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Website Redesign-5 Stuff That Says Your CMS Needs a Revamp

Jul 14, 2014 | 3 Minutes Read

What's Inside

You face many serious product-level issues when you ignore publishing, re-configuration, or customization of your CMS. Collectively these issues push your company’s ability as not to use your website as a weapon for the marketplace. That is depressing, isn’t it?

Moreover, it tells that your website needs a revamp or rather a redesign. Previously, in our web 2.0 blog we have been discussing testing ideas to determine whether websites need a redesign, and now we would clarify doubts of website owners on redesigning. We thought to share some self-assessment signs that would help owners to determine on the change of website design.

    1. Do You Have Separate Publishing Tools for Website and Mobile? – Pretty Confusing

Well, having two channels are a confusing concept and errors have to occur. On the other hand, when you use a contemporary CMS, it manages multiple publishing channels. Enter the content once and publish to your intended channels, this gives your content omnipresence.

    1. Having So Many Variations of a Single Image – Its Tedious

It is a tedious task to spread a source image in your target areas in various sizes. You need to do much of cropping and resize. Moreover, have to verify the input, whether the dimensions are correct or not and assign the correct image variant to the appropriate target. Gosh, it is a time-consuming task.
With CMS website redesigning, you are going to get a contemporary CMS that creates variants on the fly. Simply point the source image to the multiple target areas and leave the rest upon image engine.

    1. What Time You Take to Publish Breaking News, 15 Or 20 Minutes – Time-Taking

Gathering copy, images, creating or selecting tags, previewing them in multiple channels is a long 8-step process…. PHEW! Will you like to embrace such a long step to launch a breaking news?
Get ahead choose contemporary CMS that comes with highly flexible UI for editors. This UI editor would allow you to arrange the content faster into one authoring environment.
This featured UI would offer –

      • A layout editor
      • DAM comes with an image-view in thumbnail form
      • Can add or delete a list of components from the page
      • A tag manager for all into one-screen view
    1. Is the CMS Code Hiding from You? – Makes thing Difficult

That is surely going to make de-bugging difficult for you. Since, you are unable to access the code it becomes difficult to find and fix issues. Worse can happen, you have to request a quote to the CMS vendor or a partner if you want to customize your CMS. Since, many vendors do not transfer development or extension straight away to their customers.

    1. Do You Need to Re-Negotiate Licensing With Your CMS Vendor For a New Project – Poor Choice of Vendor

A vital part of the marketing is spin-up new projects. If your license terms dictates you to notify vendors for every new project and incurs additional fees, then it is your time to change. Most vendors in the marketplace are moving towards fluid licensing model that allow organizations to add domains without getting prior approval of the vendor.

Hope you are not facing face this concise list of pain points or hope not your CMS vendor is incurring undue expenses. If so the opt for a professional CMS web development.
Wait, make sure that the new CMS addresses the blockers and gives a boost to your publishing and development pace. Never concentrate of a long wish list or a POC that you might get in an Apache project, not in CMS. Since, a CMS never fulfills out-of-the-box needs. It would meet most of your needs, but that customization largely depends on the developer.



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