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Big Things to Happen in Ecommerce Industry

Jul 17, 2015 | 3 Minutes Read

What's Inside

We globally connect with each other with the help of the internet and the apps embedded in it. From Hashtag in Twitter and Instagram set the trend, to a dozen Likes on Facebook or Pin in Pinterest are the digital mayfly that makes everything responsive at the right moment. Even, the eCommerce industry relies a lot upon them for networking their business.

It is typically a bad omen for business to stay disconnected to these social barometers. You should keep a track of them and accept those that relate to your industry.

An online retailer needs to keep a tab on what customers buy, how they buy and how they react to advertising. Ecommerce is on the rise and has grown in fame over the last few years. We have been witnessing these rising trends and at the forefront, as a role player, sits Amazon.

However, not every e-commerce business is big like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal or eBay, but you can have the clear intention to adopt these basic trends and take advantage of them.

In the upcoming years, a few big things are going to happen in the eCommerce industry and you need to dig in to make profits. Let us dig in a small and crisp study with eCommerce website development company in India.

Programmatic Marketing

You have an ecommerce web design incorporated as per the analytics to drive ROI, but the layout and UI are the final touches to initiate successful marketing. But that’s not the end, and here what programmatic marketing is going to do with the use of superior data to display the ad to someone who might be interested in your product.

Programmatic marketing is all about showing the correct ads to the people at the right time. There is nothing as the basic retargeting and programmatic marketing,you stand to reach for the grand audience since the right people are not your current customers who have visited your website earlier. The customer who might not have visited your website ever probably may not know about your business until they see the advertisement.

Marketing Automation

When you hear the phrase, marketing automation you might think initially of the email marketing, but it is something beyond email, when it comes to ecommerce. Marketing automation empowers customized landing pages, promotions, email marketing, a contest and even the suggested products that you want your customers to have a look.

This personalization and customization are fair enough to make noteworthy investment and limit themselves to large vendors. Many companies offer managed recommendation solutions that are open to many online retailers irrespective of their business size.

Mobile Awareness

As an ecommerce web development company in India, we had been working with a number of clients who have developed their ecommerce store on a number of platforms with us. But as per our marketing department, all have taken to mobile commerce after the development of the website. Mobile access is growing at a faster pace; even Google has started to consider your mobile app presence in the search results.

Even our online vendors confirm that shopping done on mobile devices is great compared to the previous years. Therefore, we are successful in approaching our client to design a fully responsive website. It helps your website to function the same on mobile as well as on computers. Many may not have measured it, but having a standalone app may attract customers if you provide them with full access to your catalog.

Years ago, clients got restrictions over the choices and accepted the best effort from the online vendors. However, as the sum of money and time, they spend online has to reduce their effort. The customer has shown that they respond when treating true persons. The products suggested to them, promotions offered seem to be exclusively for them it makes them empower their shopping capabilities at your store. So make sure of all the possible devices to let them find the best at your store and boost your ROI.

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