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Want The Best Web App Development?

Oct 06, 2016 | By: Pratip Biswas

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Single page web applications are something, which has no existence without JavaScript. On the other side of the coin, developing interactive web applications using JavaScript is a cliché in the world of fast web app development. Hence, the solution is to use JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks act as steroids and powers up HTML and JavaScript. They help developers to focus on the interactive elements, which creates a great user interface.

Use of Frameworks In Modern Web Development

The contribution of frameworks in this digitally developing world is immense. Previously, writing codes was all about applying knowledge to develop a robust code. But now, the process has changed. Today, most of the codes consist of APIs. Moreover, a number of tools have evolved today to fasten the process of web app development. One of them is a framework. It enables developers to write a generic code. A good framework consists of tool sets, code libraries, application programming interface, compiler and support programs. They help to club together various components required to develop a project.

All the JavaScript frameworks mainly run MVC designed structure code to ensure reusable and scalable JavaScript Code. However, it is not necessary that such frameworks should solely base on MVC pattern. Variations might change and implement in accordance with the requirements of the project. The best approach is to maintain a proper code structure. Remember, it is difficult to write an excellent code; hence, the smarter way is to run the API according to the requirements of the project.

These days what matter the most is to have a good knowledge of architecture. Apart from making the traditional API calls, optimizing Objective – C compilers will help you to pick the details of the framework rather than the syntax of the language. Most of the time spent goes in making the inner loops of the libraries. A developer can correct the language details after he or she comes to know about the libraries. Make sure that it’s a changed algorithm. Do not stash it inside the variables. The correct way is to know about the various frameworks and applies them wherever required.

With advanced JavaScript frameworks, it’s possible to make the most complex single page applications within minutes. We bring to you 5 most robust frameworks that will simplify the process of web app development.

5 Most Robust Frameworks For Best Web App Development

Take a look at the most powerful Javascript frameworks, which are an alternative to JavaScript.


A Google product, it’s the most popular frameworks till date. With the biggest online communities, it is just the best web app development framework for single page web application. This framework gives powers to HTML by offering all the features, which are necessary to make dynamic views. Two-way data binding gives the ultimate inputs that enable a developer to view the JavaScript objects. Hence, the hectic process of writing manual code for manipulating the DOM is something, which a developer can avoid. Moreover, the recent release of AngularJS 2 has fixed many bugs and issues.


The most common thing between Facebook and Instagram is it’s user interface which consists of  React.JS. The large scalability of the framework makes it the perfect choice for developers to make complex applications. One of the strong points of React.JS is the use of virtual DOM. A virtual domain makes gives a boost to React.JS. One can render it on the server as well as the client side. Other advantages of React.JS include server-side rendering of DOM, comparing the virtual domain with the actual DOM and updated specific nodes of browser domain instead of rendering the entire domain.


It’s an open-source JavaScript framework. When it comes to usability and functionality, it can compete with AngularJS as well as React.js. Its functionality is somewhat similar to AngularJS where a developer can update the model in accordance with the view, thus synchronizing both the model as well as view changes. To enable better UI rendering, and speed up the performance, the server side rendering facility is something, which is already present in this framework. Something similar to React.js. Hence, combining the two-way binding data and server-side rendering, Ember amazes the developers with its super powers.


If there is one framework which is suitable for next generation web app development, then it is Aurelia.js. It is an expert professional community and is one of the strongest frameworks to work with. It consists of numerous modules along with small libraries. As a developer, you can use the full framework while executing a project. Select it on the basis of the project and create a customized framework. The strength of the framework is that it has no external dependencies other than polyfills. For all those developers who have worked with AngularJS 2 and its previous versions, this framework comes across as a fantastic migration path.


If you are somebody who wants to utilize JavaScript fully for complete web app development, then Meteor.js is highly recommended. It consists of features as well as elements used in the backend, frontend, managing database management and business logic. This framework enables you to use JavaScript for overall application development process. A number of server-side packages are available. You can run node.js in all most all the packages to access the database. From the performance point of view, any kind of change in the database reflects in the user interface.

Wrap up!

Today, a JavaScript framework has become the basis for developing single page web applications. However, there are many frameworks available in the web app development field today, but the use of these five frameworks ensures that the best project delivery goes to the client.

As a growing web app development company, we have handles projects from various sectors like healthcare, hospitality, and e-commerce with expertise. If you are looking for a complete web development solution with the use of holistic frameworks, then we are ready to deliver you your desired project. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

Pratip Biswas

Pratip Biswas

Founder, Unified Infotech

I am an Entrepreneur and a Tech Geek with more than 1500 successful projects launched. I share my experience through my love for writing and help other entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

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