May 07, 2019

How to Create A Dating App – Complete Strategy For You

Finding love has been an eternal quest for us human beings. With so many books, movies and stories all revolving around finding The One, it’s not a wonder that even today we are in one way or another fixated on finding our one true love.

But we are living in 2019. It seems everything can be solved by creating an app! Ain’t it?

Fortunately for the hopeless romantics, today we have a better chance of finding love, thanks to applications like Tinder. By assessing how to create a dating app, startups are making it easy and simple to find the right match anytime anywhere. To make it easy for your business idea as well, this article focuses on building a dating application.

History of Dating Apps – Where Did It Come From?

Skipping over the long history of personal ads from the 17th to 19th century, we can begin at the year of 1965, when a bunch of Harvard undergrads created Operation Match, world’s first computer operated matchmaking service. For $3, you could answer a few questions, and the service would give you a list of potential matches. The process sounds familiar you say? That’s cause many matchmaking applications and websites still use this process.

how to create a dating app

But it was only with the occurrence of in 1995 that online matchmaking ‘site’ began its journey. By 2007, meeting people online and going on dates with them had become normalized.

What started with a five-ton mainframe computer, is now at the palm of our hands now. No wonder mobile app development to find dates is so popular now.

What makes this online approach so popular among the people? Let’s look at the reasons for the rise in popularity.

With That Being Said, You Might Be Thinking Why Dating Apps Are Becoming So Popular?

Even when 60% male and 70% female population of the US admit that they have never tried online dating, the rising popularity tells a different tale. In the US alone, the revenue churned out by these apps is near about $1667 million.

rise in dating apps

So what is the reason for this amount of popularity? What makes these apps so lovable to the users? There are some solid reasons for that!

1. Desire To Connect Meets Desire To Simplify

As human beings, we are supposed to want to meet and connect with other human beings. We are also wired to find simpler solutions to the problems we face. These two qualities met and became the perfect match.

And that’s how we got dating apps.

It is that simple. Since finding someone to be with seemed harder, our brain found a simpler and non-scary way of finding and meeting people. It’s simple and easy. That’s all it needs to be.

2. Internet Popularity

Previously there may have been a stigma about looking for people to date online. People thought only losers signed up on such platforms.

But the world has changed today. From paying bills to ordering groceries, everything is online now. So it is obvious that even dating is going to become online. As the popularity of the internet increases, so does the popularity of online dating.

app development tricks

And now, people think only weirdos have never given online dating a chance. Well, times change, but judgy people don’t.

3. Tailor Made For Your Preferences

It is not easy to find a ‘tall blonde partner with brown eyes who is an astronomy enthusiast’ and also speaks five languages.

Okay, the above preferences may not match yours, but when you are looking online, it’s easier to find people who match your specific preferences.

Apps and websites like Jdate, Christian Mingle have made it easy for people to find matches based on their religion. There is even a site for finding your match based on the things you hate!

It’s a crazy world, but with dating applications, you can find the right match for you, no matter how picky you are.

4. Less Intimacy, Easy To Find

Many say they don’t like looking for someone to date online because it takes the intimacy out of getting to know someone. But for some, this is the exact reason why they got into dating apps in the first place.

The fact is, people are busy today. They don’t have time to sit down and write long romantic love letters, or sit down and chat to find out more about one another. Even if they do, and it doesn’t work out, it’ll be a waste of time and energy.

Enter apps like Tinder and Bumble. With these apps, you can decide if someone seems worth your time and energy, and go from there. Not to mention that many people nowadays suffer from fear of intimacy, and they are giving them the perfect platform to find someone for them.

There you go. Now that we have convinced you about the rising popularity, we can now talk about how to create an online dating app or the cost of making an online dating app. But before we talk about how to create your own app for Android or iOS, let’s look at the competition.

So, How to Create a Dating App?

Before we go in-depth on how to build a dating application, here are the steps:

have a dating app idea?

1. Competition Study – Analyze your Rivals

The market is flooded with dating apps and you want your application to be the best of them. Which is why it’s important for you to study your competition well.

With a thorough study of your competition, you’d be able to understand what is the reason for their success or failure. And you can use that understanding in your own venture. Take a close look at their features, and figure out what they are doing differently. They are all more or less the same, with minor differences. And these minor differences are what sets them apart. With this study of their unique features, you’ll make sure that you don’t end up accidentally repeating any on your platform.

2. How to Create The Matching Algorithm?

Most of the dating app builder believe that at the end of the day it’s the algorithm voodoo that brings people together. But that’s not the case all the time.

According to the study, 64% of people said that they look for people based on common interest, and 49% of people said they look for people who they find attractive. So at the end of the day, there is not much math involved in here.

how to create a dating app with right algorithm

Dating app developers today are experimenting with Artificial Intelligence and dating apps. With the application of AI in such apps, things are bound to change in the online matchmaking market scenario in the next twenty years.

So when you are thinking about how to develop a dating app consider how you are going to match people with each other. You need to create your application to caters to the user’s preferences. This can easily be done with the help of a simple questionnaire at the beginning of the signup process. So what do you need to look into? 

a. ‘Locating’ The Perfect Person

It’s all in the location. It is always easier for your user to be matched and go on dates with someone close to them. So you can apply a GPS based location system in your dating app to find potential matches for the user.

This way they can easily find a list of all the people who can be the potential match, and all of these people on the list will be from the same city.

You can add a special monetization feature with this, where the users will pay to expand their search and match radius. This is not only going to increase their chances of romance but generates revenue for you as well.

b. The Math Of Love

Did you ever think during those boring maths classes that maths will one day help you find the one?

None of us did. But it is true. You can implement a math-based system to match the users with each other. It is based on the questionnaire, which the users need to fill up when they sign up for the service. Once they have filled out the forms, it’s time for math to do its magic.

This technique is used to assess the compatibility level of two users based on the answers they have given to the questions. When the compatibility level is higher than a certain number, they are matched with each other.

c. Match According To Behaviour

The sad thing about any kind of online platform is that people tend to lie about many things. Which is why you should go with the behavior based matching technique. This is basically a Big-Data based approach to match the users on a dating app.

It is a bit more complicated than location-based or simple question-answer based solution, but it is more accurate. With this, you are going to analyze the data of the users collected from different sources such as social media accounts, groups they are part of, their profile, etc.

With this approach, there will be less catfishing on your platform.

d. Advanced Techniques For Making A Match

Along with our watches and phones, dating apps too are getting smarter.

With advanced techniques like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, VR and AR are revolutionizing the online match finding scene. This way you can provide more accurate matches for the users. The popular machine learning technology used in Netflix is being used in dating applications today.

There are plenty of matching techniques you can add to your app. Whichever you choose to go with, make sure that the matches made between the users are good. Otherwise, people will use your platform less and less.

3. Keep the Security Top-notch. It is The Basic Need

For all its good uses, online dating also comes with its downsides. Without proper security, such online platforms can easily become the playground for creeps and frauds. So if you want to know how to make a dating app for Android or iOS, you need to make sure that your app is safe for people to use.

You need to follow a thorough app security checklist to ensure the security of your users.  Use a profile verification method to verify the profile of those who are joining the platform. With the help of social media and phone number verification, you can make sure that the people who are joining your app are legit and are not pretending to be someone else.

how to create a dating app with security

Dating app Bumble has gone another step ahead and added photo verification to their app. With this, the user needs to upload a selfie in a specific pose, like flashing a peace sign on the app to get verified. And that is how Bumble has stopped catfishing on their app.

4. Important Features To Implement in Your Dating App

To make a dating platform like Tinder, you need to incorporate some features in your application. You will see these features on every dating platform, only in different styles. So what are these basic yet important features?

a. A Thorough Verification System

This one is without a question the most important one. Without a thorough verification system, your platform is going to become a wonderland for creeps and frauds. So adding a good and secure verification system is important to secure the experience of your users.

how to create a dating app like badoo

Add a social media verification system to make sure the person is who they are saying they are. You can also add a phone number verification system and a photo verification system. In brief, you have to implement a strong and secure verification system for the safety of your users.

b. Matching With Your Objective

The users should have an option to express their objective o their profile. An online dating app user can have many reasons for using the service. It can be for a long term relationship or a quick and casual affair. Whatever it is, they should have an option to state that on their profile.

Along with that, they should also get matches with similar objectives. It’s no use for someone who is looking for a serious relationship to be matched with those who are looking for a casual hook up.

c. In-app Messaging

There is no point in having a dating app and not having a messaging feature. With this feature, users can connect with each other and talk to each other, planning dates and meetings. This will help them not only in getting closer but also in understanding whether this match is worth investing their time on or not.

d. Giving You The Perfect First Date Idea

This is a fun feature for you to add to your app. Most of the time people are stumbling with the perfect first date idea. They don’t know whether they should go for a formal dinner or a casual coffee.

With this feature, you can make sure that they have the perfect first date. By giving them quirky and fun first date ideas that they would remember forever, you will make sure your dating application becomes the apple of their eye.

e. Undoing The Mistaken Swipe Or Like

Many times we have mistakenly swiped right when really, we wanted to swipe left.

Give people a chance to undo their mistake when you are planning on how to create your own dating platform. They might have accidentally tapped on like for someone’s profile when they didn’t want to. Give them a small window of opportunity to undo their choices. This will increase their chances of ending up with someone they actually like.

f. See The Preference – Do They Like The Same Thing As You

For a lot of people, not liking the same movie or tv series is a deal-breaker.

So it makes sense if they can see the basic preferences for their matches on your application. Let them dedicate a small portion of their profile to their favorite music, shows, and tv series. This is going to help them create that perfect ice-breaking conversation.

5. Ready To Build An Amazing Dating Experience? Wait. What Is The Tech Stack?

Making a dating application comes with its own responsibilities, like knowing the technology stack. Development of dating app by Unified’s specialists includes the following tools and technologies, but of course, it would vary depending on your requirements.

  • Programming tools: Kotlin, Swift, and Java
  • Database: MongoDB, SQL, Redis
  • Framework: Express.Js, React Node.Js
  • Web Server: Nginx, AWS
  • Payment Gateway integration: Stripe, CCAvenue, PayPal

In addition, Google Analytics, Twilio and Google Maps will be needed. Again it can depend on your feature list, functionality and type of dating app you want to build.  

6. Cost Of Creating A Dating App

The cost of developing an application depends on the features used in it. Just like that, the cost of dating platform also depends on various aspects of the app.

If you want to know how to make a dating app for iPhone and the cost, you can shoot us an email with your requirements and we will tell you.

For a detailed cost estimation for creating your dating app, you can look here.

What’s Next? Ways to Earn Money From Your App!

There is no rule saying you can’t make money while helping people find love. But how much money do dating applications make?

With the right app monetization strategy, you can make millions with your application. Tinder made roughly $400 million in revenue in the year 2017.

how to create a dating app monetization

These monetization ideas include-

1. In-app Purchases

Basic and simple, this is a straightforward way of making money with your app. Offer people with the chance of making in-app purchases, like keys and coins to get access to premium features or to look at more choices.

2. In-app Ads

In-app ads are the most well-known monetization strategy for your idea. With relevant ads, you can generate revenue.

3. Premium Access

By offering people subscription-based access to the premium features, you can easily monetize your application. Make sure to offer multiple tiers of subscription plans for all kinds of users.

4. Unique Monetization

Besides the above-mentioned monetization techniques, you can also make a partnership with local cafes and restaurants, gift shops to generate revenue. These establishments can not only advertise themselves on your platform, but your application can also promote them as dating sites, and great gift buying shops.

Lastly, Who are Your Competitors? A Look At Popular Dating Apps

The most popular question when it comes to creating a dating platform is- “how to create a dating app like tinder?” to know the answer, you have to know well about Tinder first.

The app stores are swelling with applications that promise to help you find your match. Each of them is promising different things, from finding your eternal match to a quick hook up. But are they all similar? Or are they doing things differently? Let’s find out.

1. Tinder

Whether you have tried online dating or not, Tinder is a name you just know. It’s a location-based online dating application that makes it easy to connect with people.

how to create a dating app like Tinder

The format of Tinder is simple and fun. The matches are shown based on your location. You can swipe right if you like someone, left if you don’t like someone, and swipe up if you super like someone.

If both people end up swiping right on each other, then it’s a match. After a match is made you can message the person and go from there.

Tinder has become so popular because it has made it simpler to show interest in someone. Earlier you had to make a detailed profile on the matchmaking websites and answer a hundred questions before you could start looking. And when you did find someone you liked, you had to initiate a conversation with them.

But with Tinder, all you have to do is to swipe left, right or up. And no one will know where you swiped until it’s a match. It’s a fun, easy and safe way of browsing for a potential partner.

2. Now

Even busy bees deserve a chance at romance, and the app called Now is providing them with just that. It is an app for hardcore professionals who are busy with their lives and jobs but also want to find someone online.

app like Now

But the USP of Now is not just being another one of the dating apps. As we began with the emphasis with busy bees who don’t have a lot of time on their hands, Now is a perfect platform for them. You can define your schedule and when you are free so that setting up a meeting becomes easy and flawless.  

3. Bumble

Changing the online dating game a little, Bumble is offering a woman-centric system. What does that mean?

It means that on Bumble, the woman is the one who begins the conversation. Guys have to wait till the lady herself sends the first message to start the conversation. But if the guy does not reply within 24 hours, then the match expires.

how to create a dating app like Bumble

The main goal bumble is trying to accomplish is to get a real conversation going. And dating is not the only aspect of bumble. There is also Bumble BFF in case you are looking for a best friend and Bumble Bizz for networking and business.

Its features are a lot similar to that of Tinder but the simple fact that it lets the ladies initiate the conversation make it unique on its own, increasing its popularity even more.

4. Coffee Meets Bagel

Don’t we all love coffee and bagel?

Coffee Meets Bagel is another app that gives power to the ladies. Every day, the coffee, aka the men would get 21 matches for bagels, aka the women. They can like or pass off on the matches, and then the ladies would be presented with the best of the male candidates who expressed their interest.

how to create a dating app like CMB

This is a very efficient style of choosing someone, especially for ladies. This unique way of choosing people is what made Coffee Meets Bagel such a successful one.

5. Hily- Hey I Like You

Becoming famous for only having verified profiles on their app, Hily aka Hey I Like You is becoming more and more popular every day.

The simple and easy to use interface is what makes it popular among the userbase. Targeted at the 18+ crowd, Hily is providing a safe and secure platform for online dating with their strict policy about inappropriate content on their app.

how to create a dating app like HILY

The messaging feature on this app opens when there is a mutual like. Which means no spam messages from unwanted people.

The app analyses the user behavior in the app, which means the more you use the app, the more it gets to know you. And the more it gets to know you, the more chances of success you have on this app.

6. Grindr

Grindr is breaking grounds with its target audience. When all online dating websites and apps were being directed at the straight people, Grindr came out exclusively for Gay men. The demographic was untouched and Grindr was the first one ever to tap into this market.

With its a simple and straightforward approach, Grindr lets men meet men. Once the user has downloaded the app and signed in, they have to upload their profile photo and a short description. So, Grindr can be an option if you are looking for how to make a dating app.

how to create a dating app like Grindr

It is a geolocation-based dating platform. The matches shown will be of guys in your locality and closer to that who are also using the app. Once you find someone you like, you can start up a conversation and meet up.

There is also an added feature called Xtra, which allows the user to see and connect with more guys than the ones in their locality. They can also find and connect with guys from all around the world.

7. HER

If gay men have Grindr, lesbian women have HER.

The app is a dating community for lesbian women. It is another example of a niche dating app targeting lesbian women and not only helping them find the perfect match but also creating a safe and secure community for them, to speak about their issues.

how to create a dating app like Her

What is unique about the app is that it is not just for meeting potential partners. As founder and CEO Robyn Exton says, women are not just looking for hot or not, they are looking to chat and meet up and go to events together. Women are more interested in connecting with people than just going for a casual hook up.

This is why HER is such a great app for lesbian women. They are not only meeting their potential partners here but also their best friends. This is a community that is helping them deal with their problems in the bravest and fun way possible.

8. Elite Singles

A dating site made for a more mature crowd, Elite Single has created its own niche. Trying to move away from the hookup stigma that any and all dating app carries, Elite Singles has become one of the best dating apps for relationships.

how to create a dating app like Elite

Around 90% of its users are over thirty, with 80% percent of them having university degrees. It is no wonder that the Elite Single community is for a more exclusive community of people looking for a serious relationship.

Bonus: How to Create a Dating Website?

Creating an app and website goes hand in hand today. Having an app is not enough, you need a strong online presence for that app as well, which is why you need a website too.

Apps such as eharmony started with an online dating site and later evolved into an app. Just like that you too need to have an online dating website for your app. But how to make an online dating website? How much does it cost to build a dating website?

how to create a dating app

Besides stunning website design, there are a few necessary features you need when creating your online dating website. These features are-

Creating A Profile

Obviously, a dating website needs to have a ‘create a profile feature’. Choosing to remain anonymous on a dating website is suspicious. Which is why adopting transparency and having the users create a profile is the best way to go.

The users can create their profile and add their own profile photos. Their profile page should be easy to find and easy to edit with all the relevant information. Let them incorporate a short description and their own objective, what they are looking for on the website.

You should also have them answer questions which will help to show them matches relevant to their preferences. Smart filtering option should also be available for them to filter out the users they do not want to see.

Easy Communication

The communication aspect is something that you can not skip on, whether you are creating a website or an app. If matched, two people should be able to communicate and talk via easy messaging feature.

Once again you need to add filtering feature here as well so that people don’t receive inappropriate messages without their consent. There should also be a blocking feature that enables users to block people they don’t want to receive texts from. So keep communication easy when you think of how to create a dating website.

Easy Search And Match

No one likes it when they can’t find something they want easily. Same goes for online dating websites.

In order to make the dating website successful, you need to add an easy search and match feature. With this, users can find people based on their own preference and match with them. It will make it easy for users to find their partner on the website.

Monetization Once Again

Even your website needs to be monetized. To get a return on the amount of money time and energy you’ll be putting into the website, you have to use a good enough monetization strategy.

how to create a dating app and earn money

You can obviously choose website ads. This is the easiest way of monetizing your app. Or you can choose to go with premium plans, where you give access to some special features on your website for a price. Make sure that your monetization strategy is befitting your website when you strategize how to create a dating website.

Need Of Proper Security

Whether you are planning about how to make a dating app or a dating website. And in the case of a dating website, this holds truer than anything.

Online dating websites can become a great place for frauds and cheats to take advantage of innocent people. So make sure you have proper precautions against people with malicious intent.

The user data needs to be protected, so make sure that no hacker hacks into your website and steals user data. You don’t want the Ashley Madison case to be repeated for your website.

The Bottomline

Finding love is not easy. But with dating apps, we are getting closer to a future when finding the one won’t be so hard. So if you are planning on making an app but still have not given a thought to what kind of app you are going to make, then give them a try.

And if you have already thought and planned about how to create a dating app, then what are you waiting for? 

how to create a dating app choosing right developer

Who knows, maybe some lonely soul out there is waiting to meet their perfect match on your app!

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