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Mobile App Development: Engage More With 5 Push Notification Strategies

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Instant notification on your mobile phone or in technical terms ‘push notification’ has made the lives of mobile users convenient. The hassle of opening an app to get access to a message or get updates has become obsolete now. Mobile app development in USA has successfully seen a growth in the last few years. Push notification has played a pivotal role in creating an engaging application as it boosts the engagement level by 88% as per a report by Localytics Data Team. Both Google and iOS have adopted this measure as a strategy to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Need For Push Notification

Having a great app is not the only thing, which users expect from a mobile application, rather, it is more about raising their engagement level. In fact the number of downloads is what matters to a businessman who is looking for developing an app. As a company that deals in mobile app development in USA, there are two important situations that an app developer has to overcome – Optimize the flow of the end user and including the key elements for raising the engagement level of the users. Well, the system was first introduced by Google in order to make it convenient for users to get hold of the latest updates in terms of receiving in message.

Reminding users about the latest updates becomes easier with the push notification function. Giving the right notifications at the right time with relevant details is the primary role of a notification. It makes a user aware of any activity, either in the social circles and get updates about an application. What matters in a push notification is the extent to which the app for the users permission while using the app. Research suggests that users who have spent at least three sessions in the app have an average rate of 35% of not opting out of the application. Thus, a push notification strategy for mobile app development in USA serves as a strategy to engage more customers.

Now-a-days, many mobile app development company in USA has realized the importance of including the push notification while developing an app. It helps them to emerge as a brand and to keep the customers engaged in an app. There are some interesting functions of this feature, which raise the engagement level of the mobile users. For instance: you can customize the message for a specific set of your users re-arrange the content for them and deliver it right in their mobile phones. On the other hand, one can witness the surge in a website’s traffic by updating customers about its latest offerings with the right push notification strategy.

Engage More Customers With 5 Push Notification Strategies

Today, things like app store optimization matters a lot to a mobile app development company in USA. Though many companies adapt push notification, but few of them know about the right strategies. We will guide you through the best 5 push notification strategies which will raise the engagement level of the users.

1st Strategy: Nail It With Opt In

The only way to engage the customer is the first impression. There’s never another opportunity to convince the customer other than this. A well-designed strategy therefore is the key towards creating a fantastic push notification for your mobile app. It might not be possible in the first notification, however you can take advantage of the splash screen. What you can do is send an appealing message with a call-to-action word. Don’t force them to try the app, keep the option of ‘no thanks’ as some of them might not like them.

2nd Strategy: Make It More Personal

Messages that contain more personalized messages evoke a customer to open a message four times than the normal rate as per research. Always segment your customers based on their preferences and tastes. Now, design the message exactly the way they like it. You can do this by keeping a close account on the ‘recently viewed items’ or the ‘favorite’ items. With customized messages, users will certainly re-open a message to check your deals or offers. As a company which deals in mobile app development in USA, we take personalized approaches to engage the customer.

3rd Strategy: Offer Till Limited Period

Keep the saying, “Good things come in small packs” in mind. Now, devise your notification strategy accordingly. Keep the most attractive offer of the day limited till a certain period of time. This will rouse curiosity among the customers and they will keep looking for such offers more and more. For instance: you can announce the offer and keep it limited till one day. Don’t forget to become creative and appealing.

4th Strategy: Send Them App Updates

Let the users know about the latest update on your apps. Many users forget to turn on the app notification option, hence, it is important to tap that section of the customers. They should get auto updates about any recent changes made in the application. In this case, creating a customized notification about the app would prove to be fruitful. The only way to engage your existing customers is by designing the best application with great functionalities.

5th Strategy: Make Them Realize What They Missed

Sometimes it might happen that customers have skipped the most important part of the sale. They might have gone on to some other websites. Here, stands the opportunity to make the customers realize about what important things did they miss. Send a personalized push notification message and let them know about the various changes made like a new design and other interesting features.

Mobile app development in USA has undergone a metamorphosis with the recent changes made in the push notification strategy. They are one of the ways to get closest to their target customers. You can use these strategies as a part of your New Year plan for expanding your business network.

Are you planning to develop a mobile application with the least bugs? Or a robustly tested application? then connect with us today for the best mobile application development in USA. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

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