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Pokémon Go – Lessons To Learn By A Mobile App Development Company

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You probably know whom to blame if you have been glued to your mobile phone since the last one month. The addiction has reached to such a level that it has superseded Facebook as far as user engagement is concerned. Within a month of this augmented reality game, Pokémon is really riding high with more than 26 million daily users.

Let the stats speak for you

The intensity of the game is such that previously even games like Temple Run, Candy Crash Saga have not witnessed such global acceptance at such a humongous level. Now looking at it from a business point of view and that too using it as a learning tool by a mobile app development company is something that will help business owners, marketing heads and each one in an organization to make further developments or bring any changes in the way they operate.

So, is it the social part or the fun factor attached with this game that makes it such a huge hit among the masses? Well, all mobile retailers around the world are giving a ball of time with this game and we being an app development company will let you know the different lessons that we can learn from Pokémon Go.

Go The Pokémon Way

Lesson 1: Make Mobile Ready Experiences 

Instead of merely developing an app for enhancing the user experience in desktop or mobile web browsing, one should focus more on developing native apps for making their services available to the end level customer. Here, it is important to study the choices and preferences of the target audience. Secondly, the uses of native apps enable any web page to open faster, which is a catalyst in increasing the engagement of the customer. Hence, higher conversions lead to increasing revenue.

Lesson 2: Synchronizing Online With Offline

Just as Pokemon Go merges a native app with a mobile device thus connecting the offline with online, in the same way, retailers can promote their product as a brand that can be enjoyed by the customer both at the retail store and in an ecommerce website as well. Merging the world of online and offline has resulted in more engagement. Thus, the concept of multi-channel and omni-channel is made use in just the perfect way. Once, you find a Pokemon, you enter in the virtual world. In the same way, to give a similar delightful experience to the users, retailers can optimize their channels.

Lesson 3: Innovation For More Engagement

If you have been a Pokemon fan, then you must have known about its previous forms starting with a comic character to a movie and then to a toy. By innovating itself into an augmented reality app, it has utilized innovation to increase the user interaction. If the same principle is applied even in case of a mobile app development company. To make your mobile business a hit, you can also combine technology and be in the front line of companies, which is famous for innovation. Geo fencing can be one of the innovative measures that can be adopted.

Lesson 4: Branding Can Sell Everything

Even if you have made one of the finest apps, then you won’t be able to make it popular, until and unless you are branding your product. Think about Pokemon, it has been in the market for more than 20 years, and still continues to rule, the reason? Good branding! So, this can be another takeaway for businesses that branding should form a major part in planning the marketing strategy.

Lesson 5: Going Social Is The Weapon

A business will not come in the public glare unless somebody knows and talks about it. No marketing tool is better than social media. Starting from Facebook to Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, the Pokémon madness has spread everywhere. This is the reason why you, the whole world and me are talking about this.

Factors That Make Pokemon Such A Hit

Engaging To The Core

If you have played the game, then you will know that there are no end to collecting the Pokemons. It is endless. In other games, you will find a pro version or certain levels that ask you to complete in order to reach to the final level. No such things are present in this game. As a result, the users find it more interesting that ultimately increases the engagement level.

Retaining Is the Key

In order to create a strong retention in the mind of the users, Pokémon Go has a unique capture session. You will notice that each angle of Pokémon is different in different angles. The interesting thing to note here is that there is user-generated content behind each session. Moreover, the mastery curve is smooth enough to help you build an array of Pokémon, which will help you to advance in the game further.

Viral Makes It More Popular

You can go on inviting as much friends as you want in this augmented reality game. It allows you to read stories on the internet and know about the player’s experiences. There never has been a game such as this that has spread virally around the whole world. Since, it is related to an existing social graph, this is the reason why people have started liking it so much. Niantic, the maker of the game has more plans already to make the game more interactive in the real world.

The Monetization Factor

When it comes to monetization, there is no doubt in the fact that it is topping the lists of downloads in the app store. It is merely not an unending game, but also gives an opportunity to the player to earn money. By purchasing the license, one can increase the rate of capturing sessions. The players do not have to wait, instead they keep throwing at each other and at the same time enjoy a delightful experience.

Wrap Up!

These lessons are precious for an organization that deals in mobile app development. Once you imply them, you will certainly witness an increase in the customer acquisition and retention. The key to successfully making your product popular among your customers is to market it well like Pokémon Go.

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