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How We Use Them To Enhance Digital Transformation Process

You know what digital transformation is! But have you considered being Agile during the transformation efforts?

The right kind of digital transformation strategy helps global industries survive, sure. But sadly, very few look beyond the digital aspect of it. It is not just a matter of integrating technology solutions in the business. There’s more to it than what meets the eye.

And for this more aspect, you need the assistance of the Agile method.

Focusing On A Singular Digital Aspect Might Be A Mistake

What is digital transformation?

The basic idea is all about the adoption of digital technology to remodel the old business process. There are many reasons why business owners think it is important for the business. Some of these are- enhancing the consumer experience, reaching business goals, and beating rivals easily.

It is important to embrace and make use of new technologies to improve the business process. But it is still not the make or break aspect of such efforts. Going digital means creating a business process that delivers value to the clients. It should also help the business to keep on growing exponentially. However, focusing on only the technological aspect of digital transformation trends is not the way to do it. And this is where agile methodology comes in.

Did you know? In 2014, Ford attempted their hand at digital transformation with Ford Smart Mobility, a new business segment. However, the attempt soon failed because the transformation was treated merely as a separate new venture. But they should have reinvented their entire business process.

Agile Methodology & Digital Transformation Consulting: A Perfect Match?

The traditional digital transformation strategy is not enough to keep up with the evolving digital panorama. With the legacy transformation, you’ll be stuck in a static one department at a time process. And when you finish, it will be time to update the solutions altogether, again.

To leverage all the benefits of new technology, you need a flexible and all-encompassing plan. And with a flexible plan, you’d be able to keep up with the following-

  1. Market competitors
  2. Changing demands of target demographics
  3. Altering business needs

Keeping up closely with these three elements will ensure that all your business decisions have the right impact. And to keep up with such multiple aspects, you need the agile approach.

The four principles of agile have already proven to be helpful in business process transformation. Whether it is utilizing new digital transformation trends or ensuring the flexibility of digital solutions, agile helps businesses in the long run.

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How We Turn Digital Transformation Agile?

Agile helps us to soften the rigidity of legacy transformation models. It also ensures the longevity of the solutions in supporting any business venture of our clients.

But how do the principles of agile help with forming the digital transformation roadmap? Here’s how we apply the four principles of agile and enhance the transformation experience for our clients.

Principle 1: Transformation Based On Necessity, Not On FOMO

The first agile principle demands that we pay more attention to the people & interactions rather than tools & processes.

This principle puts importance on the team members involved in the process. Rather than focusing on tools and methods, we rely more on individual expertise to form the digital transformation strategy for our clients

Surprisingly, even now, many digital transformation endeavors are taken up due to Fear Of Missing Out. Young entrepreneurs are continuously pestered with buzzwords such as IoT, AR/VR, Cloud computing, etc. To stay ahead of the curve, business owners often integrate these solutions without thinking twice. However, such spur-of-the-moment decisions can cause further problems in the future.

The combination of digital transformation and agile ensures that the process beings value to our clients. Our initial discovery & research focuses on what kind of results the people involved in the process are looking for. Rather than get distracted by buzzwords, we concentrate on empowering our clients with a sensible plan.

Expert speaks: Digital transformation is not a simple integration of digital solutions, but changing your business to meet the new world business expectations & goals. So before undertaking such a process, make sure you have some serious goals set and ready to be fulfilled.

Principle 2: Enabling Hands-On Transformation That Helps To Achieve Results

Earlier, the focus of any development process was on creating thorough documents. But with agile, this focus shifted more towards continuous delivery of working solutions.

Agile focuses on faster development and making changes based on client reviews. With this, the developers can create market-ready digital solutions in a lesser amount of time.

Similarly, the use of the agile principle helps our digital transformation strategy to achieve goals faster. Rather than holding meetings after meetings, we begin with a basic understanding of the business requirements and the expectations of the end-users. Then as we progress, we make the changes based on hands-on reviews.

Our goal is to improve business methods with transformation efforts as efficiently as possible. And that is why we don’t base our process on assumptions. We aim for a more educated, review-based system, making changes according to client opinion after each development sprint.

Principle 3: Collaboration Methods For Better Tech Integrations

Successful transformation is not just about technical integrations. It is also about creating an organic link between our expert teams and clients.

To sustain the entire process and ensure the right results, we aim for an open and harmonious relationship with our clients. This helps us to understand their needs in-depth and search for growth possibilities. And for this, we use the latest communication tools, staying in touch with our clients constantly.

digital transformation consulting and tools

Our digital transformation consulting services are aimed to help entrepreneurs every step of the journey. With our expert teams, new business owners can digitize the business without any hassle. Additionally, our transparent and collaborative approach empowers our clients to succeed in their market effortlessly.

Our implementation of agile values within the digital transformation roadmap makes it possible to keep in touch with our clients and get their reviews on each sprint instantly. This way, we can implement the latest reviews on the next sprints to ensure the development process for their digital solution stays on track.

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Principle 4: Responding To Changes With A Fluid Transformation Plan

Sometimes flexibility is needed to make a set of plans more effective. And that’s why we use the fourth principle of agile, which is- “responding to change over following a plan”. Here are some positive impacts of the application of this principle.

1. Making Changes Becomes Faster & Easier

Digital transformation is not a monolithic occurrence. It is a continuous process that uses technical solutions to achieve business goals. This is why we need to pay close attention to the evolving tech scenario and make changes to the plan effectively.

digital transformation consulting strategy

The combination of digital transformation and agile helps us to focus on new changes within the plan rather than follow the old and strict rules and documentations.

2. Scaling With The Business Growth

Businesses tend to grow and change requirements more often than you think. Such new variations usually happen based on trends, altered customer behavior, and business growth. However, to accommodate such changes, a modified digital transformation strategy is necessary.

Additionally, the existing digital solutions need to be flexible enough to adapt to the times. In such a scenario, the agile approach helps us to create solutions that scale with the business as it grows.

3. Pivoting Made Easy

Lastly, beginning with a set plan is good, but it also needs to be flexible. Unforeseeable changes happen all the time during the R&D process, and a flexible plan can help with that. The fourth agile principle helps us to create a flexible plan that accommodates any sudden changes at any time.

And that’s how the four agile principles help us to digitally modify our client’s business. Now, before finishing off, let’s look at some major reasons why we choose this approach.

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Why We Like Going Agile For Your Digital Transformation Needs?

Due to many benefits, agile has broken its bounds of the IT industry. The use of agile in a digital transformation strategy helps focus on the solutions of real issues businesses face. This combination has a grounding effect on the otherwise lofty concept of hyper-business-automation.

Let us tell you about some major reasons why we prefer this approach when remodeling your business digitally.

Keeping Everyone Motivated

Our agile digital transformation roadmap puts the people involved in the project first. This empowers them to fulfill tasks with increased motivation. Additionally, this approach leans a lot on the personal and collaborative expertise of the team. This makes members feel responsible beyond the set tasks and keeps both the team and clients motivated to do the very best.

Did You Know? The majority of digital transformation attempts fail because of a DIY mentality. To really make the process a complete success, make sure you collaborate with proper experts who can bring added value to the transformation attempt and help you achieve all your goals.

Delivering Value Continuously

Traditional transformation efforts yield results over a longer period. However, those results can be ineffective sometimes. But our agile approach delivers continuous value that always measures up to the expectations.

We apply the agile mindset while creating a digital transformation strategy as well as the design and development solutions. The shorter sprints enable us to integrate new designs and features quickly. The faster the integration happens, the faster we can send it in for client review. The speedy process ensures that our clients can keep up with the changing digital world at all times.

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Improving Your Chance of Success

Regular & open collaboration helps to create a strong cross-organizational relationship. And such a relationship makes it possible to ensure continuous improvements, despite any difficulties.

The collaboration improves the existing knowledge on digital transformation trends for everyone. It lets them gather knowledge and implement it within the process. This way, the transformation efforts can keep up with the changing market trends effortlessly.

Eliminating The Risk Factors

For all its benefits, such transformation efforts are not without any risks. Multiple factors put the success of business conversion stages in danger. However, the use of agile makes it possible to remove the risk factors.

Our collaborative process and short sprints make it impossible for any mistakes to slip by. Additionally, the speed and efficiency make the whole process a lot more affordable. This is how an agile digital transformation strategy can make that transformation journey smooth & risk-free.

Unlocking The Secrets Of Digital Transformation Success: Our Agile Way!

Taking that first step towards the journey that is digital transformation seems daunting. But with proper agile digital transformation consulting it should become easier. To get the best results from this implementation is a little tricky though. You need to understand the true meanings of the Agile principles. And only then you’ll be able to reach the set goals. But if you are stuck, our in-house experts are always here to help.

Curious about how your business can transform digitally with agile support? Reach out to us and get started on the transformation journey.

digital transformation consulting

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