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How Does Accelerated Mobile Pages Help Your Business Grow Faster and Better?

Sep 21, 2017 | By: Pratip Biswas

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What's Inside

We have always been to a website that takes forever to load. Most of us don’t have much time to wait. In web design and technology world, faster is better! Unfortunately, nothing turns off a potential customer faster than a slow website. The website development world is always refining and come up with new techniques and tools to improve load times and now there is a new design tool that promises to do just that.

What is AMP?

AMP is a Google-funded project that objects of speeding up the delivery of content. It is done through the use of stripped-down code known as AMP HTML. In a simple term, AMP is a way to build web pages for static content. That indicates pages don’t change based on user behavior. It allows the pages to load and pre-render in Google search much faster than regular HTML.

AMP has garnered the response to projects such as Facebook Instant Articles. In which Facebook can host and host publishers’ content directly within their news feed. This is the process of inspecting a piece of content is much faster than the opening the equivalent web page in a mobile browser.

Facebook’s Instant Article technology is what’s known as closed. Thus, the technology castoff to display instant Article is specific to only their platform. The AMP project uses an open-source framework that can be used by a whole host of other companies. That to serve content that is been built using AMP HTML. It includes platforms as Pinterest, Twitter and Google search, is a big news for content publishers.

How Will Accelerated Mobile Pages be Used?

Google is using AMP to serve content on mobile devices without users having to click through to a website to view the content. Pages that have a valid AMP version will be served within the result. The rest of the result for a particular topic will be a carousel.

Example: the top stories unit of Google’s result shows of “mars” related stories on AMP version. The picture shows the news and regular results for the query. This is no doubt a huge opportunity for publishers who have created AMP versions to outrank others who are slow to adopt AMP.

Here are some remarkable benefits that marketers can get from using AMP in their business. And, here are these!

Supporting Ad Networks

AMP goes for supporting the humongous scope of promotion systems, ad networks, advancements, and organizations. The primary motive of the AMP pages is to convey the advertisements that are quick alongside turning the way content looks. Fundamentally, it will even pull in the consideration of the viewers, which is incredible for any site. In addition, it will likewise help the sponsors in expanding and enhancing the ROI on ad spend. Along these lines, AMP will bolster promotion organizes in any case.

Better Search Engines

Utilizing Accelerated Mobile Pages won’t just give you quicker web pages, yet in addition improved search engine rankings. The reason that AMP supports the page loading times and even the mobile friendliness, a site created with AMP will help the page loading times and even the kind disposition with the mobile. Furthermore, the outcome will be higher rankings and speedier loading site pages fighting those slower and unresponsive websites.

Improves the Experience

AMP gives a superior experience to the clients. The vast majority of the general population are utilizing mobile nowadays. Also, all they need is a better experience that can enhance the engagement with their clients. On taking a closer look of AMP, you will see that it is a great deal cleaner. Along these lines, the motivation behind why the greater part of the general population is going towards AMP is the better experience that they are getting while at the same time perusing the websites on mobiles.


The development part of utilizing AMP is astonishing. Innovation in anything will clearly enhance it. Along these lines, if you are making your site qualified for Accelerated Mobile Pages, it won’t just help in situating you as the pioneer, yet additionally as a go-to-source. In this way, from the advertising perspective, the site may pick up the extra recognition, which will take your business to another level.

Limitations of AMP

AMP HTML is developed to recover both the rapidity and readability of content. It is also meaning the code used is deeply stripped-down. There are some visual limits to this approach, which are as follows:

• A streamlined version of your CSS will be required

• No JavaScript will be entertained other than an off-the-shelf AMP library

• Images will only load when you scroll down to them (lazy load functionality)

Do I need AMP website?

The great inquiry, Google said “publishers” so we think they implied for enormous sites like Guardian, Bloomberg, LinkedIn and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. These sites have a lot of data and activity, diminish the heap time and a straightforward code will drastically build the quality of users.

You likewise need to realize that now when you seek on Google with your mobile devices, you’ll see a name that shows a page is AMP’d. You need to realize that not formally but rather, AMP website pages more inclined to show signs of improvement put on the web search tool and in addition versatile adaptations and responsive.

We know the significance of Accelerated Mobile Pages for news, websites and online magazines, web-based business and different business sorts. Be that as it may, for better client encounter, we suggest as opposed to helping only for mobile users, we want to help all clients portable and desktop both. Our development group will make your business site with an insignificant conceivable code to help run faster.

Pratip Biswas

Pratip Biswas

Founder, Unified Infotech

I am an Entrepreneur and a Tech Geek with more than 1500 successful projects launched. I share my experience through my love for writing and help other entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

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