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E-commerce Mobile App Development with PWAs

Sep 14, 2017 | 4 Minutes Read

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PWAs or Progressive Web Apps offer quick, frictionless, “application-like” encounters driving more activity, higher conversions, and quicker page stack times for Magento merchants.

Magento Commerce, the overall pioneer in digital commerce cloud advancement and E-commerce mobile app development, is reconsidering mobile shopping encounters through the development of all-new progressive web apps (PWAs) for Magento vendors. PWAs offer quick, frictionless encounters that will drive more activity, higher transformation rates and expanded revenue volumes for Magento merchants around the world. Magento will team up with Google, utilizing Google’s technical aptitude and best practice insight as Magento conveys native PWA capabilities to the full Magento Commerce community in 2018.

What are PWAs and How Do They Work?

Progressive Web Apps (appealing, right?) truly are the best of both, meeting up to join the best bits of mobile and web functionality! By doing this, PWAs offer a similar reflexive affair you would expect from a local application, however without any difficulty and comfort of a web browser.

They’re lightning snappy and don’t should introduce or redesign. When added to a smartphone home screen, they download extra abilities silently. This works in light of the fact that PWAs are actually quite recently standard website pages that “live” on a client’s home screen!

Characteristics of PWA’s

Here’s the low-down on all the great features a PWA has to offer:

Progressive: They work on any gadget, exploiting any highlights accessible on the client’s gadget and browser.

Responsive: A Progressive Web Application adjusts to the UI to fit the gadgets frame factor and screen size.

App-Like: A dynamic web application should resemble a native application and based on the application shell model, with insignificant page refreshes.

Installable: A dynamic web application can be introduced on the gadget’s home screen, making it promptly accessible.

Safe: Because a dynamic web app has a more intimate client encounter. On the grounds that all network requests can capture through service workers, it is imperative that the application is facilitated over HTTPS to prevent man in the middle attacks.

Dive Deeper!

Alex Komoroske, Group Product Manager at Google. “PWAs are the new standard for building a modern web experience,” he further said, “We’re excited to see Magento’s continued investment in the technologies required to create modern shopping experiences.

According to a Report – May 2017 from Forrester

Mobile web traffic will outpace desktop by 2019. Yet the mobile web has stayed awkward with change rates adamantly low despite improved “responsive” encounters. Native applications have reliably demonstrated higher portable transformation rates. Because of slicker encounters. However, a couple of shippers have abundant spending plans to contribute. And a couple of buyers try to download an application essentially to influence a one-time opportunity to buy.

PWAs mix the best highlights of websites and mobile applications. It offers the responsiveness and reflexive experience of native apps. Through the momentary gratification of a mobile browser. While additionally lightening the hassle of downloading and introducing an app.

“PWAs use the latest browser technologies to meld the accessibility of the web with the presence of the mobile app,” said Jason Wong, Research Director at Gartner. “It’s only a matter of time before PWAs become the new standard for web interactions, just as responsive design has become the norm rather than the exception.”

Magento and Google Merge

Partnering with Google, Magento returns web collaboration on the map! Magento stands amongst the most broadly received eCommerce stages. Google the most mainstream internet searcher, so by bringing PWAs into the Magento stage. They’re genuinely ready to end up noticeably the new standard for ground breaking eCommerce brands.

Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento, stated, “We see PWAs as a natural evolution of the mobile web, and by working with industry leaders such as Google to develop PWAs, we plan to keep merchants ahead of the curve.” He said further, “Magento is committed to helping our merchants deliver commerce experiences that are on the forefront of digital innovation and has a history of delivering leading mobile commerce capabilities that drive top-line revenue growth,” He further added, “We see PWAs as a natural evolution of the mobile web, and by working with industry leaders such as Google to develop PWAs, we plan to continue to keep merchants ahead of the curve.”

Profitability and money saving advantages for eCommerce stores could be enormous—rather than keeping up separate native app and web properties, a solitary Progressive Web App could be another reality! This truly could be the awesome web encounter we’ve all been sitting tight for.

Why PWAs Keep Creating Conversion?

While native applications have been a helpful apparatus with regards to eCommerce conversion, in actuality performing 20% superior to anything desktop computers, characteristically they’re continually going to be constraining, here’s the reason:

Few merchants have sufficient budgets to invest in them.

They’re a staggeringly dangerous investment. As clients should first discover the application in an app store. Then download it, introduce it and after that, at long last, open it. For some, it’s a superfluous trouble for a one-time buy. Which is the reason an application loses 20% of its clients for each progression between the client’s initial contact? With the application and the client beginning to utilize the app.

By supplanting responsive websites with PWAs, vendors will offer quicker, application-like encounters for clients. And more consistent checkout forms and higher engagement. Through select in push notices that enable online retailers to advance rebates and item discharges for E-commerce Mobile App Development. This outcome in higher conversion rates and best line development. However, offers a fundamentally lower cost of proprietorship than keeping up the isolated mobile web and local application encounters. Early adopters like WeGo, Forbes, and AliExpress have just observed a noteworthy reduction in page load-times. Increments in site visits and twofold digit increments in change rates.

We are excited for the new universe of PWAs. With Magento and Google making moves towards PWAs, we unequivocally presume they set to end up significantly greater. And more generally utilized than any other time in recent memory!

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