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The Future of Logistics Technology

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The logistic industry is immensely going through a time of rapid transformation. The future of logistics technology for your E-Commerce web development is craved with innovation and expertise. Moreover, 3D printing, drone technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality are no longer a thing of science fiction. Today’s industries are cautious in adopting these latest technologies to provide cheaper, faster, sustainable and more reliable delivery. Both manufacturers and retailers are also not wasting time and using 3PL logistic providers to integrate these technologies into their service.

“Innovate or die” Will Become Reality

The “innovate or die” platitude will end up being a dismal reality for a few, as no less than one surely understood retailer. What has dependably worked in the past won’t keep on working later and grasping capricious deduction will turn into a trademark quality for effective organizations in 2017. Similarly, Organizations will have compelled to assess their supply chains and discuss old fashioned and wasteful procedures. Cases incorporate everything from big business asset arranging (ERP) arrangements and plant correspondences to cargo forwarders and stock administration programming.

The supply chain is the key competitive advantage for your business. Companies like Inditex, as well as Amazon, has set new industry standards for innovative logistics in 2016 and set a testament to the supply chain plays in a company’s success. Logistics are following the trend “innovate or die”, its main focus is on earnings, growth and customer loyalty. Consequently, we have identified 10 logistics trends that can change the scenario of 2017.

1. Real Time Technology Will Die

Logistics and supply chain technology give you accurate data to the minute and you will always aware of what’s in stock and where. Real time stock tracking avoids any doubts for your current stock level, customers and staffs are confident about what’s available in your store. Finally, we predict a big rise in the use of web-based technology for it’s a no-brainer to help drive efficiency in 2016.

2. Better tracking for shipments

Online shopping has come a long way from its inception, but shipment tracking is one area companies need to improve for a better experience. Important areas like warehouse technology, customer friendly communication through email and tech etc. are some of the key factors to give your shoppers proper information. The information includes where their order is and when it will be with them. As a result best companies are already doing these processes and achieving increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. We expect online sellers will join soon in offering better tracking options in 2016.

3. Supply Chain Tracking Will Be Significant

Companies provide updates of the inventories and tracking of shipment movements in the supply chain that helps to ensure a throughout customer satisfaction. They know they have stock they need always. As a result, technology is becoming increasingly important in 2017, especially for B2B E-Commerce companies.

4. Returns Will Become easier

Not only customer will always remember the way you deal with return items from the customer, but also they too will remember your service. It’s a mark of great customer service, and logistics technology makes it easier to handle in 2017. Return Merchandise Authorisation or RMA will make it easier to track a return and jibe more data visible to the customer.

5. Smart Reporting For Improved Inventory Control

Moreover, in 2017 we predict a rise in smart reporting. It’s vital to keep an eye on your stock level and it is not easy to read and analyze each data and it can be time-consuming. Logistics Technology will leverage instinctive, graphic data with a computerized alert to inform about the stock is low and near to expiry date.

6. The World Will Be Reduced

Anything is possible in today’s global world. It important to deliver the product on time in the world of logistics. Customers are ordering from overseas and they are no longer keen to wait for weeks for their goods or services. Furthermore, in 2017, it will become more significant to deliver a quick turnaround to other countries.

7. Grocery Orders Will Be More Common

Customers will look online to shop for basic groceries and home related stuff from the services like Amazon Pantry. They don’t need to buy in a bulk to fulfill the demand.

8. Planning ahead will be Crucial

Don’t get caught unrehearsed in 2016! Your hardest periods can be predictable. You should stay ahead of the game and get your stock fulfilled to ensure you can meet request throughout the year.

9. The Cloud Will Be A Commonplace

Furthermore, side-lining traditional fulfillment technologies will no longer compete with the cloud-based fulfillment services which maintain the industry standard.

10. The Customer Will Still Be The King

In 2017, the most successful companies will be those who will provide a seamless connection between the click of a customer’s mouse and the parcel through their letterbox.

Finally, these statistics demonstrate that producers and retailers need to see strategic organizations embracing developing advances. The 3PL organizations themselves are making a mindful stride toward that path. Likewise, a considerable lot of them will find out about those advancements and give administrations. What is your contemplation on these four rising innovations and how they will shape the fate of coordination? Let’s hope for the best.

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