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2016 With A Basket Full of New Plans

What's Inside


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,

Whispering ‘it will be happier”
– Alfred Tennyson

In 2016, UIPL is going to witness a new dawn with the arrival of another year and open a new chapter in website designing and development, similar to the quote mentioned-above by the famous American poet, Alfred Tennyson.

2015 was a wonderful year for us and in order to make it more productive and continue to be on the growth trajectory in the coming year, we have chalked out some plans, which will be our sketch map towards becoming the best website design and development company. It has been our constant endeavor to empower the imaginations by offering creative and innovative app and website development services. So, we share with you, our vision for 2016 in website designing and development.

a) Sketch App For Creative and Interactive User Interface

We are planning to introduce Sketch while designing the user interface whether it is about designing low fidelity wireframes or designing an icon and high fidelity mockups. This app might help our designers to design the vector elements while working on a variety of interfaces. With some similar features from the Photoshop such as layer styles and text effects, the app won’t pose many problems as far as its usability is concerned, but at the same time is expected to simplify the work.

b) Browser-Based IDEs to replace Desktop IDE

We have plans to introduce browser-based IDEs to simplify the process of writing codes. A browser-based IDE gives coding suggestions as well as the option of syntax highlighting in comparison to a desktop IDE that is only limited to Xcode and Notepad++.With the help of cloud-based browser IDEs, it might become easy for our developers to write code from any computer even without an internet connection. One of the browser-based IDEs is CodePen, which comes loaded with customized pre processors like LESS/SCSS and Jade/Haml.

c) Card Layouts Format For Websites

In order to manage those web pages that are filled with more and more content, we intend to follow the card layout format. It enables the visitors coming to the website to scan the content easily. For instance: You might have noticed that the home page of Google Now is based upon the card layout structure in order to leave space for the Google Now apps. By providing more dynamic grids to a website page, a card layout helps to put more emphasis on the content.

d) Video Tutorials Are An Easy Way To Learn. Isn’t it, so why not do it?

We are planning to upload videos in our website, in order to give a better understanding of the products and services we offer to our clients. To a layman, it might become difficult to understand a technical term used in the app making process. We will post videos related to mobile app development, website designing and development so that it becomes easier for the customer to get a hands-on experience of the way we develop an app.

e) No Need To Learn A New Programming Language, Native JS Mobile Apps Are There

We use Java for Android and Objective – C or Swift for iOS in order to develop the apps, but sometimes a need might arise from the client’s side to make use of a new language while making a mobile app. If this type of situation arises, we can make use of Native JS apps in order to help the developers built a mobile app according to the requirement of clients and without learning a new language. A number of native apps are available in the market these days such as ReactNative or NativeScript.

f) UX Design For Better Information Architecture

In order to make the user experience, even more wonderful we want to introduce UX designs and implement it across all platforms of digital interfaces. With the help of UX design, we will improve the information architecture and interactive designs. One of the most important benefits which we will derive by introducing UX design is that we will be able to determine that our products have all those features which our target audience are looking for.

g) A Little Motion with Cinemagraphs For Your Web Pages

Keeping in mind about the latest trends in web page designing, we plan to include cinemagraphs in the web pages as it gives a livelier experience to the visitors. How many times did you come across a website that has a little motion in its images? Well, the trend of using cinemagraphs in a website is on the rise and hence, we will design the web pages keeping in mind about the importance of cinemagraphs.

h) Introduce Server Side JavaScript

Node.js is on the rise as far as the preferences of the developers are concerned. It helps to make a website with the help of one language, both at the front and backend, hence, we want to introduce this server side JavaScript in order to make website designing a fun experience. Most of the industry leaders are opting for server side languages when it comes to implementing the basic design of a website, hence we are ready to cater according to the client’s requirement.

i) No More Multiple Pop-ups

The era of multiple pop-ups when multiple tabs used to open as soon as we used to click a website is over. Neither will we recommend to our clients nor will we implement it in our website. People want clean websites these days, which are clutter free and are free from any unnecessary advertisements, thus building a pop-up free website will be one of the main agendas in our vision.

Our vision in 2016 is to attain the status of being the best website designing company in this era of technological development. We want to be on the growth path and witness success in every venture we undertake in the near future.

UIPL family wishes everyone a Happy 2016. Have a wonderful year ahead.

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