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Ecommerce Website Development: 5 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Conversions In New Year

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This year online ecommerce retailers witnessed a phenomenal growth. As per emarketer, the sales will reach to an approximate $27 trillion by 2020. The ever-expanding ecommerce market is a proof of people’s obsession for online shopping. Ecommerce website development is forming a significant part to improve website conversions. Many new entrepreneurs fail to realize that apart from web presence, conversions also matter. We are moving towards the digital era. A consumer-based approach will bring us closer to the target audience.

Creating An Engaging Ecommerce Website

Without engagement, nothing succeeds in the ecommerce domain. Online shopping is an inherent part in everybody’s life. People rarely have the time to visit a brick and mortar store. This is the reason all online shopping websites are going mobile.  People are now looking for a more personalized experience. Instore shopping has replaced with online shopping. Many websites are already prevailing in the market. A website with unique looks, attracts more visitors. An ecommerce website development company can offer the perfect solution. It can help to create a successful brand name of a business. The only way to do that is through a perfect user interface.

There are multiple factors which appeals to a customer in an ecommerce website development. Personalization is one of them. Research suggests that customers like to have the same experience like a store. They also expect the same in-store shopping ambience. With better customer service, you can increase the customer experience. On the other hand, emotion plays a crucial role. For instance: creating wish lists is an interesting way to get the attention of the customers.  This helps them to get the exact products they are looking for. As a result, the marketer gets customers in the form of leads. Hence, emotional driven shopping is the primary thing.

Another factor is the presence in social media. Relying too much on social networks might not work every time. Retailers need to understand one thing. There is a difference between impulse buying and social media platforms. Mere presence on social media doesn’t guarantee success. Promotional content and increasing followers won’t materialize. If there are no conversions, all the effort goes in vain. Hence, an ecommerce website development company should focus more on creating the ultimate experience. Devote ample time and resources, if you want to generate more revenue through customers.

5 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Conversions

As the New Year descends, it is time to focus more on the functionality of the website. We suggest five fascinating ways to improve your ecommerce conversions in 2017.

Proper Brand Messaging

To connect customers at an emotional level, it is important to convey a proper brand message. Always put the core value on the home page. It must assure the visitors that they have arrived at the right place. Free shipping is another important feature. Your website visitors must know about the shipping costs. Seek the feedback of the customers. Ask them what issues do they face while checking out. For instance: you can show your customers the actual color of the product.

Evaluate Site Performance

There are two important factors to consider here – mobile aesthetics and mobile performance. The users of your website should not struggle with the web page when it comes to mobile. All the content should align vertically and ensure the best browser experience. Speed of a web page also matters a lot. It should not take too long for the web page to open in mobile. Information must not miss in desktop or mobile. 73.9% leave the website if the site is slow. As an ecommerce website development company, one must keep this in mind.

Seamless Website Navigation

Don’t make users struggle with navigation. Make it as smooth as possible. You can either opt for mega menus or for breadcrumbs. Mega menus enable users to locate the products with categories and sub categories. On the other hand, breadcrumbs prevent the user from going to the back menu. Users don’t have to return back to the user multiple times to go back to his or her previous search. It facilitates the user interface of a website. At the same time, it makes the visitor stay long on the website.

Optimized Product Page

This is one of the most important part of your website. It’s the product page through which your customers get to know the products. The page must answer the questions of your customers. Use high quality photograph to help your users get an actual view of the product. The best thing is to include product videos. This will give your users a live demonstration of the product he or she is about to purchase. Videos are quite helpful in making the right purchasing decision.

Smooth Checkout Process

This is one of the most fundamental parts in ecommerce. The moment the customers arrive at the ‘Add to cart’ page, they should get a full view of the purchased items. Suggest visual cues to the customers to let them know the navigation path. Make the whole checkout process simple. Prevent your customers from leaving the website through a detailed checkout process. Remember, that emailers can be an interesting way to get back customers to the website.

Conversions always play an important role in an ecommerce website. In 2017, the competition will get more tough. There are plenty of ecommerce players already existing in the market. These five important tips will help you to get the best leads. You will stay ahead of the competitors and give a fresh new start to your business.

As an ecommerce website development company, we offer an all round solution to your business. You can trust us if you want your ecommerce website to develop. Send us an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you.


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