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Over to Team Unified – How Our Web Development Team Gives ‘the Most’ & ‘the Best’ Technical Support

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This section is a new in our blog where our Team Unified is going to switch on their MIC contextually to tell how they get the most on web development, design, issues, bug fixing, innovation and lots more. We are going to narrate our journey behind the company. So it’s time to help you explore. Today, we have selected to speak on technical support assistance, which we provide clients independent of the business size and web development requisites.

Straight from Unified’s Desk

We know a constant panic, or a fear crawls down when customers have to call a technical support team. The website is down, the blog might be facing any disorder, or the blog disappeared without any reason. Hence, the business needs a support to help them accordingly. As a web development company, we play a large role to provide our clients with effective technical support and guidance. Our DevOps engineers are ready to help clients with anything from server issues to bug fixing, but we never give a try to those, which we do not know.

Here’s, an Interview with our Support and R&D Expert S.N.Ghosh on Technical Support Assistance and a brief on Unified’s Role…

Q1: What type of Technical Support UIPL provides?
[S.N.Ghosh:] Hello, I’m SNG, DevOps engineer at UIPL, and I’m here to talk about how to get the most and the best from technical support teams of Unified. At UIPL, DevOps is a type of support, with a small difference that we deal with both web development and operations, counterbalancing each other. If your site is down, we will deal with that. If the server is facing issue, we also have particular assistance for you and if you need small fixes on your site we can go in and develop quickly. Yes, we do that too.
Q2: What clients need to do?
[S.N.Ghosh:] It is simple; you just need to drop a notification about your issue. It might sound silly to you, but if you do not convey us the details of your issue, how are we going to fix it.
Q3: How we keep up the best work?
[S.N.Ghosh:] We trigger tickets from our system based on that, we take calls or email our clients on the issue. Make sure that you establish a contact with us in the correct way. As soon as you contact the support, you have to furnish most of the details. This might include –

  • A.Screenshots of issue
  • B.Exact error text that is visible to you
  • C.Video of the issue
  • D.Steps on how to reproduce the issue or how you see the issue exactly
  • E.Browser on which the issue took place
  • F.When the issue occurred
  • G.What page of the site the issue occurred
  • H.More the details you can provide, better it is.

If you include too much of the stuff that is OKAY. If you do not include most we are going to call you and collect more details.
Q4: Are we particular about the terminology?
[S.N.Ghosh:] Yes. When you contact us, you do have to take care of this aspect as we are particular about the terminology used. If you say things that are different from the issue, you are going to get a different response, which might lessen down our speed of execution. Make sure to you use the correct terminology like you must say, “Content of my site is missing rather than my site is gone.” If you say, the site is gone and if we arrive at your page and find it existing, we will fell that the issue has fixed itself. If you see that the content is missing, we can see to that, find out specifically, and fix the issue soon.
Q5: It is important for us to know about the urgency of your issue.
[S.N.Ghosh:] When we discuss the issue, you must tell about its urgency. We want you to mark things as important if they actually are such as if your site is down it can affect your business in a negative way. This needs an immediate support. However, if there is an issue such as a period should actually be a comma it is not urgent and we are not going to see it so quickly. Make sure, when you mark urgency of your item. You must be specific with the importance of the issue and if it is urgent make sure you call us instead of sending an email or any kind of faster means of communication.
Mail us or call us or Skype your needs for quick resolve. Establish contact with our DevOps engineers under the web design and development team for a quick response and easy fix of issues and bug fixing.


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