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Mobile App Development in USA: Overcoming Challenges In Automation Testing

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The mobile application testing environment in today’s digital world has occupied a pivotal position especially in a situation where iOS, android, and windows have covered the mobile app development in USA. In such as scenario, QA or the role of Quality Analyst is one area where companies are spending maximum money for delivering a robustly tested mobile application to the client. Automation Testing serves as an instant solution to test the functionality of the app. Not only this, it just gives the perfect solution for making complicated mobile applications.

Mobile Automation – Why we need it?

An automation testing is similar to any strategic plan, which a company applies to get better output and the best results. Though it fetches good results, but unfortunately, the challenges pose as a restraint to most of the developers. This is the reason why most of the organizations are now going for open tool sources. Not only this, vendors are even searching for cloud opportunities now in order to find a more suitable way that can eliminate the challenges related to mobile automation. One thing, which companies should keep in mind, is that mobile automation is not something that to take lightly; rather it is one of essential elements, which a developer should take care of.

When it comes to mobile app development in USA, with perfect mobile automation, developers are still myopic about the industry trends and the real benefits it offers. In fact, there are a number of things, which a company must look into. Automaton is not something, which will ultimately amalgamate with business channels and evolve to create a completely new framework. Hence, companies should look for opportunities to mix mobile, web and desktop testing in a singular strategy and make use of the best tools available to them. QA or Quality Analysis is another factor to consider here. Mobile app development teams must look for ways to improve the overall quality of the application.

Another factor, which a company must look into, is that interdependency between the development process and quality assurance. Companies should stop looking into code intrusive tools and instead focus on interdependencies. It plays an important role as it ensures just the flawless mobile application testing. Well, talking about the automation, there are currently some challenges, which a tester has to face during the final stages of testing. As a leading company, which deals with mobile app development in USA, we will share with you on overcoming the most common challenges in automation testing along with their solutions.

Overcoming Challenges In Automation

Now it’s time to bring forth to you some of the most common faced by the developers with a solution.

Challenge 1: Automation Testing

The proofs of concept take more time and don’t close down so easily. As a result, automation doesn’t produce the desired result as compared to manual testing. It takes more time.

Our Solution

Calculate the cost before you start automation. Measure the deviations of estimated and actual efforts. This will help you to identify the gray areas, whether it is due to lack of automation skills or improper selection tools. While estimating the cost of the project, keep various factors in mind such as script preparation effort, defects logging efforts, environmental setup and setting up the application for design.

Challenge 2: Setting Up the Automation Tool

The presence of a plethora of tools makes it very difficult for a developer to decide which the best one to choose is. In addition to this, the presence of multiple architectures complicates things.

Our Solution

Make a specific task during the project in order to evaluate and select the POC. Selection of tool is very important. While choosing the project, do consider various mobile OS such as iOS, android, and hybrid. Don’t take those tools which require a programming interface for modifying scripts. It is necessary to make changes in reporting. A tool that works on both stimulators and devices is the best one to go for.

Challenge 3: Locating UI Elements

Most of the time it is seen that automation tool fails to find the location of the UI elements as the presence of numerous elements finds too many elements with the same identification. The tool cannot find specific elements in a particular page.

Our Solution

As a company that deals in mobile app development in USA avoid using an automation tool, which doesn’t support UI elements. It is an intensive task as the costs involved with it are expensive. If you are developing a hybrid or Android application then use UIAutomator. In case you are developing iOS, them use tools like locators like ObjectSpy and Appium.

Challenge 4: Testing Dependencies

Scripting becomes difficult at times as knowledge of API is primary along with the right programming skills. On the other hand, Dependency Testing requires recording and requires the developers to export to other languages.

Our Solution

Always use API based framework for looping and parameterization. Use looping even if it still doesn’t offer support. This will reduce the length of the script and make a developer easier to understand. One can also change script data without making any necessary changes in the script itself. Another best practice is to use a multi-tier approach, which suits the application.

Challenge 5: Reporting And Integration

If you do not have any planned continuous integration, it will have a negative effect on the project. You will face an issue with the delivery date of the client. To get the integration keep working, it is necessary to fine-tune it. For each project and application, you need a separate pipeline set up.

Our Solution

Plan it before executing the project. Make automated builds, set the duration of the automated test run and create a notification for each one of them. Take advantage of the ICIP (Continuous Integration Platform) which hosts standard tool sets. Always remember that you should never re-insert your USB during an automation run.

To get that perfect mobile application, it is mandatory to make use of automation testing tools in a proper way by companies involved in mobile app development in USA. Various factors such as environment set up, location elements, UI settings, ensure on time delivery of a project which helps a company to earn a great reputation.

As a technology company, which deals with mobile app development in USA, we are proud of our quality analysts and testers who have offered exceptionally high-quality mobile application test results. If you have any projects, which requires robustly tested products, then you can send us an email at [email protected].

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