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ANSWERED: How To Make A Radio App?

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Online music streaming is the new age entertainment mantra for the generation now. Previously, we delved into the on-demand music streaming apps segment. We discussed what it takes to launch a music app.

Remember the days of music over radios and transistors. Holding a little box with speakers close to the ear. Or trying to find the right frequency in a big box like radio.

Well, the world has moved on from traditional music channels to new age entertainment. Affordable smartphones and high-speed internet have opened doors for online music.

Apart from on-demand music streaming apps, radio apps have become the perfect source of entertainment.

What is a radio app?

What the market has to say about it?

Do you want to look into radio station app development prospects and elements?

Most Importantly, how to make a radio app like Pandora?

We have curated all those details right here to help you get started!

United States Online Radio Statistics

Online Radio is a significant contributor to the radio segment of the United States. As per Statista, around 61% of the population hooked onto online radio in 2017. Pandora Music and iHeart Radio are some of the popular radio apps in the market.

how to make a radio app stats
Sourec: Statista for Pandora Revenue

Techcrunch reports, in the third quarter of 2018, Pandora generated revenue of USD 417.6 million. It registered a 16% year-on-year growth. Therefore, it is evident that there is a rising demand for online radio apps in the United States market.

But What is Pandora Music Anyway?

Ever wondered what is Pandora Music?

How did it make to the top spot?

how to make a radio app like Pandora

Well, let me tell you that Pandora is the market leader in radio and music app segment. It is currently one of the largest music apps and digital advert platforms. Recently acquired by Sirius XM Holdings Inc. it is the proprietary of Music Genome Project. It channels nearly 70 million users per month.

Want to know what features made Pandora a hit in the market? Let’s explore.

Pandora Features that Redefined  The Radio App

Want to live your music dream in a radio? Pandora can do it for you.

Such are the features of Pandora Music. It understands music preferences like no other. Let’s look into the elements of Pandora before you get into the radio station app development mode.

1. User-Centric Music Choices Define Your Own Music Choice

Pandora has the unique ability to understand listener preference like no other. You can create your very own radio station. The choices can be made based on artists, genres or favorite songs. Pandora gives a personalized music experience.

You can even set an alarm with one of your free music stations. So, you wake up to a musical morning. It has snooze facility also. There is a high-quality audio streaming option that you can enable too.

All this you can get with the Free Pandora Radio account.

2. How Pandora Lets You Socialize?

Want to share your music experience on social media? Pandora has that covered. Share your favorite tracks on various social media platforms.

You can even publish your activity on Facebook. In addition, you can share the stations you are listening to or what you like.

how to make a radio app screens play store

There is an option to socialize on Pandora also. You can give “Thumbs Up” to a song. And, Pandora starts playing similar tracks to that you like.

3. Personalization at its Best

Pandora notifies you about the popular radio station in your location. It also has a Feed section that updates you with the new songs added to the radio station of your choice. It keeps track of your old songs as well. A history of the songs is there which you can access even after playing them.

4. Offline Mode and Skips/Replays – Never Miss Out on Music Even When Offline

You can play your favorite station even without an internet connection. Pandora allows offline listening for four stations. You can skip and replay as many songs you like. All this comes in with ad-free music.

music streaming app development cta

You can avail these features with the Pandora Plus plan. The cost breakdown is here… 

The Pandora Plus plan comes at a monthly subscription of  USD 4.99 or  USD 54.89 per annum. There are two other subscriptions for Pandora. The Premium plan is for USD 9.99 per month or USD 109.89 yearly. The Premium Family plan is retailed at USD 14.99 USD monthly or USD 164.89 per annum.

5. Voice Command

Pandora made a statement this year with the addition of Voice Mode as one of the prime features. It acts as your personal music assistant. Pandora has combined the search and preferences to the recommendation through the Voice mode.

But Why Pandora? How is Pandora Different from Spotify?

By now, you must be thinking Pandora might be just another music app. Much like Spotify. But it is a whole lot different. It is its uniqueness that stands out to attract its dedicated user base.

how to make a radio app like Pandora or Spotify battle

Before you consider how to make a radio app like Pandora, let’s read out how Pandora is different from its competitors.

1. Users Can Enjoy On-Demand Music Plan

Yes, it’s true. Pandora being a radio app also doubles up as an on-demand music app.

This is available through Pandora Premium plan. You can search and play tracks of your choice with this subscription. There is an option to create customizable playlists. And, you can also listen to your favorite music offline. You have higher audio quality and longer timeouts.

All this, in addition to your radio app functionalities.

2. Recommendations Just According To Your Music Interest

Pandora suggests fresh music options for your taste. The app keeps track of your music preferences and suggests songs accordingly. With Spotify, you do not have this advantage. You listen to popular artists only.

Pandora offers personalization of music preferences along with room for fresh music.

Though Spotify is a tough contender in the music app segment, it is Pandora that stands out with its offerings.

Excited To Create A Radio Station App? Let Me Tell You The Factors You Should Consider First!

Now you know why Pandora holds a strong position in the market. With this, it is important to understand the elements for radio app station development. Before you jump into the bandwagon, it is important to consider certain factors.

1. Do You Have Proper Licensing and Permissions?

This is an important element to your radio app. In order to develop an app like Pandora, you have to consider music streaming permissions. Getting a music license for your radio app is a costly affair. So, before you start to create radio app like Pandora, shortlist on the music type and regional categories.

In most cases, music preference is directly linked to geography. So, it is important to understand geography music demands before license purchases. Also, formulate a mechanism to recover the costs.

2. Which Database Will You Go For Music Streaming?

In order to play music, you need an effective database. With such a vast amount of data, it is better to use a cloud-based storage and sourcing solution. It reduces the unwanted cost of hardware purchases.

Another vital factor in this is the use of advanced search and streaming tools. AWS can be used for this functionality.

3. Is You Radio App’s UI UX Design Better Than the Others?

What will the user see first in your radio app?

It is not music, but the app itself. Hence, it is essential to understand the outlook of a music app. You need to design your radio app accordingly. This will help you drive the user interests and engagement.

A lot of new elements are being added to mobile design rapidly. You need professional app designing assistance to ace in the game.

4. Recommendation Engine you Need To Create a Radio Mobile App

How to make a radio app like Pandora? Get a first-class recommendation algorithm. As said earlier, music recommendation is the USP for Pandora. You can get a competitive edge with this feature as well.

There are two types of recommendation algorithms that you can use. One is collaborative filtering and the other one is the content-based algorithm.

In the case of a collaborative filtering algorithm, the suggestions are based on user ratings. So, the radio app suggests tracks popular among a larger segment. The content-based algorithm, on the other hand, suggests music based on what you liked in the past.

But is Pandora earning enough? Let’s find out.

How does Pandora like radio app make Money?

Revenue is what you need the most from your radio app. Hence, you need an effective monetization model to develop an app like Pandora. There are two ways by which Pandora generates revenue.

Earnings from Ad-Supported Free Service

This is the basic subscription for Pandora users. You do not pay anything to listen to radio station music. But, you get ads played in between. There is an option to like or dislike a track with “Thumbs Up” or Thumbs Down”.

Once a song is disliked, it never plays back again for the user.

Paid Subscriptions For Premium Service

There are two paid subscription plans for Pandora.

Pandora Plus is the ad-free subscription with a listening permit of 4 radio stations offline. You can replay tracks and receive better audio quality. There is a longer timeout period with this subscription.

how to make a radio app like pandora subscriptions

Pandora Premium is the ultimate plan wherein you enjoy radio and on-demand streaming both. You get customizable playlists and offline music along with other benefits of Pandora Plus plan.

There is another plan for family members as well. It offers all the benefits of Pandora Premium subscription to 6 users simultaneously.

Wait! There is more. You earn from your radio app through some other ways as well. Just read on!

Other Ways to Earn Money if You Create a Radio Station App like Pandora

Paid subscriptions and adverts are the conventional revenue generation models put to use by Pandora. But you can get creative in this segment as well. Let’s show you some other ways with which your radio app can generate profits.

Advertising Remodeled

OK, so you are already playing ads in between songs.

But do you know you can put adverts on your app screen as well? You can intelligently place ads on a specific section of a screen which is visible to the listener. This way you get to run ads without interrupting the music. If the listener feels like, he can click on the ad.

Show the Freemium users What They are Missing Out

You already provide the best features and music to the Premium users. But do the freemium users know about it?

Are they aware of the incredible benefits they are missing out on?

You can do that while playing a song or looking for a piece of music. Suppose, a listener is looking for a particular song. Your app shows the song. But as he tries to play it, drop in a voice saying “If you want to listen to this number, just subscribe”.

These prompts work very effectively towards increasing subscription counts or user base.

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Try it and you won’t regret!

Break it Down with In-App Purchases

Sometimes, buying a whole plan might pinch your users. So, you can break it down for them. You can offer certain flash offers for them. Like, access to the music from a certain genre at a discount price. Or access to music from a specific artist.

This way you keep your listeners happy while earning from unconventional subscription offerings. And who knows, they might end up being Premium users in some time.

It is not only about “how to make a radio app”, but also about “how to earn from it”.

Partnering with Advertisers for Incentivized Advertising

This is a great way to earn from your radio app. You can join forces with certain advertisers. They offer rewards to your listeners when they perform certain actions. It can be an in-app purchase for listening to a track maybe. And, you can have a share of that reward as your earning also.

Thus, a win-win for all!

how to make a radio app and earn from

Try Considering Affiliate Marketing

You can gain profits based on performance through affiliate marketing.

Let’s break it down for you!

A brand approaches you with an ad banner proposal for its app. Your radio app features the brand while playing music. Your listeners get interested in the app and click on the download option flashing in your app screen.

And voila! You get paid for the installation or the download.

Interesting right? You can consult your radio app developer regarding the proper implementation of this feature.

How Would You Choose Right Radio App Developers? 4 Steps to Follow

Now that you are aware of how to develop an app like Pandora, you need radio app developer for the job.

But how would do you know who is right for the job?

We got your back!

1. Look for a Diverse Portfolio

Look into the developer’s work profile. If you consider deploying a development team, then ask if they have worked on similar projects before. If so, so you can discuss how to make a radio app more user-centric and business viable at the same time… 

Since they have already worked on such an app project, they will know what is hot in the market. You can even add a feature that is unique. This makes a significant difference to your radio app.

2. Experience – Those Work Years Count

Yes, that’s right. Those years of experience are a big advantage to you. If you are looking for an effective radio app developer, go for the experienced ones. They have a few tricks up their sleeves which can be a booster to your app.

3. Do they have a Design Team?

What will be the first look for your radio app?

Yes, its the look and feel. If you want your audience hooked onto the app, you need a super design. One that has a catchy appearance with easy navigation and search/play option. That is possible if there is an experienced and expert design team at the disposal.

4. What are Others Saying?

Look for reviews and testimonials by other people and companies for whom the radio app developer has worked for. This will give you a fair idea about their work culture and delivery potential.

You can also get in touch with some people who can provide valuable information regarding the developer team.


Online Music Streaming is a booming entertainment segment that is set to flourish in the coming years. With the rise in “on the go” entertainment, millennials are hooked onto their phones. Radio app station development offers a new business prospect in this arena.

Are you looking for insight into the radio station app development?

Do you have a radio app in mind?

We can help you get started! Just give us a buzz!

how to make a radio app and its cost

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