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Choosing The Right Tool For Your Dream App

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Forbes found out that it was the inability of the companies to take a firm decision in mobile app development and the costs incurred in hiring a developer, that were responsible for the escalation in the cost of developing a mobile application. While one might think that the availability of numerous plug-ins and cloud-based applications today can help to reduce the burden in making a mobile app, but in reality, these are not the exact reasons.

Companies today spend endless hours before taking a final decision in developing an app. The true story is that there are a number of factors to be considered if you are planning to build the dream app of your choice. As a mobile app development company, we take into account various considerations before we start working on the project. Doing these help us to select the right mobile application tools for the dream app.

Lay Focus On The Usability Of The App

The interface of the mobile application should be easy to work with from the developer’s perspective. Most of the time, collaboration becomes an issue. In that case, whatever tool is selected, it should be able to enhance it. While evaluating a project, the functionality of the tool should be the top of the mind consideration for the developers. Before taking up a project, they should repeatedly test the pros and cons and then give their final decision.

Keep The Cost Structure In Mind

There are a number of costs that are involved in making an app. For instance: the licensing cost of development tools, developing the applications and deploying them. While low-cost options like cloud-based services can be a suitable solution, but it is important to be aware of the long- term expenses as well. You might know that these services, which seem to be less expensive might add a burden to your budget in the long-term.

Evaluate The Lifecycle Of The App

Before selecting the tools required for making an app, it is necessary to evaluate the lifecycle of the mobile app. If a team of developers is working towards developing an app, then they must be aware of the total lifecycle of the app. This principle is also applicable when the company depends on an external or a third party service provider. In a nutshell, the developers must be aware of an app’s shelf life.

Permissions Regarding Security

Make sure that all the app development tools, which you choose allow the admin to make use of the security controls in the app. It is important to have a supreme body and accountability irrespective of whatever tools are used by the developers. To make things easier, let us take an example. If a set of developers make use of cloud services, they must be regulated and must be aware of the consequences for the breach in security.

Be Aware Of The Integration

Developers must be aware of the total integration process of the services with the systems that are associated with the application. Apart from providing seamless integration with the systems, the application should also be able to integrate itself with all other systems necessary for integration. It might be necessary for developers to make applications that support mobile application management and here comes the role of integration.

Choose The Application Type

It is important for the developer to have deep knowledge about the merits and demerits of the various applications. Native applications usually are expensive. They offer the best user experience along with superior performance, takes the maximum time to build and can run across a variety of platforms. It all varies from one organization to the other about which application they want to choose.

Overcoming the Challenges in Mobile Application Testing Tools

Sometimes it becomes a challenging task to select the right tool while testing mobile application tools. Here, we are presenting to you some easy ways through which you can follow if you want to test a mobile application tool thoroughly, and then just follow these easy tips.

  1. Always do tool feasibility tests as mobile technologies functions differently on various platforms.
  2. Apply automation in non-functional areas such as hardware and interruption.
  3. It is necessary to properly integrate the execution with the test management tool as well as ALM in order to make the mobile application successful.
  4. It is better to optimize on a platform. In rare cases, more than one tool might be required to carry on the automation process.
  5. Select the tools in such a way that they support stimulators as well as devices so that you can match or mix them to run the app on various platforms.

There are many of techniques that have come into usage, to test the functional and non-functional aspect of a mobile tool. You need to evaluate them based on their ability to handle the emulators, operating systems and how smoothly they open in multiple browsers. The success for testing automation in mobile applications might vary from the conventional apps. A customized approach to the problem is the key for testing a mobile application tool.

Wrap Up!

While evaluating choosing the right tool for developing a mobile app, one must keep in mind about the various scenarios of a company. For instance: the size of the company, the estimated budget, the existing tool sets used and the kind of in-house teams. Currently, the market is flooded with plethora of mobile applications and hence it becomes confusing for the people to decide the right application.

To make your dream app and to make it an attractive one among the public, it is necessary to select the right mobile application tools after evaluating the pros and cons of using each one of them.

Over to You

There might be a number of other strategies or factors that might help a company to select the best mobile application tool; if you have any recommendations or suggestions in improving the mobile application tools, then kindly suggest to us.

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