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Mobile Application Development: Three Options Developers Must Explore For Prototyping

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Prototype is the answer to find an alternate solution to a problem. One uses the same infrastructure and creates a different product. It is a system development method, which helps to develop a more upgraded product. Prototyping works in the best development scenario. The work continues unless the product derives completely from the original one. A mobile application development company depends upon prototyping based on various factors. Designing stage and project timings are the two of them.

Do You Need A Mobile Prototype?

Well, this is the first question whose answer you must have. Sometimes it helps to test the wire framing of an app. There are some basic criterions on which prototyping depends. Availability of collaboration, creating wireframes and usability testing. The ability to create responsive designs and cloud based access also matters a lot. Mock ups play an important role here. If you already have a mock up already available with you, then use third party softwares to create one. Always keep in mind about the type of operating system for which you are using. If you are using free tools, then implement them based on the designing stage.

A mobile application development company sometimes goes for the Do It Yourself (DIY) route. In case you are starting from the scratch, there are varieties of tools available. However, it all depends on your experience level. As a developer, one must be flexible to write codes in Java and any other languages. Combining visual components and animations help to create a flexible coding environment. From conception to the final stage execution, it forms an inherent part. Prototyping helps to create a consistent workflow in the app development process. In other words, Prototype is a simpler alternative. It helps to evolve an application in advance form using practical approach.

The last and the most important factor is evaluating your financial requirements. Project management involves plenty of planning and strategies. Before making a prototype, be sure that it is financially viable. Prototyping involves a lot of cost especially for a mobile application development company. It depends on the type of features, which are available, and the kind of access you have with them. It is also important to determine the stage of your project. Once you are confident, you can start implementing the project.

3 Options You Must Explore As A Developer While Prototyping

Go For The DIY Route

This is one economical way of prototyping. It depends on the kind of experience you have. A variety of tools is available to help you start the task. Framer JS is a great option to start writing the code. However, it is necessary to know JavaScript. The language gives confidence to a developer when it comes to prototyping. Currently, efforts are in progress to include animations and visual components.

Utilize The Maximum Time

As a mobile application development company, learn to utilize your time in the best way. Prototyping is an easy way to save both time and money. Unlike final designs, you don’t need any perfect UX here. All you have to do is sketch your idea, develop the wireframe and put it in the digital tool of your choice. Don’t forget to put your prototype in front of your users and ask for their feedback. With the right feedback, you can make proper changes.

Make Your Own Team

Select the best members of your team before you start prototyping. It might be a bit problematic for you in the beginning. However, it will surely fetch good results. The benefit of working in a team is that you will get to know about various perspectives. Another benefit is the team gets a perfect control over the full development process.

Once the team is aware about the development process, it can habituate with the project. Prototyping brings various tools which makes it easier for the developers to work with.

Technical Factors To Keep In Mind

The viability of a prototype project also depends upon the technicality. While making prototype models, keep in mind about some important factors.

Interactive Fidelity

There are various depths to an interaction level. When you are prototyping, find out what is the degree of interaction you want. The interaction can be either static or critical. In a static page, the clickable areas are minimum. On the other hand, with hyperlinks there will be multi step interactions. There are various mock up prototypes which supports less interactions. A developer can use third party mockups for more deep-rooted interactions.

Support With Gestures 

It primarily involves designing the inputs. It all depends upon the project requirements. All the major UX tools support it. Many times, built in features like multi-finger inputs and gesture formulations are useful. They stand as a support to swipe. If your prototype tool has the dampening effect to it, then it is necessary to leverage the tool with many APIs. You can go for Framer or Pixate, they support multi finger gestures as well.

Interactive Animation

First understand whether you need animation or not in the prototype. Many robust tools are available online for perfect execution. There are some tools, which come with built in animations. Xcode and BluePrint are few of them to mention. Sometimes, you might require properties like friction and velocity. In that case, you can choose Framer.

For a mobile application development company, prototyping is a daunting task. However, keep the technical factors in mind to deliver the best projects. In addition to this, a developer must go with the DIY route and utilize the maximum time. Prototyping makes complicated mobile applications simpler. You can execute projects without wasting much time.

As a leading mobile application development company, we have a strong portfolio of prototypes. Our developers follow the best methodologies. They ensure successful completion of projects with positive outcomes. Get the best mobile prototype from us. Send an email to [email protected] and let us know about your project requirements. We assure of guaranteed positive results.

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