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Be Business Digital – Why Your Business Requires A Kickstart Digital Transformation Plan?

May 26, 2017 | 4 Minutes Read

What's Inside

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”

– Ian Schafer (Founder & Chairman, Deep Focus)

Digital transformation is a huge change that alters the modus operandi of businesses today. Organizations are matching up with the requirement of the recent digital marketing era. Analyzing the present trend significant changes are created, managed, and consumed. 451 Research investigated, “69% of organizations consider digital investment important in achieving their organization’s business transformation objectives.”

You are not alone if you don’t accustom of what digital transformation is. However, all business should focus on the key term as soon as possible. As the world is changing, digital connectivity is bringing the world closer. It also highlights what make everything so different and the companies will be left behind if not embrace digital marketing and the transformation wholeheartedly.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation indicates the positive change that leads an organization into the digital realm. It has a three-stage development that gives a leap to your traditional business to a digital platform:  digital competence → digital practice → digital transformation. The transformation means the digital practice support and enhances the traditional method to a new dimension.

It also describes the changes to leave or transform the legacy operation in the past and welcome the ever-changing business model generated by technology. Businesses tend to hold on to their core group of customers for a time, but digital transformation gives them the new face to attract more customers. Kodak, Blockbuster is from many well-known brands that didn’t make it to the leading digital transformation practice. Here is the detailed information to start planning for the dynamic digital transformation.

What does Digital Transformation Mean To Your Business?

Digital transformation does not mean accepting and moving towards every technological movement that comes along. Every company has to spend time on deciding what digital transformation benefit their business and mean to them. It is more like making a soup mixing the proper vegetables and ingredients.  You can mix whatever you want but it will not the soup that everyone wants to eat.

Companies or enterprises firstly need to think transitioning core business processes and digitalizing the client/business process. Few things they should keep in mind like which platform, application, and solutions fit into their business culture, budget, and daily operation. Unfortunately, there is no pre-planned method that businesses can choose. It’s a rigorous process that needs personalization and ability for following trends.

What Problem Is Digital Transform Trying To Solve?

No company can on day embark on a digital transformation out of a choice. Mainly necessity generates the transformation. In order to become continuously competitive in the present market, it is a necessity to keep pace with technological disruption. Every business needs to be continuously welcoming new online marketing channels, refresh the value propositions of their offerings. It needs to bring new digitally evolved products to market, utilizing cloud technologies that enable scaling and globalization at pace. Moreover, a business can continue to reach new customers and increase the loyalty of the existing ones through digital transformation.

For example, HMV needed a digital transformation. The company generated their major revenue from CDs and DVDs. When consumer’s demand had shifted to digital download and online streaming, eventually the doors of the physical stores doomed to shut down. By the time, HMV realized to reinvent itself, Netflix, iTunes, and others were already buzzing the generation and HMV was no longer the “Top Player”. Present mobile-ready, digitally empowered customer sometimes causes trouble to the enterprises which lack the modern demands. But the retail sector are not only facing the difficulties alone. Telecoms, media, financial services, aerospace, marketing, travel etc. are all undergoing a rapid digital revolution.

So what is the problem digital transformation is trying to solve? The answer is quite simple – to lead every business from a failure to evolve and success.

The Advantages Of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation transmutes business not only from outdated models and customs but also digitally transform it into a beneficial internet-dependent marketplace. Here are four key benefits of Digital Transformation for an enterprise.

1. Enhanced Customer Acquisition and Retention

It’s a big threat to the established enterprises losing customers to digitally evolved, emerging competitors. Moreover, It is very difficult to refresh the products and services in line with the latest technology and consumer expectation. Digital transformation will reframe the offerings and the reach providing access to large online markets that are currently out of reach for them.

2. Streamlined Operations & Workflow

A digitally changed business has intense innovation oiling the hardware behind internal operations, empowering groups to team up flawlessly crosswise over offices, and streamline interchanges over an entire workforce and store network. The capacity, for example, to share material and stock information from the stockroom can rapidly and productively decide creation levels and shipments from the assembling plant. This level of advanced organizing on each working level empowers exact deals and income forecasts, which encourages the organization’s capacity to get ready for future development.

Picked up Vision and Foresight to Improve Management and Marketing Decisions

A Digital Transformation program will streamline management on each level. Digital marketing instruments will assemble, investigate and visualize (diagrams, outlines, and so forth.) information accumulated from each edge of the endeavor. From this, prescient models will deliver a clear scenario to help CxOs and managers recognize business openings and dangers. All hardware and apparatus will have dissected in such a way, which will help in the development of the best upkeep projects to forestall breakdown. Purchaser practices will likewise have examined to foresee the following business sector drift. The most sweltering deals leads can be dependably distinguished right on time in the business cycle. What’s more, territories of work process wastefulness underway chains can have perceived and singled out for development.

Quicker Development of New Products and Services Going Forward

Organizations that need Digital Transformation are those that have not stayed aware of the pace of market, innovative and competitor’s development. When they have set out on the procedure to return themselves in the amusement, they will then need to ensure that they don’t begin slipping behind once more. The usage of current frameworks and innovation will help in the statistical surveying, creation and consequent sign-off of every single new campaign, items, guaranteeing that, once recovered, their place in the present day advertise does not later give way yet again.



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