Jul 13, 2018

E-commerce Web Design Trends for 2018-2019

Discover the eCommerce web design trends, best practices, and strategies that will fuel your business’s growth in 2018-2019 — and beyond.

When it comes to eCommerce web designs, regularly incorporating the trends and best practices will ensure that your business is able to acquire and convert new customers while retaining and building loyalty with existing ones. Just as quickly as Amazon interrupts the livelihood of another industry, not paying attention to what your direct competitors — as well as those businesses that are considered forward-thinking trendsetters in terms of website design — can be a costly mistake that takes you by surprise. While not every fad merits a site overhaul, being aware of significant changes to the way your customers shop online will inform your overall eCommerce business strategy and help you keep a pulse on the design your website.

You will surprise to know that the global eCommerce market reached around $2.3 trillion and is likely to hit $4.5 trillion by 2021. Many shoppers prefer online shopping over the physical visit. For this upsurge, website owners want to keep their visitors for longer on their website. Design is the most vital thing that can glue your customers for a longer time to your site and indulge them to visit again. Here are the most talked about ecommerce web design trends that will make your business prominent throughout the year.

(likely to hit $4.5 trillion by 2021 – https://www.shopify.com/enterprise/global-ecommerce-statistics)

Brick and mortar storefront: a starting point for eCommerce web design trends

Today, there are countless businesses that have successfully grown with only an online storefront. In the B2C arena, Amazon and Cuyana are examples of eCommerce companies that began with a website and expanded into brick and mortar after achieving success online. In the B2B world, the rise of SaaS solutions (such as Buffer, a social media app) and enterprise web apps (such as Magento, a CRM platform used by many eCommerce businesses) has made it possible for companies of all types to streamline processes and improve efficiencies.

Before the rise of online shopping, B2C and B2B businesses operated on very different planes: B2C brick and mortar storefronts were focused on selling every item on their end-cap display while B2B companies are concerned with producing that end-cap display in the most cost-efficient manner possible. However, both businesses have a vested interest in the design of that same end-cap display (the retailer wants the design to help sell the product and the supplier wants the end-cap to be structurally sound and be attractive to the retailer).

At its very core, a website is a business’s storefront on the internet —and for eCommerce businesses, its vital that prospective customers are attracted to your online store and, ultimately, becoming paying customers. Like their older brick and mortar counterparts, the layout and design of a business’s store can be the difference between a prospect turning into a paying customer or bouncing away in favor of a different store.

In the middle of fierce business competition around the world, there is a need for sustainability and for making such a website that performs. It is important to remember that at the end of the day all that matters is the revenue it earns. The reality is that consumers today not only look for information on a website today, rather they look for something else, which would appeal to them visually as well. A dull website with simple design scores high on the index of customers leaving the website, whereas a website with the latest designing trends clicks easily with customers.

The results of an e-commerce website with dull graphics could be detrimental. It can easily bring down the lead generation, reduce the exposure of your website and make a bad impression of the website in the market. So, why settle for an ordinary website when you can easily settle with the best website design solutions? A great web design not only evokes responses among the users rather it helps a business to establish it as a brand. In this digital era, a logo or any prominent designing will help customers to easily identify the brand easily among all the users.

One common question, which might arise in your mind as an entrepreneur or a company, which deals in e-commerce web development, is “How to establish communication with the customers?” Well, for there are three important areas – the value of the company, vision of the website and industry-specific knowledge. When it comes to effective visual communication, one should share the value of the company in a clear and effective way through persuasive design. An industry-specific knowledge, on the other hand, makes possibilities for new sales. Communicating the mission of the company lets the customers understand what keeps your organization moving.

So, which ecommerce design trends are set to dominate 2018-2019?

Ecommerce web design trends for 2018-2019

Mobile E commerce Trends Take Place

Mobile shopping is the new buzz according to the latest eCommerce research scenario. It has broken all the records as compared to the shopping done from the desktop version of the online venture. Mobile is a very convenient device when you are traveling and search the things with the use of mobile is rising swiftly. The customers love to look at the things with the utilization of mobile as opposed to the laptops or mobiles. They want to investigate various types of things in the eCommerce stores. Therefore, all the web proprietors need to receive this rising and the most recent pattern in eCommerce by hiring the best ecommerce website development solution providers.

A focus on video content

Video is an astounding medium for passing on complex data. It also tells stories in an intelligent way. The quantities of recordings distributed on the web and viewed by online users are expanding dynamically. Along these lines, it is no big surprise that online business organizations are utilizing video components in their website design. In 2018, we will see numerous eCommerce websites that will incorporate video on item detail pages, homepage backgrounds, and even landing pages. In this way, give careful consideration to recordings as they will hit in 2018 without a doubt. You can revive your product detail and landing pages by actualizing a full-screen video. Recordings can work best for your E commerce landing page and draw the consideration of your future customers. Take embedding recordings into your online business site to recount your brand story.

Material design

Every thoughtful website is giving more and more consideration to user-centric elements that add more to the website conversions. Material design is one of them that make your website visible with minimal design aesthetics. With a touch of micro-interactions, delicate animations, the design is done that allure your customers. Your eCommerce shopping experience will enhance the paving way for a user-friendly browser experience. Material design allows its user view in a more specified manner. Flat design is way more common with this type of design layout that lies in depth and shadow that are the fundamental parts of the material design.


Micro-interaction is not a new concept and they have been just around the corner since Facebook incorporated the “Like” button. In 2018, it is anticipated that more E commerce sites will give careful consideration to refresh their design with micro-interactions. In micro-interactions online retailers will utilize to compensate clients for finishing a particular assignment, for example, buying into an Email newsletter, inspecting an item, or adding it to the shopping cart. This enables Micro-communications to urge users to connect with and really cooperate, framing habit loops.

Grid layouts

Grids are a standout amongst the best types of design many eCommerce websites are presently embracing. More eCommerce websites are embracing this web design trends and fusing grids to mix into the rest of the layout. They are simple, clean, and easy to explore and use the space effectively. It gives designers more control over how an eCommerce website is spread out. When designers are using the space across devices and screen sizes, it assumes a key part in making a decent UI while enhancing the overall ecommerce web design.

It is normal that ecommerce businesses will pick CSS grid format and particularly on product classification pages and query pages in 2018. Many web browser platforms such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari can support CSS layout.

Hamburger menus

The normal trend of keeping the hamburger menu on the right side is going to change. From 2017, onwards, it has changed and you can see it on the left side. Well, according to the bootstrap framework, designers had put the navigation bar on the right side by default. Even the search engine giant, Google has started following the trends.

Hamburger menus have been used in many sites. It offers a helpful way of hiding and uncovering a menu when required, making the sites appear more instinctive and easy to explore for the users, particularly on smaller screens, without jumbling up the accessible space.

In 2018, more ecommerce sites are balanced to use this basic menu type. It is denoted by three stacked lines, and the fundamental menu is uncovered when a user clicks on the menu symbol. It is an advantageous and effective way that can spare a great deal of space compared with different sorts of menus displayed within a frame.

Voice search

2018 will see some great changes where modern ecommerce web design will bounce on the voice look system. Google is as of now making waves by this cutting-edge search system and in the months to come, numerous ecommerce organizations are anticipated to go with the same pattern, to allow customers a novel and simple path for seeking items and investigating data.

Including the voice seek highlight ecommerce websites will make it less demanding for users to look through their desired things without incoming long-tail query. This is bound to give users an awesome ordeal while giving you an extraordinary chance to expand your businesses. If you need to make your internet business website natural, have a go at fusing this most recent innovation to make an amazing shopping experience.

Call to action buttons

New ecommerce web design techniques include ghost buttons with a thin layout and CTA message inside the frame. These buttons are planned to have a solid stand out from the background color. This makes customers give careful consideration. So it could draw the consideration of the customers. These catches are in vogue and in this manner, will go particularly well for the site in the present year. CTA is additionally made with appealing slogans again for a similar reason. Soothing hues are an awesome plan to use on these catches as it will satisfy users’ eyes. Your CTA must provoke users with words like “Buy Now,” “Download Free,” “Click Here,” Add to Cart, and so forth.

Embrace the long scroll

Long scrolling is a perfect take for sites that use storytelling. Long scroll has just touched base in the website design trends. However, broad uses of smartphones have given a push to this system. Tapping on a mobile phone may appear an issue for some. Yet, looking over is constant and users having no worries for the same. It takes the clients all through the site for giving an upgraded communication. Long looking over can be added withdrawing in pictures between to keep users’ interest alive.

Pop-ups are back

These days’ pop-ups are assuming an extraordinary part in growing ecommerce experience of the users. Pop-ups appearance and topic are for the most part designed by the administrator. Pop-ups have been viewed as an interruption in the users’ perusing background. However, successfully utilize can, in any case, stand out enough to be noticed. The mix of some extraordinary marketing techniques with the privilege planned pop-ups can help in producing the lead for business.

White space

White Space considers the breathable space on your site. It gives enough space for the content and other such components to shine splendidly well on the site. The blank area makes it simple for the clients to explore the site. The blank area is additionally alluded to as the negative space. Website owners have the alternative of including any color shading other than white. Blank area helps in sorting out the items and also the entire layout.

Hover effects

It helps users to get quick data on a certain element. Drifting the mouse over a hover picture indicates related content about the element and informs users regarding the impact of the same. Such an outline is getting critical for ecommerce website. They give the basic data to the users without really tapping on the element. Counting the float impact makes it simple for the clients to know the determinations of a specific item instantly. These lines are sparing their chance by giving them a chance to click their required items. Hover pictures have been incorporated into the rundown of ecommerce commerce design pattern.

Personalization via marketing automation and dynamic content

Ecommerce web design best practices also include increased emphasis on automation have always gone hand in hand. There are more opportunities to put essential aspects of selling and marketing on autopilot than before.


In 2018, websites will focus more on the demographics of the audience. On the basis of websites which people of a specific age group access, e-commerce websites will tune the color to match the choice and preferences of the website. Ecommerce shopping experience mainly stresses on improving the overall user perspective so that they ultimately transform into real customers.

Best ecommerce experience is always on the lookout with new technologies and innovative opportunities to retain loyal customers. To produce more interest and draw the consideration of an ever-increasing number of clients, it is encouraged to receive the above-mentioned cutting edge latest ecommerce web design trends for 2018 to set your ecommerce unique brands apart. These will help ecommerce brands connect more online shoppers, increase your business sales, and boost ROI.

Experiencing the blog you will become acquainted with that having the site of ecommerce is simple. Along these lines, this ecommerce development companies must update themselves so that they can present their clients with the best website. Many things are awaiting in the coming year. With a metamorphosis-taking place in the information technology and ecommerce web development scenario, the design will become an integral part for marketers who want to increase their online presence.

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