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How Unified Infotech is Empowering the eCommerce Sector with Cutting-Edge Technologies and User-Centric Solutions

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eCommerce is one of the sectors least affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Through leveraging cutting-edge technologies, most eCommerce businesses have mobilized their remote operations and found a way to stay consistent.

Commerce across online platforms is no longer the same. Contemporary consumers look beyond just a click and a swipe. It has shaped the lives they lead. Sometimes, it is paradoxical, while it may be unpredictable the other time. Hence, adopting a user-centric solution-based approach and cutting-edge technologies is required.

However, e-commerce entities need dynamic and responsive websites for a successful digital presence. Unified Infotech aims at empowering eCommerce enterprises to unleash growth by offering digital solutions.

Revamp your selling experience with our eCommerce web development services

Why is a User-Centric Solution Crucial for eCommerce Businesses?

The workflow of an ecommerce business is completely user-focused. They aim to meet the preferences of their audience throughout their shopping journey. This user-first approach is what makes them competitive. Thus, many businesses have adopted tools to track user-friendliness and establish an engaging user experience.

A user-centric solution or approach is mandatory for ecommerce for the below-given reasons.

  • Improved user Retention and experience

With user-centricity in mind, the business can stay close to the needs of its users. Accordingly, they can strategize their customer support and implement personalized offers for a better experience for user groups.

  • Brand Reputation

When you grow famous as a user-centric brand, your brand loyalty increases, boosting your brand reputation. Further, the user-centricity will strengthen your commitment to user satisfaction, enabling you to emerge as a trusted brand.

  • Increased Sales and Conversion

When the target audience feels connected to the brand, Sales increase, and leads convert to potential customers. Thus, a user-centric approach inevitably leads to improved sales and conversion.

Witness our collaboration with a US leisure shopping brand, boosting average orders by 50%

  • Dealing with Card Abandonment

Most eCommerce enterprises face issues related to cart abandonment. Adopting user-centricity within your business structure can address factors that may lead to this issue. This way, you can offer a frictionless user experience reducing the possibility of cart abandonment.

  • Adapting to Changing Expectations of Customers

As you stay concerned about your user’s needs, you notice the change in their expectations. Thus, a user-centric approach helps you stay updated and adapt to changing user preferences.

How is Cutting-Edge Technologies Complementing the User-Centric Approach in the eCommerce Industry?

Being monotonous in operating businesses won’t let you stand out from the crowd. 

Revitalizing the traditional methods and adopting advanced technologies is the key. Here are some technologies you may ask your custom ecommerce website development partner to integrate into your site. 

  • Algorithmic Merchandising

Managing inventory can be a major issue when serving a broad audience group. The feature of algorithmic merchandising can come to your purpose in dynamic sorting, inventory management, seasonal merchandising, and much more. Making arbitrary decisions in inventory management not only leads to product wastage but also affects the promotion methodologies.

The scope to make data-driven decisions is on its way. It has been possible through algorithmic merchandising.

  • Customized Recommendations

AI has brought innovation in every sector. The eCommerce sector is no exception. Understanding user preferences, behaviors, and choices has become possible with Artificial Intelligence. This has made way for personalized recommendations.

With the surge in eCommerce operations, about 90% of buyers have agreed to share behavioral data. This is the perfect time for integrating customized recommendations.

  • Contactless Shopping

The trend of contactless buying has become the buzzword after the global pandemic strike. A significant shift from offline to online shopping has been evident. It eventually increased the demand for mobile app technology. QR code implementation for eCommerce brands has helped users to access product details, redeem offers and make purchases.

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  • Data Analytics and Web Analytics

With robust web and data analytics technologies, get a headstart in the CX journey. It helps improve UX, provides customized offers, enhances user engagement, and price optimization. In this contemporary age, the adopted market strategy is entirely data-driven. It ensures that the applied approach is user-centric.

  • Augmented Reality

This technology lets users get product experiences in real time. Before buying, they can try clothes, shoes, makeup, furniture, and other products. One of the major benefits is increased conversion rates. Also, the possibility of product return reduces extensively.

How can Unified Infotech Offer User-Centric eCommerce Website Development Solutions?

More than 100 website development solutions we have already delivered. Over the years, we have been associated with 15+ industry verticals. We take pride in our team and technology experts who dedicatedly put in the effort to deliver robust eCommerce websites and apps. We prioritize your specific business requirements, analyze them, address any challenges you may encounter in the competitive landscape, and structure a comprehensive eCommerce web development plan.

We believe the key to offering a perfect ecommerce web development solution is integrating the brand’s vision with the modern technological framework. With more eCommerce brands looking to enter the digital world, we can assist you with dynamic website experiences.

Searching for Unparalleled eCommerce Solutions

  • SaaS, B2C and B2B eCommerce Solutions

Whether you are searching for the best B2B or SaaS eCommerce web development offerings, we have the solution for you. Our end-to-end eCommerce web development services ensure that your brand vision is met. With more than 12 years of experience in successfully building digital eCommerce projects, we don’t compromise on quality. Join hands with us to unleash your ecommerce business’s potential and reach a new level of success.

  • eCommerce Application Development

We avoid manipulating one eCommerce web solution for other businesses. We are concerned about your unique business requirements. Hence, we take a long approach to building and designing eCommerce apps. Our eCommerce website design services are planned in a way to land tangible value to your brand.

By emphasizing your brand individuality, we support you to stand unique in the eCommerce marketplace. Enjoy the difference of our customized approach and scale your eCommerce venture.

  • Custom Plugins and Modules Development

We are available 24*7 to elevate your ecommerce store through delightful digital solutions. With increasing user demands, your business may need to integrate third-party tools and frameworks. Rely on our ecommerce website development services for tailor-made plugins and modules that will perfectly align with your brand specifications.

Whether you are searching for seamless inventory management systems, modern payment gateways, or modern marketing tools, we have got you covered. Let us do the work for you so that you can prioritize other workflows.

  • Website Maintenance and Support

As a committed custom ecommerce website development company, we go beyond mere technicalities. Other groundworks need to be performed. It needs frequent collaboration with the brand’s stakeholders to ensure we align with its values. Thriving in the digital landscape requires on-demand and comprehensive maintenance. That is where we are uniquely positioned. 

Our experts are wide awake to provide day-in and day-out website support and manage technical issues.

  • Third-Party API Integration

Unleash the true potential of your ecommerce brand with our competence in integrating third-party APIs. From Marketplace Payment Gateway Integration to eBay and Amazon API integration, we have a broad range of services. We can also offer you Shipping API and SugarCRM API Integration at a competitive rate. By embedding these external services into your eCommerce channels, we make sure that you leverage their functionalities and drive growth.

  • eCommerce Web Design and Development

We spend most of our development time understanding our client’s business needs and aspirations. It is the only way to assure maximum user satisfaction. In our eCommerce web design offerings, we commit to delivering tangible results. Experience a transformative online presence with our custom eCommerce web design and development solutions.

Unleash the potential of a user-centric eCommerce website

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