Apr 10, 2019

Now You Know- How to Make A Live Streaming App

You must be familiar with Periscope, the most popular streaming app. But have you ever wondered what made it so popular? How Periscope climbed to the very top? What made it the most preferred, the most used and the most popular streaming app in the market?

You would have if you ever wanted to create one.

Like every other entrepreneur, you must have wondered about live streaming app development and maybe now you’re thinking: “How to build a live streaming app that will go toe to toe with Periscope, or even surpass it!”.

Guess what, you’re not wrong in dreaming about it.

In fact every successful entrepreneur had to dream his\her dream before bringing it to reality.

So if you want to create something unique and more promising than your peers, you’re exactly on the right platform! Allow us to guide you through the steps on how to build a live streaming app that is both unique and marketable and you can earn money from.

Before starting with our technical know-how, let’s see what Vlogging or live streaming means, and how to develop a live streaming app and monetize the tremendous scope earned in the global market.

A vlogging, as clear from the word, is defined as blogging carried out in the form of videos, hence the term Vlog (video + blog).

So what’s in store for vloggers you ask? Well, take a look:

Source: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=vlog

As you can see, in both worldwide and US surveys, it clearly shows that vlogging has only become more popular with time.

Now, where do all the successful vloggers upload or stream their videos?

You guessed it right, on a streaming platform. That’s why we showed you the past one year trend so that you can understand how popular vlogging has become within such short span of time, and why the demand for streaming applications has been increasing henceforth.

Types of Live Streaming Apps in the Market

Now that you have learned what vlogging is, and the scope of a live streaming app that has evolved with it, let’s move on to the next step.

There are two kinds of live streaming apps:

  1. Pure Live Streaming Apps (Periscope, Hang, etc)
  2. Composite Live Streaming Apps (Facebook, Instagram, etc)

In short, pure Live Streaming Apps are designed solely for the live streaming purpose, while composite ones are existing apps that have added this feature to compete with their peers.

In this piece, we’ll be focusing on how to build a pure live streaming app. But before that, let’s find out about the popular pure live streaming apps and their market presence.

A Glimpse Of Some Popular Live Streaming Apps:

It starts with Periscope, one of the most popular live streaming platform. Let’s dive deeper.

  • Periscope

Founded in 2014 by Beykpour and Bernstein, it is the most popular live streaming app in the market. Such is the scope of live streaming, that Twitter bought it even before it was developed.

Source: Source: https://dustinstout.com/social-media-statistics/

To learn more about their story and features, click here.

  • Livestream

Launched in 2007, it was originally named Mogulus. It provides end to end live streaming services to customers. It may not be as popular as Periscope or YouNow, but it’s one of the earliest live streaming apps in the market.

  • YouNow

Founded in 2011, it competes for live streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat, etc. Its rise in popularity from 2014 to 2015 had clear indications of it becoming one of the most popular live streaming apps in the market. See how it compares:

Want to Build A Live Streaming App? Find Answers to these 7 Questions

  1. What Are The Defining Features Of A Live Streaming App That You Can Incorporate?
  2. How Much Do They Earn?
  3. What Should You Do To Earn Like Them?
  4. How To Find The Right App Developer?
  5. What Kind Of Technology Should You Use?
  6. How Should The Nature Of Your App Be?
  7. What To Look For When Going For An Agency?

Let’s decode these questions to answer on how to create a live streaming app for Android or iOS.

What Are The Defining Features Of A Live Streaming App That You Should Incorporate?

  • First of all, make your interface clean, simple and user-friendly. The consumer psychology is more comfortable with a simple, easy to use interface than with a very complex one with recurring technicalities. The visual design should be eye catching and minimalistic at the same time.
  • Incorporate ads for free users. Remember how television broadcasts earlier used to show very brief commercials in between two overs, or wickets in a match? You must be thinking that it’s outdated and cannot be used in this digital era. But guess what, you can!
  • Give them the facility to notify the audience one day prior to going live. This would ensure no viewer misses out on the broadcast. If you are looking to develop a live streaming app, do not miss this!
  • Speaking of broadcasts, you can also build a live podcast facility for your user to increase its marketability. You must be aware of the rising trend of podcasts in the global market with apps like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music,etc. 
how to build a live streaming app stats podcast
Source: Source:https://www.edisonresearch.com

So why not en-cash this golden opportunity?

  • Give them a storage facility, which would save the broadcast in a server, in case they miss the real time streaming.
  • Add interactive facilities (different types of like buttons, applause buttons), comment section, instant voice recording and forwarding section along with some sharing options, so that they can appreciate, express their thoughts and share with their friends respectively.
  • Build a free account creation system along with the facility to connect with their friends who already have accounts in your app. Also, give them a screen sharing platform so that despite being at different places, they can enjoy the companionship online.
  • Provide ad free subscription plans along with a special group subscription facility where payment from one member can allow 5 friends to avail the premium pack for free. Set the pricing accordingly.
  • Make your app multi device and OS compatible. It should freely operate in pcs, macs, laptops, androids, ios, etc.
  • Provide real time transcription and auto translate facilities.
  • And most importantly, make sure the streaming quality is up to the mark, with minimum buffering time.

How Much Do They Earn?

Let’s admit it, every entrepreneur wants his/her business to be big. Big not only in terms of market share but also in terms of profits; and thus revenue. You must be wondering how much the existing live streamers have earned in the past years. Take a look before you go about building a live streaming app and earn:

how to build a live streaming app
Source: https://www.statista.com/graphic/1/437717/music-streaming-revenue-usa.jpg

How Do You Plan to Earn Like Them?

Subscription Method:

Nowadays, almost every streaming app incorporates this mode of revenue generation. It is the most popular and one of the easiest way to monetize your app. Take a look:

First, give your consumers a free platform, which will allow them to avail the service for 1 month. Incorporate ads on regular intervals, but not too many of them (it can have a negative impact).

app monetization strategy

Second, ask them for feedback through a pop up (only after they’ve finished watching the live streaming, not in between; it can repel your viewers from becoming paid users). Check if they are satisfied with your service.

Third, if their reviews are good, offer them the monthly subscription plan, where they can watch any live streaming free of ads.

Affiliate Marketing Method:

This mode of earning is highly popular in the digital marketing domain.

Since you’re building an online live streaming app, so it will cater to users on the digital platform itself. So why not bank on it? This method has been reported to reap huge profits for those who wanted to build a live streaming app.

Take a look:

how to build a live streaming app

So what exactly is this affiliate marketing method, you must be wondering? Well, it is placing a company’s product on your web page for advertisement purposes.

Usually, in the form of banners placed in a particular segment of the page, affiliate marketing employs the pay-per-click method, where interested/curious customers generate revenue for the blogger/website owner by just clicking on the banner.

So you see, your earning is just one click away! Use this alongside the subscription model. It is highly profitable.

What Kind Of Technology Stack Should You Use?

Now that you have a fair idea of the key features and modes of income, you must already be asking yourself where to start, how to create the features, etc.

To answer this, you first need to know what a “Tech Stack” is. Yes, tech stack!

A tech stack is basically a combination of software and programming languages that underlie the basic framework of an app, thus determining its design and features. It also enables an app to be agile enough for future updates and fix as many recurring bugs and glitches as possible.

By the very definition, it’s pretty clear that an app’s tech stack is instrumental in gearing and retaining its short to long term stability. Without it, an app is as good as nothing. Follow the below-mentioned tools you can use to develop a live streaming app:

What Will Be The Nature Of Your App?

Now that you’ve gone through the tech stacks, let us tell you what kind of live streaming app you’ll actually be developing. Being the owner of an app, it is very important that you know the nature of your app and where exactly it falls.

Mainly, there are three types of apps:

  • Native Apps: These are the already built-in apps of a device. It is designed specifically for that particular device and takes advantage of GPS and other technologies.
  • Web Apps: Web apps are designed to be accessed via internet. They don’t use the device storage.
  • Hybrid Apps: They are basically the combination of the above two

[Note: this a highly technical topic. Would suggest you refer https://searchsoftwarequality.techtarget.com/definition/native-application-native-app for clear understanding]

Do it yourself is always a good thing, but what if you get technical guidance from professional expertise? Of course, that would be better.

So What To Look For When Going For A Professional Agency?

There are more than 1.2 million mobile app developers in the market. Each with their unique specialized services and success records. All of them want to be the most preferred developer.

how much does it cost to make an app- app development cost

But you as an entrepreneur will have to make the right choice for live streaming app development. To do so, look for these things in the developer you wish to employ:

  1. What’s their track record?
  2. What technology stack do they use?
  3. Do they incorporate the latest technological updates while developing the app?
  4. Do they make apps compatible with future updates/alterations?
  5. How often do they assist in fixing bugs?
  6. Do they provide at least a 5 years guarantee?
  7. Do they willingly listen to the client and work on the stack he/she wishes for?
  8. How often do they communicate with the client and update them on the progress while developing the app?
  9. Do they ask for clients’ feedbacks?
  10. Do they maintain a good customer relationship?
  11. Are they flexible enough to listen to suggestions from the clients’ end and synergize those with their own?
  12. Do they deliver it within the stipulated time?
  13. Before starting the development process, do they chalk out a contingency plan, just in case something goes wrong?
  14. Do they offer refund policy in case of failures?
  15. Do they plan and deliver it within the stipulated budget?
  16. The apps they’ve developed in the past, how are they faring in the market?

Allow Us To Help

At Unified Infotech, we have a team of certified developers having years of hands-on experience. We provide cutting edge solutions catered to give our clients an entrepreneurial boost. Check our records here.

Feel free to connect with us. We’d be happy to help.

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