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Google announced a strategic partnership with the European Multinational software corporation SAP. They joined their hands to develop and assimilate Google’s best cloud and machine learning solutions into Sap enterprise application. The partnership includes new G suite integration, certification of the in-memory database SAP HANA on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), data governance collaboration and Google’s machine learning capabilities. This collaboration offers SAP enterprise solutions, Google Cloud, and customer more scope, scalability and an exciting opportunity to develop new products.

Head of Global Technology Partners, Google Cloud Nan Boden said, “Google Cloud is the first public cloud vendor to make SAP HANA express edition available to developers in an on-demand deployment model.” He also said, “In addition, we are also working closely with SAP to make SAP Cloud Platform available on GCP.”

Google Cloud is a Game Changer!

Google cloud is always being the game-changer for start-ups and smaller companies in their web development venture. Likewise, enterprises and many giants of the tech world has their own information technology infrastructure to run smoothly their business. Google plugged a fresh team with SAP SE to make the enterprise cloud more user-friendly. Equally, Google Cloud has the tendency to prove its success with partners. It rejects the products and it’s the keynote of their accomplishment.

SAP’s chief design officer and managing director of SAP Silicon Valley Mr. Sam Yen said, “Companies are more willing to go to the cloud.” SAP has said that flagship products will act on the Google Cloud Next in the latest announcement at Google Cloud Next. Yen said that Google’s own expertise marries SAP’s enterprise software at scale and infrastructure. Then end result can be bigger than the sum of its parts.

SAP Applications in the Cloud

GCP has now certified the SAP HANA database. The certification allows customers to run critical SAP applications and databases. The critical databases include SAP HANA on GCP through ongoing certification and integrations. This work will also include the availability of certain performance enhancements to ensure that GCP offers optimal performance for SAP HANA.

Nan Boden, Head of Global Technology said, “The partnership represents the start of a close engineering collaboration between SAP and Google. Google Cloud is the first public cloud vendor to make SAP HANA express edition available to developers in an on-demand deployment model. Developers can now use SAP HANA express edition to build custom enterprise applications on GCP. It has the flexibility of on-demand, near instantaneous deployment leveraging Google Cloud Launcher. In addition, we are also working closely with SAP to make SAP Cloud Platform available on GCP.”

GCP and G Suite is supported by Access Management (IAM) and SAP Cloud Platform’s Identity. This integration with Google allows customers to connect SAP with Google’s G Suite or GCP easily and securely. As a result, it gives access to their users to any application from any device and at any time.

Machine Learning for the Enterprises

Google is leading the industry and expands the access to machine learning benefits. Machine learning is top of the mind in Enterprise CIOs and developers. SAP and Google Cloud partnership will allow digital business transformation. Henceforth, the power of machine learning and integration to come handy. Thereupon, Google Cloud solutions include text, image, and APIs covering the speech. It also includes translation, and infrastructure for large-scale training and delivery of machine learning capabilities. Google and SAP collaborate to build a machine learning features into the intellectual application, for example, conversational apps that can guide users through complicated workflow and transactions.

Integrations in Productivity Apps

G-Cloud and SAP will fetch greater integration across joint applications and this will enable unified experiences to the users. For example, the combination of Gmail with SAP cloud for customers, a responsive CRM solution to allow users link email conversation, create new leads, search for duplicate contacts, tasks, opportunities, and visits directly from Gmail. There are other integrations like Sheets with SAP business object cloud, Calendar with Concur Tripit etc.

Colgate-Palmolive is a long-standing SAP customer and they are already seeing the benefits of the combined strength of SAP and G Suite.

Colgate-Palmolive always has an intensive IT strategy which relies on a trivial number of strategic partners that will include Google Cloud and SAP. They have been associated with SAP for 23 years and moved their employees to G Suite in 2016. They choose to partner with Google and SAP as they both are advanced and approach work collaboratively. The implementation took 6 months only and they are already working more easily and differently.

Greater Perceptibility and Control

Enterprise customers is ranging from on-premise to public cloud environments. It desire to reach insight and control over the access to their delicate data. GCP delivers a rich set of competencies around access control. It benefits from the scale, agility and global presence of a public cloud platform. It also audits and does encryption key management allowing customers to defend against inside access risk and external attacks.

This business collaboration imitates a bid by major internet companies such as Apple and Google to move into business software markets. SAP is a capital in enabling companies to operate on the emerging industrial internet.

SAP agreed with Apple last year to allow its 2.5 million developers to build SAP apps that run on iPhones and iPad tablets. Finally, they plan to introduce a software development kit for programmers later this month.

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