a clear inside view of a building or a monument. Detailing will be the primary focus of the app.

2. More Secured Payments 

Though many secured methods for payments have been adopted such as OTP and an SSL payment gateway, but in the near future, it is all set to get complicated, so that transaction becomes much easier. Fingerprint recognition and iris scanning can be the next process of payment.

3. Innovation In Hardware

There could be a complete change in the hardware of your smartphone. As discussed in this blog earlier, that one could also see a foldable screen in the future. In future, Smartphones could be the new wearables and will completely change the way we communicate with a mobile.

What To Expect From iOS In The Future?

At the Worldwide Developer’s Conference, 2016, Tim Cook announced a number of technological upgrades apart from releasing iOS10.

1. Upgraded iMessaging 

In the recently released version of iOS10, one can reply to a message instantly on receiving the notifications. In the near future, the focus of Apple will be to extend the concept of messaging to third parties. Moreover, the secondary focus will be mainly on increasing the font size and creating bigger emoticons.

2. Improving the User Interface

In each version, Apple has upgraded its user interface, but what holds in the near future is really a matter of curiosity for iPhone lovers. Shifting to OLED screens is an indication that can change the user interface that Apple has been maintaining all the while. As a result, the user can benefit from saving the battery even in dark mode.

3. Richer Notifications  

Apple has taken a significant leap as far as adjusting the notifications are concerned. Media rich notifications will be the key agenda and no application will be required to open in order to view the notifications box. This up gradation will pull the user more towards installing the application.

A Transformation For Business 

In the years to come, mobile technology will have a transformational effect on the business. Starting from IT to marketing and corporate sector, it will have a chain of effects and will drastically change the way we work.

Rise Of The Virtual Office

By 2020, it is expected that one doesn’t need to be physically present at the workstation. Digital space will overtake the cabins and desks. With the rapid evolution of video calls, messaging and email, business houses need to strategize in the most calculative manner in order to get the work done.

Mobile Tech To Become A Real Player

Today, most of the people around the world depend on a smartphone rather than on his laptop or computer. With the massive mobile user around the world, there is no doubt that in future, people are mostly going to use their mobile for all kinds of official work.

ERP Systems To Rise

The need to real time availability of business reports and data is becoming the need of the hour in this era of competitive business development. Everything must be at your fingertips every time. With the introduction of ERP, you will have access to custom reports from anywhere. Hence, this will ease the process of business development.

Mobile devices have revolutionized our life since their advent and it will continue to amaze us with their amazing impact.

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