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Mean Stack In Your Next Web Project

What's Inside

In this digital age of the 21st era, developing a web application is more than something than the word ‘modern’ itself. Open source web applications came into the fore in order to facilitate the task of a programmer when it came to modifying the source code of an application. But over the years, with the emergence of more sophisticated technologies, this kind of application has undergone a futuristic makeover.

The Power of four…

Because that’s what defines M(Mongo DB) E (Express) A(Angular JS) N(Node JS) – a single language that has been developed which runs only on JavaScript and helps to build robust web applications. It takes web application development to a completely new level. It keeps the application organized and is to date the best readable open-source solution for all projects. From the client, to server to persistence, this innovative approach for developing web applications is taking the technology world in its grip. In fact, if you have never used MEAN in any of your web development project, then it is time to make use of the mean machine.

If you are still thinking about whether to use MEAN stack or not, then relax, we have found a solution to your problem. We present to you some solid reasons for why you should use this in your next web application development project.

  1. Full Cloud Control by MongoDB

A more secure database is now available in MongoDB that provides maximum protection to the data. The two key USPs of these advance level security layer are cluster support and automatic sharing. As soon as you install MongoDB, it automatically connects with all your servers in order to provide backup support in case of any technical failure. Moreover, automatic replication is yet another important reason why MEAN stack is more reliable.

  1. Flexible MySQL server

If you are a developer, who is reading this then you would understand the pain that one has to undergo while defining the complex process of entering data into tables while developing relational databases. But what, if you could have inserted the data smoothly? Well, MongoDB helps you to do exactly the same. All you have to do is, add a field to the form team it with the other data in the JSON document and add this to MongoDB, that’s it.

  1. Easy Navigation Through Node.JS

Navigating through multiple configuration files that come with a different syntax is not only confusing but always makes it vulnerable to error, but with MEAN stack, the process becomes much simpler. With the help of JavaScript and Node.Js, you can either rewrite the URLs or can also make an odd mapping. Moreover, you don’t have to write the pages of PHP or Apache anymore. Here, you have the flexibility to get everything in one layer that will leave fewer possibilities of bug generation that often arises due to the presence of multiple layers.

  1. Cheap Disk Space

JOIN is mainly used in order to save the storage area in the hard disk by removing fields like state, city and zip code. This prevents creating any unnecessary tables that in turn creates extra space in the hard disk. On the other side of the coin, the JOINs can take up some extra space in your RAM and might not be a good idea at all. Hence, using MongoDB is a necessity as it creates a lot of extra space in the hard drive.

  1. Programming Becomes Easier

Coding becomes much easier with MEAN stack. You can make use of it on the client’s side as well. This means if you write a code wrongly on Node and then find out that it would have been better using it in Angular JS, then you can easily shift the code. You also do not need to hire a front-end developer or a PHP expert as JavaScript does this all for you.

  1. Node.JS Is Faster

The event-driven architecture of NodeJS makes it the hero. In this era, where everything is driven digitally, it is important to understand that even the minute detail of an app’s performance matters to them. With Node.JS, you can double the performance of an app. Hence, it comes as an extra benefit in the MEAN stack package.

  1. A Great Combination Anytime

While there are many developers who use MongoDB and Apache and sometimes mix it with PHP. On the other hand, there are developers who use NodeJS with MySQL and Angular JS as well, hence it is never a sin to mix and match. There is no fixed rule to use this combination. One is always free to experiment.

  1. JSON, a Common Factor

Whether you make use of MongoDB or AngularJS, you can smoothly distribute the data between the layers without rewriting the code again. It also enables you to make use of PHP. You can use the code here to import all the data from MySQL and process it. One interesting thing is that MEAN uses the same format of JSON everywhere. As a result, much time is saved when it comes to reformatting by making the whole process simpler. The icing on the cake is that it enables you to work even with external APIs such as POST, present GET and manipulate.

Final Words…

Most of the developers think that MEAN will overcome LAMP in the years to come, but there is no guarantee to this fact. It is true that over the years LAMP has provided a plethora of benefits as far as web development is concerned, but the introduction of MEAN has taken the whole process of development to an advanced level due to its various benefits.

The large community of Mean Stack is always there for the developers to assist them in solving the hurdles they encounter while developing an application.

Hence, if you want to accelerate your web application development process MEAN stack should be your first preference. It is the bedrock and the ingredient of success behind the effective execution of a flawless web application.

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