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SaaS Web App Tool For Your Business

What's Inside

What is one of the most common things between Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, SAP and Cisco? It’s SaaS. The growing rate of Software as a Service (SaaS) is slowly overtaking the traditional software packages and as per a report published by IDC (International Data Corporation), it is expected that by the year 2020, software as a service is going to overtake packaged software by 25%. This huge shift in a web application can be attributed to the rapid emergence of the cloud computing services over the last few years and SaaS has emerged as a hero here.

Modern business has taken a huge leap when it comes to adopting technology as a means for growth and development. Every business needs, whether big or small is now fuelled by the desire to keep the data in full safety and security. SaaS comes as an instant solution for all those who want to bring some speed in their work backed by superior technology.

One of the most common thoughts that might arise in your mind is “Whether you should use SaaS for your own business or not?” You need to reconsider your thoughts when it comes to implying this technology, but it might not be for you?


For instance: if you are a retailer and need customized solutions for your shopping platform, then SaaS might not be the one, which you have been looking for. Rather, it can prove to be a wonderful solution if you want to maintain databases of employees and any other confidential information of your company.

A Boon Or A Bane For Your Business

When it comes to scalability, performance and on-demand capacity, SaaS makes the tasks of Business Managers much easier as they are often entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the technological needs in sync with the latest developments taking place around the world. With SaaS, the responsibility and the maintenance of the software comes with a cost but the absolute safety and security that it offers is what makes it stand out.

Now, let us study how SaaS supports business and whether it proves to be a boon or bane for business.

  1. Easy to Adopt and Fast Performance

In today’s fast paced world, fast execution is the key for a successful business. As far as a business application is concerned, most of the time developing a business application often becomes a cumbersome task due to the number of stages involved in deploying it. Starting from developing to successfully implementing it after thorough testing, it really takes one’s nerves. SaaS can prove to be a good solution as their fully functional and enterprise business class apps can be transferred to realiable teams.

  1. Latest And Up To Date Features

In packaged software, opting for an upgrade in the application means spending a significant part of your budget expenses. The introduction of cloud services enables an individual to improve the functionality and allows a person to share information of an enterprise. In order to make sure that all the employees in your company get access to the latest technological upgrades it is better to opt for SaaS. Any technological upgrades are automatically updated that helps to fix bugs, improve security and the functionality of the app.

  1. Cost Cutting

SaaS helps to cut down your business expenditure to a certain extent. No special infrastructure or any maintenance costs are required to maintain SaaS. You can add new cloud services and easily integrate them without the need of communicating with the vendors and requesting them to install the appliocation in your business domain. Moreover, there are a number of subscription schemes which a business can opt on the basis of budget. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that SaaS cuts down your business costs to a certain extent.

  1. Flexible To Use

One of the most important things that can make your business stand out from others is how quickly can you adopt to changes. Well, without a technological infrastructure that is not possible. Whether it is about adding new users or functionality or starting to use a new application, SaaS can easily adopt itself to any kind of infrastructural changes. It can also add new cloud services as well. In a nutshell, SaaS follows all the industry standards and keeps itself in sync with the latest upgradations that keep on happening in IT.

  1. Safety and Security

A stringent process is followed when it comes to maintaining the safety and the security of data in SaaS. When it comes to maintaining back-ups and security for the organization, SaaS invests more in this area. For instance: most of the vendors who deal in SaaS has to follow the SAS70 Type II audit, which is mainly done in order to test the security level of the data centre.

So, How Is SaaS Different From Cloud Computing ?

This might be one of the questions, which might arise in one’s mind owing to the similarity in their functions, but there lies few basic differences between the two. Cloud can be referred to a complete set of databases, servers and computers, which are combined with each other, so that users can access information anytime. The service is delivered via internet.

SaaS on the other hand are the business applications or the softwares that are delivered with the help of Cloud. It is due to the huge popularity of Cloud that has enabled developers to deliver the applications via Cloud. The result is that one can take help of any kind of applications with business functions; either enterprise resource planning or human resources with the help of Cloud.

As businesses are rapidly evolving all over the world, business managers are increasingly looking for ways to find technological options that would provide them with the best solutions.

SaaS is an intelligent way of finding a smart technological way to solve complicated software development problems. Hence, with so many advantages, it is definitely a great web application tool modern business.

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