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20 Fresh Android Apps Reigning Online Billboards

Jun 13, 2014 | 5 Minutes Read

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With the beginning of the New Year, developers came up with sparkling new apps. Now its the month of June, and we have a basket of fresh apps with rain-fresh updates.

It is hard to choose the best apps, when you land up at Google Play Store. We took the little pains and tried to gain a out-and-out app knowledge relying on our humble judgments and your feedback. Counting on the reviews and the current ratings shared on Google Play, here are those 20 apps that reigned the online billboards in the past five months.

If you have something to share us or any recommendation drop a line or two in the comment section.


It is about staying in touch with the most important persons in your life; thus you need something more than SMS or plain old voice calls.

  1. Hangout (Free)

After bidding ‘Adieu’ to old Google Talk, its time to bid warm “Welcome” to Google Hangouts. The instant message app, let you send and receive messages, photos and videos even start free video calls. The users with Android version 4.4 can manage their SMSs with this app. And Google+ users can enjoy video conference with twelve people at a time.

  1. Viber (Free)

Not just a free voice & texting app it stands shining in the crowd by adding your computer as a communication device. From the Android, you can seamlessly transfer a voice call to the Viber PC app and keep talking or carry a previous text conversation. Viber’s rising craze make talking and texting cheaper and easier.


Have so many apps stuffed in your small gadget, there’s an obvious need of a core security.

  1. avast! Mobile Security (Free)

Completely free android security app comes with tons of features such as remote wipe, remote-lock, app management, secure Web browsing, a battery manager and an anti-virus engine that received top-priority from independent testing labs.

  1. Lookout Security & Antivirus (Free)

Lookout’s security app has solid malware protection and ingenious ant-theft tools. Lookout also has led the charge against aggressive hardware, and it can fix the solution to the core of Android issues before OS patched get released. This impressive free version let you enjoy some core features to keep your phone safe.


Trying to stay fit and fine, want to count your calories or have access to a speedometer while you jog? There is an app for everything.

  1. WebMD (Free)

This is much more than a simple diagnosis app. You can certainly use it to input the symptoms you experience and find some clue to the causes that is ailing you. It contains a list of the health care professionals and pharmacies in your area. You can also get access to emergency first-aid guides.

  1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (Free)

Calorie counter works conventionally to help you lose weight. Its smart design and extensive library of foods, quickly logging with calories you take in and what you burn while exercising. It does not generate the entire workout regiment, but makes you aware of your food habits.


Foodies are in search of delicious apps that will make their food hunting easy.

  1. Yelp (Free)

Crowd-sourced reviews are little questioning to food bugs. However, when we saw Yelp, it just mesmerized us with its reviews on bar, restaurants or simply any place where you spend money. Many food destinations have listed their hours of operation, contacts, menus making it easy for the food lovers to find the spot in any location in their area or other neighborhood.

  1. BigOven (Free)

BigOven comes with more than 170,000 recipes in its database. So if you are particular about making a perfect Chicken Salad, then BigOven wont let you down. They have the most helpful built-in tool for picking the best recipes is Leftover Wizard. Here, you need to enter three ingredients you are trying to use in, and BigOven returns with recipes that take on all of them.


Is your Android the best companion when you move on the road? Which app makes your trips exciting?

  1. Google Goggles (Free)

You simply need to use the camera to take a snapshot of paintings in the museum to a placard written in a foreign language and Google Goggles does the searching for you. It can handle QR codes and bar-codes for comparison shopping.

  1. Google Translate (Free)

It is the biggest trouble in a foreign land when you fail to communicate with them. With Google Translate, you can take a bit off the edge, quickly translating texts or spoken words. You can even use the app to do the speaking for you and input text through camera or handwriting.


Wanna’ shop seating back at your couch, find great shopping deals or look for a perfect gift for those special occasion?

  1. Amazon (Free)

Amazon is the internet marketplace where you can buy almost anything at a cheap rate. Two features – bar-code scanner and photo search makes it easy for the buyers to do compare shopping. Users can also buy from Amazon’s streaming video store, but Kindle eBook titles are still unavailable for purchase.

  1. Groupon (Free)

Groupon is not like those typical retailers, it offers deals but there are always some products available for purchase as a part of the current deals. Groupon partners with various business to offer low prices to a number of people for a limited time.


Read good stuffs, keep yourself updated with news or current affairs with the following apps.

  1. Flipboard (Free)

Even at times you might find that the popular new sites do not have appealing apps for the mobile platform, and that is why we have Flipboard. A handy app that lets you flip through articles reformatted into a magazine style with readable texts and images.

  1. Google Newsstand (Free)

Google has recently launched their Newsstand app, and it rolls up the magazine-like reading experience of Google Currents along with easy access to digital magazine subscriptions. You can also discover new stories browsing Read Now or Explore sections.


Change your apps usage according to your usability.

  1. Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox pioneers the idea of personal cloud service, where all the stuff would be available no matter what device you use. Hold on, Dropbox has a special feature – it can act seamlessly to backup the images, automatically uploading every photo on the cloud.

  1. Uninstall Master (Free)

Uninstall master helps to drive out those unnecessary apps from your mobile that you do not want to assemble in your list. Just with a few taps remove them just like you prune your garden. It has a powerful search function and helps you to check the last time you logged-in.

  1. QuickOffice (Free)

Creating and editing documents in Google Drive is easy, unless they happen to be Microsoft Office documents. The QuickOffice serves as the capable bridge between Office and Google Drive. It supports Word and Excel and perhaps the best mobile editor for PowerPoint.


Internet has a lot to offer and the right browsers can make you surf without the clutters.

  1. UC Browser (Free)

Venerable UC Browser have an impressive performance in this few months. Comes with an optimized menu and automatically predicts the URL when you type the keyword in the search bar. It has features like speed mode that helps you browse faster and auto pager that can load multiple pages at once, so it becomes easy to read multi-page’s articles.

  1. Opera Mini Browser (Free)

A clever little browser designed to thrive where network conditions is poor. It does not skimp features and gives you access to the special Opera web apps. It is handy homepage complete with news and social media updates and a surprising array of powerful security settings.


For the movie buffs and music lovers Android Play Store has some cool apps with fresh updates.

  1. MX Player (Free)

This apps supports you to watch movies in a seamless manner. It can support import/export of settings and activity records. It can delete files from the external storage on Android 4.4 KitKat. Easily zooms in and out and the first Android video player that supports the multi-core decoding. It no longer loads video in the .otf fonts and does not crash while playing videos.

  1. µTorrent® – Torrent Downloader (Free)

It is easy to find torrents and download them directly to phone and tablet with the official µTorrent® App. It is fast and powerful, and the recently updated version has a modernized look. You get a choice of preferable download location after downloading with torrent. Even you can choose between deleting torrents only or torrents and files.

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