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On Valentine’s Day Increase Your ECommerce Website Sales With These Engaging Strategies

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According to Search Engine Journal, people spent about $19.7 billion last year on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Moreover, 28% people purchased gifts for their loved ones, online. Many online shopping stores can use this special day to churn out maximum revenue. An ecommerce website development company can help an online retailer in many ways to do that. It can help to generate revenues with maximum return on investment. With the right engaging strategies, one can stay ahead of its competitors.

Economic Impact Of Valentine’s Day On Business

Is there any economic impact on business on the eve of Valentine’s? If we go by the figures, then we will come to know about the actual scenario. Department stores account for about 34.5% shopping, where as online stores account for 27.9%. Florists and nurseries witness an increase in sales figure during this time of the year.  Apart from that, chocolate and jewellery also witness the maximum sales. It has a direct impact on sales scenario as well. Celebrations reach crescendo as the love in the air blooms. This one special occasion sums up the celebration mood. From a business perspective, it’s a great sales opportunity. One can increase business branding as well.

Candy, greetings card, flowers and jewellery account for most of the purchases. With the rise of mobile shopping, device based shopping is increasing. It is the smartphone and tablets, which accounts for sales on Valentine’s Day. Choosing an ecommerce website development comes as a great approach. Online retailers can manage a website with an expert besides them. There are various factors, which also influence traffic on a website. Understanding consumer behavior is another important factor to consider. Once the retailer, understands the perfect behavior of the customer, there won’t be any problem at all. Getting to know the customer insights is the best strategy to know about your target market.

Hence, Valentine’s Day influences the economy of a business in many ways. As a marketer, there are many ways to create the ultimate ambience of a romantic website. For instance: one can go for a redesign with new templates for websites. Romantic themes with slight animation can be an interesting option. Some of the websites also opt for chocolate-based themes. They come with a completely new concept of innovation. An ecommerce website development company can use best resources for increasing sales.

Engaging Strategies Which Will Bring More Sales

So, here are some engaging strategies which will increase your ecommerce sales.

Increase Short Term Email List

Keep on sending emails throughout the year. Even if you didn’t send much mails, then relax. Your primary focus should be to collect more leads through emails. Remember, once you get good subscribers, half of the work is over. But, your target must be to get subscribers in the short term. Don’t show up to people as soon as they enter the website. Wait for few seconds. You can then start the interaction with the chat pop up. A/B Testing can be a better way to test the impact of your emails.

Make A Last Minute Package

Some late birds never realize that good deals are around the corner. A last minute package is a wonderful strategy. Send them an email few days before Valentine’s Day. Create the last minute rush to increase the possibilities of getting orders. If you are sending out last minute emails, remember that the delivery should be on time. Apply the similar strategy, even when you are applying for an early bird discount offer. Ecommerce website development company recommend such strategies often for an online retailer.

Run A Flash Sale

Leverage the power of flash sales for instant orders. Announce about limited stock availability. This will create urgency among customers. For instance: a Valentine’s Day midnight sale is a great idea. It will ensure that people start purchasing more in quantity. Use promo codes and give huge discounts on the items. This is the best chance to get rid of unwanted stocks, so use it in the best possible manner. It’s an opportunity to get more revenue from your email list. Don’t forget about existing customers. You can also send an email to them.

Create A Valentine Mobile App

If you are willing to tap a large market, then develop a mobile app. Be sure that you have the adequate financial resource with yourself. Send love theme cards to your customers or a voucher. You can also ask for a subscription to your newsletters. With this, you solve dual purpose. You are making your customers happy and end up selling more. A mobile app is more viable when it comes to spreading the word about your online store.

Go For Gender Based Showcase

Apart from making a romantic theme based website, there is another factor. Searching products can be a complicated thing. The solution is to differentiate between genders. For instance: you can include the sections ‘Gifts for him’ and ‘Gifts for her’. This will make the buying process easier. Customer can arrive at the purchasing decision without taking much time. Apart from that, you can also keep other sections such as ‘For baby’ or ‘For parents.’

Wrap Up!

To drive sales, there are various strategies, which are existing. It’s an ecommerce website development company, which can give you more suggestions. Opt for their valuable advice, if you want to stay ahead of the competitors this Valentine’s Day. Looking for an expert player in ecommerce website development? Trust on us to get the best ecommerce services. We assure you of delivering the best services. Send us an email at [email protected]. Let us know about your project requirements. We work on various CMS platforms such as Magento, WordPress and Drupal.

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