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Our web design process in a nutshell

From strategy workshop, user persona, information architecture, and wireframes to pixel-perfect icons and user interface, we make sure that every step in the design process is followed diligently. The result is a mobile friendly stunning B2B/ B2C website design that acquires, retains and delights your user.





Meaningful messaging; that connects instantly

Being impulsive is not our way. We pay a great amount of attention when it comes to building a narrative for a website which differentiates us as a leading web design company. Be it an enterprise website or a playful learning one, we write meaningful stories for every audience establishing a deeper connection that accelerates growth - resulting in a UX that is user-centric, exactly what users want. This differentiates us from ten other web design services in New York.

Mobile-first design, tangible reasons to believe its importance

In a time when going mobile is not a trend but a necessity, we focus on the mobile first web design, also recommended by Google. Going mobile first also helps our UX designers to craft consistent user experience across every leading mobile device. We sketch and prototype the smallest screen first and go way up to larger screens. And it makes sense because, with limited real estate on smaller screens, our UX designers prioritize the most crucial aspect of a website- the content.

It is imperative now to prepare for mobile-first indexing as Google will predominantly use the mobile version of a website for indexing and ranking.


Design principles that convert

According to research from Stanford University, 46.1% of people say a website’s design is the top criteria to decide if a company is credible or not. So it’s extremely important that your website design looks professional. That’s why we include these principles in our website design services.

Reduce the number of choices for your visitors

Leave plenty of white space around your content

Put CTAs and important messages on core visual areas

Use color and contrast to your advantage

Reinforce use of specific action with familiarity

Use consistent branding throughout the website

It’s in Unified Infotech’s DNA that reasons and emotions co-exist.

Let’s create success stories together.

Crafted to perfection.

A sneak peek into our best shots.