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Holi Special Rangoli 2020 At Unified Infotech

Mar 09, 2020 | 4 Minutes Read

What's Inside

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What happens when the season of Holi (the festival of colors), a group of extremely competitive people, and the tradition of rangoli come together? 

Why a Holi special Rangoli competition!

When our amazing HR team revealed the idea of the Rangoli competition to us on the 2nd of March, the entire office geared themselves up for a fun-filled competition. With 7 teams ready with colors and unique design, the competition on the 6th of March was not only fun but intense as well. rangoli competition at unified infotech

The Competition Begins

The competitive and artistic spirits of all 7 teams that participated showed up when the competition began at 1:00 pm. Whether the competitors have an artistic streak or not, everyone got ready. Assembled at the designated place of the competition, we all arranged our colors and other instruments necessary to create the designs that will fetch us in the first place!

rangoli team e

Team E with their finished rangoli!

rangoli design team

Since there was only 30 minutes allotted for the entire competition, the atmosphere in the room was definitely charged. Teamwork became the most important thing to create rangolis in a fast and precise manner.  


Team B pouring all colours of effort and hard work into their rangoli.

Not Just Competition, But A Chance To Have Fun

Granted it was a competition, and of course, all of us wanted to win, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun! With the colors and good company, the competition became more fun than ever! rangoli team F

Team F having fun with the colors!

rangoli team a

Team A working together to win the competition. 

The Winners

Even though each rangoli was a piece of unique art in itself, we had to pick three winning teams. 

The first place went to Team B. It was unsurprising because Team B mainly comprised of our best designers, and that makes it kind of obvious that they will be the ones to win the rangoli competition. Their design reflected the colorful spirit of the celebration itself. Not to mention they were the most prepared team of all, prepared with colors and design from the beginning. 
winner team B

rangoli winner design team

rangoli winner design team

The second place was grabbed by Team A. The enthusiasm, spirit, and experience in making rangolis paid off as they took the bag of goodies for second place in the competition. Their rangoli explored the unique blend of colors and the auspicious image of Ganesha was created to not only drive the team to do better in the competition, but also to bring good fortune to the company!

rangoli 2nd prize winner marketing team

ganesh rangoli competition bymarketing team

second prize winner markting team

rangoli second prize

Last but not the least, the third prize went to Team E for their amazing peacock rangoli. The peacock rangoli with the Unified Infotech logo in the middle represented the idea of being one with the beauty and grace of the bird.

rangoli 3rd prize

It is not just representative of beauty and grace, but also to drive the company forward to its bright future. 

Waiting For The Next Celebration

The rangoli competition was one of the many more festivities and celebrations to come this year. And just like always, we made absolutely sure to make the best of it with fun, games, and some good-natured competition. And now, we only wait for the next festivity to come around while working to become the best in our field. 

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